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Double account tent structure

Material glass fiber strut bar

Specifications Flysheet: 220 * 200 * 135 Inner: 200 * 185 * 130

Item LY10105

Weight of 3500 (g)

Origin Anhui Huangshan

Free to build speed to build the case open

Suggested retail price ¥ 39.00

Brand extension ice

Product Category Alpenstock

Material Aluminum

Weight 350 (g)

Item four straight shank

Origin China

Tyrant gold color straight shank, straight shank in red, blue straight shank, straight shank black, straight shank silver, purple straight shank

My factory is specialized in producing alpenstock, ski poles and other metal cane stick products

The United States, Wal-Mart Canada Alpenstock Carrefour supermarkets and domestic suppliers

Diversified product models complete, beautiful appearance, choose

Independent research and development ability, according to customer requirements for design, open mold, plastic materials, high-aluminum alloy, Color, quality, low price

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We advocate simple elegant design philosophy of customer-oriented, objective reality, the principle of innovation and development in the pursuit of perfection on the road to create the new industry standard.

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· To maximize customer value maximization of corporate value creation.

Vision: Welcome to enterprise customers with the industry's most

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Q:How much is the walking stick of a hungry Walker?.
Axe, draft, shovel damage is 8, walking stick attack power is 5 (I mean it), actually hurt playing with you can't read the figures, whatever you want, but I hope to adopt, thank you very much.
Q:What is the difference between a climbing pole and a walking stick?
In climbing, with the support of two sticks, to achieve the hands and feet, and climbing purposes, the upper limb to share the lower limb movement load, so that people feel less effort, can avoid cardiopulmonary overload. More importantly, it relieves the pressure of the knee joint and the lumbar vertebra, protects the knee joint and the lumbar vertebra, and solves the difficult problem of the excessive knee wear due to the mountaineering fitness. It greatly improves the exercise value of mountaineering. Using two cross-country walking sticks, even with heavy bags, you can also maintain good balance, and you can also use your arm to push your body forward, so as to save energy. The cross-country walking cane is suitable for mountain plains, outdoors, has been in use, there is no problem of carrying, therefore, the design is a whole can not be adjusted for use of cane, for different height, length from 105 cm to 125 cm, 5 cm every have a stick. In addition, three adjustable walking sticks are designed for easy travel.
Q:What's a good old man's crutch?
Let crutches not only in your hands of a helping stick, and become a handicraft in your hands, let you fondle admiringly. Always accompanied by brand cane sticks, the use of high-quality wood, with high strength, toughness, density, beautiful texture and so on. And through strict anti-corrosion, degreasing, drying, to the internal treatment process. Finally, wood carving, fine carving, relief in the round, processed in one.
Q:Why should the British take a walking stick?
Britain is a gentleman's country, long cane has evolved, in the course of evolution, it has become a decoration, but also become a gentleman's logo, more gentlemanly image, elegant!
Q:What does a walking stick look like?
Girls are using animated cartoons, cartoon with a lovely pattern, to see what you need, if it is a handed down the family treasures, if there is no special pattern, when the usual.
Q:Which is better, the climbing rod, the T handle and the straight handle?
It depends on usage and environment. Usually, more people use straight handles, especially the straight handle is more convenient for walking. When climbing, use the straight handle stick, hold the handle and put it into the wrist strap. Crooked stick can directly effect on the handle, can better use of force, force, this is somewhat similar to the axe.
Q:What brand, that kind of material climbing rod good?
You can't buy it at this price. If you buy it, you can buy one of Robinson's, not one, and you can buy one at the bottom of BD;The better brands are BD, Leki, and domestic Robinson;
Q:How to choose the length of climbing cane according to height?
Hiking, mountain climbing, snow fieldThe general use of mostly three quarter adjusted alpenstocks type, with Aluminum Alloy supporting rod, carbon tungsten tip, according to the human palm pad, handle design and fast dismounting snow circle. A more advanced climbing rod is even equipped with a shock absorber system that can slow the arm load! We'll give you a more detailed introduction of the parts later. The use of two poles can provide better balance.
Q:Introduction to the use of a cane
In order for the walking aids to really help and avoid injuries, we must pay attention to the timing and correct use of the walking aids. Including the use of time: when the cane to improve balance need to relieve joint pain or inflammation of light injured parts of the bearing force for weak muscles to provide auxiliary functions often do ascertain environment tools.
Q:Stick stick and what is the difference? Are there different adaptation groups for different crutches?
In use, crutches are supported downward with the palm of the hand. The climbing rod is supported by the handle, and the handle is provided with a belt with adjustable length, and the utility model has the function of auxiliary support. The handle is arranged on the walking stick off-road three-dimensional hand handle, use the handle hand to support, even the wrist of poor people, also can make the cane with ease, but also can protect the wrist. The lower end of the stick motion are designed with a metal head, easily on the steep slopes and ice road walking without slipping, cross-country walking cane is also designed with the head in Shitai earthquake, order and cement pavement walking, with shockproof head, can remove the metal head noise, and make travel more comfortable.

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