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My factory is specialized in producing alpenstock, ski poles and other metal cane stick products

The United States, Wal-Mart Canada Alpenstock Carrefour supermarkets and domestic suppliers

Diversified product models complete, beautiful appearance, choose

Independent research and development ability, according to customer requirements for design, open mold, plastic materials, high-aluminum alloy, Color, quality, low price

Our philosophy:

We advocate simple elegant design philosophy of customer-oriented, objective reality, the principle of innovation and development in the pursuit of perfection on the road to create the new industry standard.

The pursuit of excellence

· In the market competition continue to win, beyond the self in the reflection, the beyond mediocrity in learning and progress.

· After goals experience the joy of success, the pursuit of the process to experience the fun of struggle.

Business philosophy: the value of all the users in mind

· Adhere to the "customers first" philosophy, creating value for customers, maintain the legitimate interests of the business user priority;

· Keep sensitive user needs, attention to consumer user experience, the appropriate standard of service beyond the expectations of users;

· Focus on fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty, and constantly improve the level of service to communicate with the user;

· To maximize customer value maximization of corporate value creation.

Vision: Welcome to enterprise customers with the industry's most

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Q:What's a good old man's crutch?
The types and materials of the old crutches are various, of which bamboo and wood are the most. Chinese love with staff it is lightweight and flexible. There are other cane rattan, red sandalwood, rosewood and boxwood, Jianglong wood, horn, teeth, bone, metal etc.. It is said that the most rare wood stick, wood is buried in the soil due to crustal movement, the general number of Chinese Fir "gloomy" formed, made of stick hard and durable, but only a handful of surviving, not easy to find. The elderly crutches generally have diving, Kant, and always accompanied by.
Q:Why should the British take a walking stick?
Britain is a gentleman's country, long cane has evolved, in the course of evolution, it has become a decoration, but also become a gentleman's logo, more gentlemanly image, elegant!
Q:What is the height of the handle when measuring the height of the cane when standing?
Method for determining the height of a crutchStanding, the crutch in the armpit, and axillary keep 3cm ~ 4cm (2 fingers) distance; both sides of crutch support pad are respectively arranged on the front and lateral toes rectilinear distance at each 15cm; elbow flexion 30 degrees, and the rotor handle part of the same height.
Q:How is the height dimension of walking stick measured in old people?
Matters needing attention:The shaking hands of the walking stick should not be too small, and the handle of the rod is slightly wider, so that the old or arthritic patients can feel comfortable and the pain is relieved.It is also important to reinforce the handle with metal bands, so as to avoid accidental damage to the rod when it is used.Many old people wear metal bands out of their care and are prone to danger.
Q:The essentials of a cane
Three 、 the length of a walking stick is very important.Too long or too short will make the supporting point unnatural: higher, it will make the body lean, easy to cause the foot of the old man foot is not real; lower, you must bend, bend forward, walk uncomfortable. Stick to the most appropriate height should be attention stand, hands down naturally, stick from the ground to the skin between the wrist stripes of height.
Q:Do walking sticks and stool chairs belong to the two kind of medical instruments?
The walking stick and the stool chair are at most a class of instruments, and may not belong to the medical instruments, and belong to the category of nursing articles! Take a look at the resources below!
Q:Which column does the walking cane do in famine?
Then in the winter (winter ice house is the walrus nest) to brush the walrus, elephant run very fast, it is difficult to recover, and attack with 2 remote Chuijian, only ice hounds, it is annoying, personal recommendations for 2-3 a nest of spiders, planting early in the past, to attract a spider to let spider wars walrus, profit from.Items to be brushed: dogs, teeth, sapphires, ivory, walrus hats, etc.
Q:How to choose the length of climbing cane according to height?
When you are in the cross-country hiking mountaineering outdoor activities, one or two branches of alpenstocks can bring you many benefits, such as improved walking stability, reduce the burden of your leg, in fact according to the study abroad show that when we walk, at least 22% to alleviate the leg and knee muscles the joint can use alpenstock or crutch force, that is to say the use of alpenstocks can make your legs feel more comfortable!
Q:Introduction to the use of a cane
Material technologyMost of the walking sticks are made of wood, rattan, bamboo or aluminum alloy, advanced walking sticks, and carbon fiber materials. Although there are many kinds of materials, all the canes must be light and flexible, so that they won't feel tired when used. When choosing, we should also pay attention to the bearing properties of the walking stick materials.The tip of a stick"There is a sharp point at the bottom of the stick. A good sharp point touches the ground, forming an angle that makes the user comfortable and slippery. No matter what kind of material a walking stick, in contact with the ground parts must be equipped with anti-skid pad, so as to avoid skidding.
Q:How do Wooden Walking sticks color?
Complementary methodThere are some wood due to fungus, or affect the chemical and physical factors, surface color becomes a shallow depth in root carving works, should be appropriate to the complementary color, color uniform. A lot of color pigments, natural mineral pigments, chemical pigment (i.e. paint or dyes) can be used. The specific color, to imitate the depth of color wood itself, the color modulation for up again after repair. This is, in order to make the work surface natural color the same root, complete coordination, further highlight the natural beauty of root carving works.

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