Color Changing LED Light Tape Dc5V 0.76W Low Power Consumption

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Product Description:


Color changing  led light tapeDC5V 0.72W low power consumption




1. High brightness 5050 led, 32 PCS/m


2. Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Warm White and RGB is available


3. Packing: 5m/reel in an anti-static package


4. Every 1-LED are cuttable for 5V strips


5. White, Black,  PCB Board are available


6. Waterproof type: Silicone Tube


7. Input voltage: DC5V




Item Modle No.









Pixel RGB color

LED quantity

32 leds per meter

LED type


IC style


IP Rank

IP65~IP68 or non-waterproof(as customers' requirement)

Beaming Angel

120 degree

Lumen per 1m/32LEDs 



CE and RoHS


more than 50,000 hours


2 years

Port of Shipment

Shenzhen Yantian


 Detailed  Discription:


1.This LED ribbon uses flexible PCB board as its base and adopts chip RGB as its luminous body


2.Available Color:Red,Yellow, Blue, Green, White. You can change colors with the optional controller


3.Available IC:WS2801,LPD6803,UCS1903


4.Controller:we usually select SD controller,you also could use DMX controller,DMX decoder,Arduino,Artnet


5.This product can achieve effects RGB seven colors gradual change,jumping change,etc.


6.Easy installation: Including 3M adhesive tape for convenient mounting  


Notice: 1)led power supply depend on the total power from led strip

             2)led controller depend on IC quantity on  your led strip


Applications of Waterproof 5050 LED strip : 


1.Backlight or edge lighting for signage and channel letters


2.DIY lights for home use


3.Path and contour marking


4.Decorative lights for holiday, event, show, exhibition


5.Automobile and bicycle decoration


Note of Waterproof 5050 LED strip :


1.Please make LED drivers compatible with waterproof 5050 LED strip light before use LED strips



2.Before use,first check the power supply used in compliance with of the power requirements


3.Each roll ask for independent power supply can connect strips together to make them longer, just watch how much current you need




1.Reply your inquiry in 24 hours


2.Experienced staffs answer all your questions in fluent English


3.Customized design is available.OEM&ODM are welcome


4.Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by our well trained and professional technicians


5.Special discount and protection of sales area provided to our distributor




1.Goods will be delivered within 3-5 working days after the payment received


2.We ship item via Door to Door service express or air and sea.




1.All products we sell are in good quality and have been tested before they are shipped out.


2.We offer 2 years Warranty.


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Q:What is patch LED?
Patch element. Very small, no pins, soldered directly to the circuit board. For example, the keyboard lights in a mobile phone are used in this way.
Q:What is the difference between SMT LED packaging with silicone and epoxy resin transparent package? What is the market situation of these two types of packaging?
To package with epoxy SMD beads are used in a lot of outdoor display, because the epoxy adhesive with good adhesion to all better PPI support in outdoor use, our high quality and inexpensive epoxy epoxy call for samples
Q:SMD LED specification
The patch LED is also called SMD LED. Its principle of luminescence is to pass the current through the compound semiconductor. Through the combination of the electron and the hole, the excess energy will be released in the form of light to achieve the effect of luminescence.
Q:LED patch lamp band, how to calculate how many watts a meter, such as 3528-60 beads is how much?
3528 single lamp is 0.06W 0.06*60 lamp =3.6W 3528-60 bead is 3.6W/ meters
Q:Patch LED light does not flash, why?
Are you saying that lamp is flashing? You can check the power output, according to your standard parameters and SMD beads, lamp panel series parallel mode, calculate the power output to output power of the test, you may be wrong, power, overload, but also the effective part of you may be the circuit for power transmission is not stable or low
Q:Indoor full color LED display module and LED what is the difference between a full color?
(1): LED full color light emitting module display module is generally yellow green, pure green module price is more expensive; SMD full color LED display using pure green tube coreThe display module (2): LED full color pixel visual feeling is thick, low brightness, easy to have the mosaic phenomenon; patch LED full color consistent, high brightness;(3): maintenance module LED full color display is not easy to maintain, the whole module replacement cost is high; SMD full-color LED screen for easy maintenance, repair and replacement of single lamp;
Q:Patch LED market conditions
Patch LED (SMD LED) is mainly used in lighting systems, decoration, electronic equipment, indicators, backlight, monitors and instruments and other fields. The decline in handset and LCD TV production in 2009 could affect the supply expectations for such components.
Q:Patch LED beads can be bought in what place?
SMD LED lamp is now very popular, mainly because of long service life, but also rarely appear dead lights or dark, but there are many defects exist
Q:What does "1210" mean in patch LED?
1210 refers to the lamp specifications.LED common lamp specifications and parameters of patch0603, 0805, 1210, 3528, 5050 refers to the LED lamp belt, often used in light-emitting components ----LED size (English / Metric) name, for example, 0603 refers to the length of 0.06 inches, width of 0.03 inches. But note that the 3528 and 5050 units are metric
Q:Which is good for LED patch and LED bulb?
LED (light emitting diode) patch (package)LED patch (SMD) made by FPC circuit board, LED, high quality silica gel. The waterproof performance, using low voltage DC power supply is safe and convenient, light colors, bright colors; outdoor use can be anti UV aging, yellowing, high temperature resistance and other advantages, the products are widely used in building lights, decorative lighting, advertising - Entertainment decorative lighting lighting field.LED bulbA solid state semiconductor device that converts electric energy into visible light by means of LED (light-emitting diode), which converts electricity directly into light; LED = Large, Electronic, Display,;

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