Cofdm Wireless Video Transmitter HDMI/SDI

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Item specifice:

Frequency range: 300-800MHz (optional), 1.2G-4.4GHz(customized) RF Bandwidth: 2/2.5/4/6/8MMHz(adjustable) Modulation: COFDM 2K QPSK
Resolution: HD 1080P Video compression: MPEG-4/H.264 Video Format: PAL/NTSC
Video Interface: HDMI/SDI Dimension: 200*120*60mm Weight: 1kg
Customization: All features can be changed as your prefer!

Product Description:

Such a new 1080P HD transmitter is our powerful HD av signals transmit system, using the core of mobile communication technology COFDM, which can transmit good quality and stable full-hd digital video signal under the condition of high speed mobile and heavy building blocks transmission in city environment.

Cofdm Wireless Video Transmitter HDMI/SDI

Main Features

+ High quality image and high definition video transmission;
+ High speed mobile transmission, max speed 450km/h;
+ Adjustable RF power( 2-8W ), up to 50km NLOS distance;
+ Broad-spectrum: in UAV shooting, live broadcasting...
+ COFDM modulation & stable transmission;
+ AES data encryption;
+ Strong ability of anti-interference, diffraction and penetration.

Cofdm Wireless Video Transmitter HDMI/SDI


Frequency range Output

300-800MHz (optional), 1.2G-4.4GHz(customized)

RF bandwidth

2/2.5/4/8MHz (adjustable)

Power output











1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8


2K, 8K

Guard Interval

1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4


Full band≤2dB, 8MHz≤0.5dB

AV input

RCA jack: D1 standard definition

HDMI: HD1080I/1080P, 720P, 576, 480

SDI: HD1080I/1080P, 720P, 576, 480



Sloping field SNR(unweighted)dB


Max speed rate


Balanced audio input range


Unbalanced audio input range



SMPTE 425M (Level A and Level B), SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 292, SMPTE 259M-C SMPTE 272M  SMPTE 299M

Input range (mV)


HDCP protocol


Decryption mode


Transfer rate

In general 2/4/6/8Mbps, 15Mbps max

Audio encoding mode

MPEG1 Layer2

Video resolution

Minimum 720×480 50i(720×576 50i )

Maximum 1920×1080 60P

Video coding


Video rate




Working Temperature


Storage Temperature






Transmission distance

1-100km max LOS (from air to ground);

5km max NLOS (in city)






1. For UAV shooting

2. For man-pack

Our Service

One year free warranty;
Three months for free spare parts (Replacement parts will be charged after a year);
24-h technical guidance;
One-stop ODM/OEM solution;
We provide professional system design and construction;
We have over 15 years experience's study, design and manufacturing in wireless microwave transmission area;
We are the professional plant source,so we can provide you high quality in best price.

Cofdm Wireless Video Transmitter HDMI/SDI

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