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TYHI designs and manufactures heat-recovery coke oven machinery. We own a number of patents and we have won the Second Prize for Science & Technology Development in Shanxi Province.

Our heat-recovery coke oven machinery can be used for cake stamping, coal charging and pushing. Our hydraulic stamping station is equipped with a MTS hydro-cylinder to enhance precision and control. By adopting advanced static-pressure technology, it makes coal cakes flatter, the burn spoilage rate lower and stamping time shorter. Our charging-pushing cars use coal trays to transfer coal which solves the problem of charging fall, additionally it cuts costs and reduces the repair rate. Our receiving-quenching cars have end-joint receiving which prevents dust pollution. Moreover, our separated dragging cars and receiving cars reduce heat effect to electric and hydraulic equipment.

Technical parameter


Chamber length (cold/hot) in mm



Chamber average width in mm



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Coal capacity per oven (wet)



Coke production per oven (t)



Our main products include lifting equipment, forging equipment, rolling equipment, excavation equipment, coke oven equipment, coal chemical equipment, wind power generating equipment, oil film bearings for rolling mills, gear drive equipment, train wheels and axles, forgings and castings and project contracting.

Our key products include our 1200t EOT crane, our 500t ladle crane, our 75m³ shovel for mining, our Φ180mm continuous rolling production line, our 110 MN aluminum alloy extrusion press and our 7m top charging coke oven equipment. 

TYHI’s products are widely used in the metallurgical, mining, energy, transportation, aerospace, chemical, rail, ship building, environmental protection and various other industries. Many products designed and manufactured by TYHI have filled gaps in the domestic market. Furthermore, we have created 360 nationally and internationally recognized products which have been exported to approximately forty countries and regions.

TYHI is now delving further into the development of the rail, engineering machinery, new energy, and maritime equipment fields. We have established a new production base in the Binhai New Area of Tianjin to facilitate the transportation and export of large-sized equipment. Our second wheel production line is currently under construction. We have also established production lines for wheels, axles and wheel sets for use at speeds above 200 km/h.

We are now turning our focus to international markets which we are certain can benefit from our high quality products and service. As we are constantly innovating and improving, we have no doubt that we will meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations.


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Q:The processing range of the lathe
The lathe is mainly used for processing various rotary tables N} ilR swivel end faces, as well as helical surfaces.
Q:What is the main part of CNC machine tools?
The basic working principle of each component is summarized below.
Q:Who can tell me the difference between instrument lathe and CNC lathe
X, Z axis of the servo motor to control the lathe feed movement of the action sequence, the amount of movement and feed speed, coupled with the spindle speed steering, and automatic tool change system, enabling the processing of different shapes of different shaft
Q:The difference between CNC machine tools and ordinary machine tools
While the CNC machine tools are not complicated by the variable speed mechanism because its motor is computer-controlled stepless.
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3, according to the degree of automation points: manual, mobile, semi-automatic, automatic
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A single plan can simplify your fixed assets, especially if your company is more careful in calculating the cost of production. The term "machine" is too general, and the production equipment is mainly for the first production line, the direct production of machinery,
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Lathes, Drilling Machines, Boring Machines, Grinding Machines, Gear Machining Machines, Thread Machining Machines, Milling Machines, Planers, Broaching Machines, Electric Machining, Machine Tools, Cutting Machines, Machine Tools, Other Machine Tools.
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Lathe processing is part of the machining, there are two main forms of processing: one is to fix the knife, the processing of the rotation of the unformed workpiece; the other is the workpiece fixed, through the workpiece high-speed rotation, turning (

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