Color coated sheet for home electrical appliances

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Hot Rolled

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electric control cabinet,refreigerators,washing machine,air conditioner and hi-fi-equipment

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High-strength Steel Plate





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zinc coated color steel coils

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Packaging Detail:Standard export packaging
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Color Coated Steel Coil 
it has beauatiful outlook and is flexible and anti-corrosion

Electrical household appliances painting steel is based on hot dipped galvanized steel and cold rolled steel , ithis PPGI steel sheet has beautiful outlook and is flexible and anti-corrosion ,it can meets the requirements of high-precise processing equipments and is mainly used on producing refrigerators ,washing machines ,air conditioner and hi-fi equipment.

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Q:What are the energy efficiency grades of refrigerators?
Energy efficiency level: it means that energy efficiency grade is a classification method to indicate the difference of energy efficiency between household appliances. According to the relevant regulations of national standard, the energy efficiency label of our country divides energy efficiency into five grades at present. Grade 1 said energy-saving products have reached the international advanced level, the lowest energy consumption level; 2 said product is energy-saving; Level 3 represents the average level of energy efficiency products for China market; level 4 product energy efficiency lower than the market average level; 5 is the market access indicators, production and sales are not allowed below the level required product.
Q:Which kind of refrigerator is good?
Price is not the most important one. I'll give you some advice. I hope I can help you:The day before, the industry pointed out that the refrigerator on the market there are a lot of unrealistic propaganda, almost all kinds of refrigerators are called "green refrigerator", "environmental protection refrigerator", "fluorine free refrigerator, refrigerator and other names, it is easy to make consumers into misunderstanding. To this end, the industry pointed out that the following problems deserve consumer attention:
Q:Why is the temperature in winter refrigerators lower than in summer?
Electronic temperature controller for refrigerator temperature can be set directly on the panel of the refrigerator, the freezer temperature is 18 degrees below zero, the temperature of the refrigerating chamber is appropriate between 4 - 8 degrees. Of course, if the food in the refrigerator is less or no special requirements, save for a short time, in the frozen food and fresh. Next, the refrigerator temperature the higher the more power.
Q:The refrigerator is open to a low temperature or low temperature shift?
Temperature control knob adjustment method: refrigerator temperature control knob generally have 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 stalls (also 0 - 5 stalls), the greater the number, the lower the temperature in the freezer room. General spring autumn, we put 3 stalls, depending on your requirements, the freezer room can reach below 18 degrees below. In order to keep food fresh and save electricity, we can hit either 2 or 3 stalls in the summer and hit either 4 or 5 stalls in winter
Q:There are several ways to treat the ice jam in the refrigerator drain pipe
Reason three:In the refrigerator, there is not only a drain hole, but also a water leakage hole, which is used to eliminate the condensation water generated in the refrigerator. The condensed water cannot refrigerator in the refrigerator caused by water flowing in the refrigerator freezer of the refrigerator to check the Water Leakage mouth is not blocked.Resolvent:Refrigerator with water is blocked because the Water Leakage mouth, cut off the power of the refrigerator, the use of fine iron wire on the Water Leakage mouth to clear the line of soldiers.
Q:Would you please tell me the running sound dB (A) of the refrigerator? Is it big or small?
Simply put, dB is the noise decibel value, the greater the noise, the higher the value, the smaller the noise, the smaller the value, so of course, the number of small good.
Q:The difference between direct cooling and air cooling in refrigerators
. The fan motor will form the upper and lower circulation of the air in the box after the cooling of the evaporator, so as to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. Because the air is blown into the air, it does not cause moisture to be absorbed from the stored food. Therefore, air-cooled type, also known as frost free, in fact, no frost, but there is no frost on the inner wall, evaporator surface still frosting, but no manual defrost, but automatic defrost.
Q:What fridge is good for you?What brand is good?
3, the refrigerator is not "the more power, the better.""As with freezing force, the power consumption of refrigerators is also a very important performance index. However, to achieve the best effect of preservation, it is not enough to reduce the power consumption. It is necessary to optimize the structure and the refrigeration design.Enterprises by increasing the insulation layer (a corresponding increase in the cost) this kind of simple measures to achieve the purpose of saving electricity can also be through the use of new technologies to improve energy efficiency achievements, it is not one-sided emphasis on the more power the better"Selection of refrigerators (1)Now the family is married, buy a new house, are busy buying some home appliances, but often people are busy buying these appliances when you can understand how much? I will tell you how to choose the refrigerator now, so that you can choose the refrigerator which is suitable for your family and has economic and substantial benefits.
Q:When did the refrigerator come into being?
There are many kinds of refrigerators. The world's first compression refrigeration home refrigerators appeared in the United States in 1910. In 1925, Lido, Sweden, developed a household absorption refrigerator. In 1927, the United States Ge Corp developed a fully enclosed refrigerator.
Q:Can bananas be frozen in the refrigerator? Why?
Consumers in the north often don't know much about tropical fruit. In fact, most of them are cold, and they are not suitable for cold storage in the refrigerator. The pericarp is sunken and some dark brown spots indicate that the fruit has been bitten by frost. Frozen fruit is not only damaged nutrients, but also very perishable. In a few days the color of the flesh turns brown and begins to decay.Tropical and subtropical fruits are afraid of low temperature, which is related to their growing areas and climate. In general, fruits grown in warm areas, especially in summer, are less resistant to cold than those grown in colder climates and in autumn. Therefore, some temperate fruits, such as grapes, apples and pears in the fridge can play the role of the preservation, preservation of banana and mango in ten degrees Celsius temperature, skin will turn black; pineapple at 6 C and 10 C under preservation, not only will peel color, flesh may become water soaked litchi and longan, rambutan etc.; at 1 C and 2 C under preservation, Pericarp Color will darken, endocarp appears like burned like spots, so often can not eat fruit.

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