Color coated sheet for home electrical appliances

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Hot Rolled

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electric control cabinet,refreigerators,washing machine,air conditioner and hi-fi-equipment

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High-strength Steel Plate





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zinc coated color steel coils

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Packaging Detail:Standard export packaging
Delivery Detail:30-40DAYS


Color Coated Steel Coil 
it has beauatiful outlook and is flexible and anti-corrosion

Electrical household appliances painting steel is based on hot dipped galvanized steel and cold rolled steel , ithis PPGI steel sheet has beautiful outlook and is flexible and anti-corrosion ,it can meets the requirements of high-precise processing equipments and is mainly used on producing refrigerators ,washing machines ,air conditioner and hi-fi equipment.

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Q:Is the refrigerator shell hot?
Normal, my home refrigerator is the same, if not fever, it is not normal. Because now most of the refrigerator condenser (i.e. cooling system) for beauty, attached to the side of the steel wall, the refrigerator in normal operation, need through the heat exchange (i.e. through the condenser heat) to achieve cooling effect, if you do not have the problem of refrigeration system heat, indicating the refrigerator, will lead to a serious cooling. So, for fever problems, you can rest assured. As for the cool knot, you can use the ice shovels offered in the fridge. More frost will also affect the cooling effect. If you don't worry, dial the customer service number of the refrigerator brand and ask if the heating is normal. I hope I can help you!
Q:What's wrong with the air conditioner in the fridge?
Reason three:The ambient temperature of the refrigerator is too high, it will cause the refrigerator not to stop. The refrigerator can work normally when the ambient temperature is 32 degrees. When the temperature is more than 32 degrees, the refrigerator will be prone to stop. This is generally because the refrigerator compressor power is too small, or the amount of refrigeration caused by too little.Resolvent:The best choice in the purchase of the refrigerator refrigerator can adapt to the surrounding environment of high temperature, while the ambient temperature is too high, the heat load of the refrigerator will gradually increase, the boot time is longer, not in the use of the refrigerator is best not to open the refrigerator door.
Q:How many stalls does the fridge have in summer?
The temperature of your refrigerator is higher, so the effect of keeping fresh is a little worse, and the gear should be adjusted higher.In addition, to check the work of the compressor, if a long time without downtime, and poor cooling effect, mostly because of the pipeline system damage, leakage caused by failure.
Q:Can the fridge be unplugged without electricity? Does it affect the fridge?
If you really want to stop, you should unplug the refrigerator (freezer) and put all the stuff out of the fridge. Open the door of refrigerator for frost thawing, please don't pay attention to defrost the weapon, the evaporator is easy Chuo aluminum leakage. Clean the fridge from inside to outside with a clean cloth. It is better to turn on the battery once a month so that the compressor runs normally for half an hour to an hour before the compressor is closed and the compressor is preheated.
Q:How to choose the refrigerator energy efficiency grade?
Energy efficiency score of 1, 2, 3, a total of 3 grades, grade 1 indicates that the product has reached the international advanced level, the most power-saving, that is, minimum energy consumption.
Q:What are the reasons why the new refrigerator is not cool?
Refrigerators may not refrigerate for the following reasons:1 、 compressor high pressure output buffer tube broken or fixed the pipe screw loose, resulting in high-pressure pipe does not exhaust, low-pressure tube does not inhale, so the compressor is running, but not refrigeration.
Q:The use of the refrigerator
3 smooth real silkSilk clothes after washing up, soft clothes burned up a lot of trouble, can put the clothes into plastic bags in the freezer for several minutes, then take out iron more easily.4. slices of egg yolk are not brokenThe freshly cooked boiled egg yolk or tea with a knife all broken, be placed in the refrigerator for 1 hours. The egg yolk slightly cold solid after cut again, flat cut eggs, egg yolk is not broken.
Q:What's the problem with the old water in the refrigerator?
Generally in the freezer, the back of the lower part has a diameter of about a centimeter of small holes, that small hole is the refrigerator drain pipe, has been to the top of the compressor in the water tray.
Q:Can I put the orange in the fridge?
There are several varieties of oranges, but common or citrus, its fruit skin hypertrophy, inner pulp flap, composed of juice and seed soaking. Orange is a tropical crop grown mainly in southern China. Oranges are bright colored and sweet and sour. They are the most delicious fruits in autumn and winter. Oranges are rich in vitamin C, and they are of great benefit to the human body. In Chinese medicine, orange is a warm food, easy to get angry, so can not eat more.
Q:Why should cosmetics be kept in the refrigerator?
Before the storage, the cream should be cleaned with alcohol make-up water or diluted with 75% alcohol. The bottle mouth and the bottle cap are tightly screwed and then put back into the original packing box and stored in the shade (no need to return it to the refrigerator). After this treatment, not only can maintain the quality of products, but also can kill some of the remaining bacteria.The unused skin care products should be kept in a cool, ventilated place or in a dry drawer. Do not touch the sun directly nor can you put it in the bathroom. The maintenance of products in the refrigerator is a wrong way, the low temperature is not only bad for the skin care products, and at the same time, the temperature difference inside and outside the refrigerator, but will lead to early deterioration of skin care products

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