color wire rope with more conpetitive price

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Quick Details

  • Steel Grade: Carbon Steel

  • Standard: ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS

  • Wire Gauge: 1mm-20mm

  • Place of Origin: Chongqing, China (Mainland)

  • Type: Galvanized

  • Application: as per your request.

  • Alloy Or Not: Non-alloy

  • Special Use: Cold Heading Steel

  • Model Number: CHCWR20120306

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Wooden Spool,Plastic Spool,Coils,etc.
Delivery Detail:30days for 20' container.


color wire rope
Standard:ISO,DIN,ASTM,JIS ,etc.
20years experience
ISO9001:2008 Certificate

  • color wire rope

  • Standard:ISO,DIN,ASTM,JIS,etc

  • Construction:1X7,1X19,6X7,7X7,6X37,6X25,7X19,8X25,etc.

  • Size: 1mm-20mm

  • Packing: Plastic Reel,Wooden Reel,Coils.

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Q:What kind of wire to use for electronics projects?
You will almost always use copper. We need more data to give you a good answer. How much current are you going to carry? What frequency signals are you going to carry? Stiff wire is solid and easily bendable is stranded.
Q:what is Bank wire and bank transfer System?
A bank wire is a telegram wiring cash money to a third party, usually directly into the bank account of the receiver. It is expensive, costing about $30 for a domestic wire and $45-50 for an international wire. The bank transfer system is a pre-approved electronic bank transfer from your account to the receivers account and is almost instanteneous and cheap (pennies, not dollars).
Q:hot wiring your car - identifying the wires?
Ok, so far you people have all proved to be completely useless and immature idiots. You people who comment just to comment have to realize that your opinion, nor your life, matters in this world and should express it by publicly burying yourself alive or jumping off a tall building or something simply for the amusement of others. You are dirt, you are worthless, you are nothing; no excuses.
Q:knob and tube wiring?
First of all, you can do it only if the box is fan rated. A regular box won't handle the forces that a fan places on it. Unless the existing box is metal and grounded, you will just have to install the fan without the ground. If you make a mistake in the wiring, someone could get shocked, instead of the breaker tripping. However, since the fan is on the ceiling, it is unlikely that they would be grounded, and the shock would be uncomfortable, but not serious. If the box is metal and grounded, just fasten the green wire to it with a screw. Bottom line: It is possible, but there are potential problems that may be quite difficult to work around.
Q:How would I wire this properly?
Do you have 12/2 with ground? Use three wire cable. Start at the last receptacle. Connect the black to the brass colored screw, white to the silver screw, bare to the green screw. At the middle receptacle, use a wire nut to connect both blacks to a 6 inch piece of black wire. Fasten that short wire to the brass colored screw of that receptacle. Connect the white wires together with a 6 inch piece of white wire and connect that to the silver screw. Do the same thing with a 6 inch bare wire to the ground of the middle receptacle. Secure those receptacles to the boxes and put the little sticker (GFCI protected) on the cover plates. On the GFCI receptacle you will find two terminals across from each other marked load. Connect the black and white wires going to the middle receptacle to those terminals, keeping them on the correct side. The terminals will be marked. Connect the white and black coming from the circuit breaker to the terminals marked line. Again keep the white and black on the correct side. Use the 6 inch piece of bare with the 2 bare wires to connect to the ground screw on the GFCI. Fasten the GFCI into the box and put the cover on. Now go to your panel. Put the white wire in an empty lug on the neutral buss with all the other white wires. Do the same with the bare wire to the ground buss with the other bare wires. Connect the black wire to your new circuit breaker with it turned off. Turn it on and test the GFCI by pressing the reset and then the test button to make it trip. Reset it. That's it. William, many local jurisdictions require pigtails in this case. I don't know where MMike is from, so I used the more restrictive code. And in my humble opinion, when you shove 4 stiff 12 ga wires on screws back into the box, you have double the chance a screw is going to turn and loosen, giving you a bad connection, not NEC code there, just me and over 45 years experience. Thanks Russ.
Q:Buying wires to hook up subs. ?
For As for wires just for speakers 12 gage or 10the gage will work fine ..... if you have big system amp wiring is used 4 gage
Q:I need help with wiring?
You need to get a test light and find a wire under the dash or coming from the ignition that has power when the key is turned on. If you want the plug to have power when the key is off then you will need to find a wire that has power when the key is off. Once you find the wire make sure its thicker wire and splice into it.
Q:Power control wire?
Control Wire
Q:Electrical wiring help!?
Maybe an electrician would have done it better and stopped you almost killing yourself or starting a fire!
Q:Honda Accord 1999 speaker wire?
The one with stripe is negative.

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