Colored Aluminium Foil Pet Food Container for Sale

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Packaging Detail:Heat-shrinkable film packaging inside and standard cartons outside, or according to your preferences.
Delivery Detail:within 25-30 days


Aluminium foil pet food container:
1.High quality&food grade
3.Odor,moisture&leak proof
4.Hermetically sealable


Product Description

White Aluminium Foil Pet Food Container


What is the application of our aluminum foil pet food containers?


Excited about the upcoming holiday yet worried about your pets? Why not take them with you? All you need to do is to pack with our pet food containers with your pets’ favorite dishes inside. Our pet food containers are super convenient for storing pet food and keeping it fresh for a long time.

They are normally sealed with hermetic lids, which are easy to peel off when feeding is needed. Both the containers and the lids can be customized according to customers’ preferences.


What are the parameters of our aluminum foil pet food container?




Top out (mm)


Top in (mm)


Bottom (mm)


Height (mm)


Capacity (ml)


Packaging details (pcs/ctn)


Carton dimensions (mm)





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