Color coated sheet for home electrical appliances

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Hot Rolled

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electric control cabinet,refreigerators,washing machine,air conditioner and hi-fi-equipment

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High-strength Steel Plate





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zinc coated color steel coils

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Packaging Detail:Standard export packaging
Delivery Detail:30-40DAYS


Color Coated Steel Coil 
it has beauatiful outlook and is flexible and anti-corrosion

Electrical household appliances painting steel is based on hot dipped galvanized steel and cold rolled steel , ithis PPGI steel sheet has beautiful outlook and is flexible and anti-corrosion ,it can meets the requirements of high-precise processing equipments and is mainly used on producing refrigerators ,washing machines ,air conditioner and hi-fi equipment.

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Q:The refrigerator is hot on both sides. What's the matter?
On both sides of the refrigerator fever is a normal phenomenon, because the refrigerator condenser is installed on both sides of the refrigerator shell design, compressor, heat dissipation through the sides of the shell, and now it is summer, the ambient temperature is high, so the heat is very big.If the compressor work time is very long, or always work not stop, you should put the thermostat stalls lower, summer tune in 1-2 files on it. If the tune in the 1-2 stalls, the compressor does not stop, it depends on how the refrigerator cooling effect, refrigeration effect is good, indicating that the temperature controller is faulty, should be repaired or replaced thermostat. If the refrigerator cooling effect is poor, damaged pipeline leak of refrigerator, resulting in Freon loss, should be invited to professional and easy to leak, and then plugging, then vacuum fluoridation.
Q:How can the temperature control of the fresh layer and the frozen layer be better controlled?
Some people may ask, the temperature is low in winter, but the temperature is low (thermostat value), summer temperature is high, but the high temperature settings (thermostat value is small), is not in the wrong?. In fact, a lot of people have this kind of wrong understanding, think winter temperature is low, you can set the refrigerator temperature high, summer temperature is high, want to set low.
Q:Is the refrigerator shell hot?
Because all the refrigeration refrigeration equipment (including heat pump air conditioning refrigeration), is a process is endothermic and exothermic (simply process heat), no endothermic and exothermic is not no refrigeration equipment, refrigeration (heating).Therefore, when the refrigerator is in refrigeration (the compressor runs), the two sides of the box are exothermic. The essence of heat release is the absorption of heat in the food in the box (refrigeration).
Q:How many stalls does the fridge have in summer?
1-6 is the temperature control gear, the 1 gear temperature is highest, the 6 gear temperature is lowest. You should adjust the height of the gear according to the temperature of the season. The summer should be adjusted at the lower gear (1-2 stalls). The spring and autumn season should be adjusted in the middle gear
Q:What should I pay attention to when using the refrigerator?
Refrigerators are available to everyone, everyone can use it, but some precautions may not be known to everyone.Considerations for using refrigerators1., refrigerator work should minimize the number of open box door, reduce air conditioning overflow.2., if the power supply voltage fluctuations, (such as repeated power outages), should temporarily power outages, refrigerators use, unplug the power plug, to prevent burning compressor.
Q:The power consumption of refrigerators in the United States is 0.46 kwh / day.
The smaller the number of temperature control stalls, the more power saving, according to the nominal power consumption, a day will not exceed half a kilowatt hour
Q:Can I put the bananas in the fridge?
Banana preservation methodDo you often feel that banana bought back soon to black rot off? Miraculously, there is no need for folk remedies. As long as the bananas are hung up for storage, they can be kept for several days! Usually bananas in the basket will rot in about 3 days, but if they are changed and hung for 3 days, they will be bought as soon as they are bought! This has been proved by experiments. If you don't believe it, try buying a bunch of bananas right away!
Q:I have a lot of water in the fridge freezer. What should I do?
9, the summer heat and high temperature, hot air from the outlet pipe into the refrigerator, resulting in increased moisture inside the refrigerator.10, the device in the water was too full of ice, water freezes into ice, due to volume expansion, the overflow of water ice maker, flow in the refrigerator.11. The frost proof device of the refrigerator is damaged. During the rainy season, hot air condenses dew on the outer surface of the refrigerator door and flows to the ground.Due to the above factors, when the water in the refrigerator is too long, it flows out from the bottom of the refrigerator door.
Q:What does the fridge 12345 stand for?
Some refrigerators and seasonal buttons ensure that refrigerators work well during the winter months
Q:How do you remove the water from the fridge?
Direct cooling refrigerator after a period of time will be more or less in the frost on the evaporator of the freezing chamber, we need regular treatment, can reduce the burden of compressor to improve cooling effect, can eliminate many germs, ensure everyone's health, it is recommended 1 months left and right to clean up a refrigerator.Defrost, first off, put the food in the fridge all transferred out, the refrigerator door open, let it thaw. Pay attention to the refrigerator pad under some towels, prevent the thawing of the water all over the floor. 2 hours or so, the frost should be loose, and use a towel to the refrigerator ice, frost sweep out, there are relatively strong, with ice shovel to fix, do not use hard things shovel, prevent the whole evaporator broken, it would be troublesome.Cream clean, dry towel wipe, then dry for a while, almost all dry, put the refrigerator door shut, and then through the electric refrigeration, running about 2 hours or so, the temperature drop down after all the food in the refrigerator is good.

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