Coaxial RF cable shared antenna systems, closed circuit television system and other

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RF cable

Uses: This product is applicable to shared antenna systems, closed circuit television system and other signal transmission, and such cable has the characteristics of small attenuation and strong anti-interference.

Structure and size of YWV (Y) PE physical foaming insulated coaxial RF cable products







Inner conductor diameter





Outer diameter of foaming medium (insulator)





Outer conductor

Aluminum-plastic composite belt or aluminum foil +   tinned soft copper wire braiding, and the nominal diameter when the tinned   copper wire is used in braid





The maximum diameter braided angle of outer conductor ≤   45 °, filling factor of 0.23 (minimum)











Outer diameter





Delivery length

Length of each volume





Short break





As for length of each conducting wire of -7, -9, -12,   the order requirements shall prevail

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Q:what are the power requirments of 7950gt graphics card?
400-500 watts will be fine. I ran mine on a 430 watt antec for about 18 months just fine. FYI - it did run fine on a generic 350 watt PSU for a couple weeks also. You will be fine with 34 amps or more on your 12 volt rail(s). You need 1, 6-pin, PCI-E power cable, or an adapter that comes with most cards to convert 2, 4-pin cables to 1, 6-pin cable.
Q:Cat 5 speaker cable as power cable?
No, the cat 5 wire will heat up too fast.
Q:Should TRS or TS cables be used for the powered signal in a 2 channel PA?
very interesting question
Q:Is it OK to daisy chain the power cable only from a Pioneer amp to a Bazooka powered sub?
Yes and no. You can use the existing power line to your amp, but you need to use a power distribution block (available from Wal-Mart by Scoche). Run your main line into the dist. box and then run one line to your amp, and another to your Bazooka.
Q:Is there a cable or something where I can use a SATA hard drive on an older motherboard?
the prvios responses are precise, yet there is two extra issues to evaluate. a million. till you're development your very own new pc, establishing the case advert putting this 2nd stressfulpersistent in will void the guaranty on any new pc this is keep offered or oredered from dell, etc. 2. The stressfulpersistent has jumpers on it that tell the stressfulpersistent what function it has. Ie cable choose, grasp, slave, secondary slave. maximum drives are set to cable choose from the production facility, so be beneficial to plug it into the 2d plug on your unique ide ribbon cable. each from time to time you certainly would desire to alter the jumper to slave in case you purely have an ide cable with a single connector. i'd in my opinion shop the old pc working, connect it to a router/swap and share the cpersistent out. Then i'd get right of entry to the old one from my new pc and replica purely the documents i'd desire to my new one. Your documents are oftentimes placed ordinarily if no longer completely interior of your profile folder. this variety you're purely copying image documents, song, faves, etc.. Makes it much less stressful to ward off copying over a virulent disease or any corruption. reliable luck and congrats!
Q:Is spinning down of hard disk same as removing the power cable of ?
1) When you unplug the power cable, it spins down, because there is no power. In order to read data from the hard disk it needs to be spinning. When it is not spinning, you cannot read data from it. Some power saving systems will allow you set the hard drives to spin down after a long time that it has not been used, to conserve power. After that, to read from the disk it needs to be spun up, and that takes a few seconds. 2)No. 3) You cannot manually spin a hard disk, it spins at 7200 (some models 5400) rpm. That's VERY fast.
Q:Xbox 360 Jasper Power Cable?
i don't know if somethings wrong with your xbox or power brick but i can tell u tho, if u use a Xenon power brick (12V,16,5A) on a jasper xbox u will run into a problem later on, for it will overheat and the CPU and GPU will warp and pull there self away from the motherboard, if u have ever heard of the towel trick( wrapping your xbox in a towel so it will overheat and the solder will pool up and re-solder the CPU/GPU back in place) that's where it come from, i would buy a jasper power brick if i were u (12V, 12,1A).
Q:Only one power cable in computer?
are you sure there's not 1 power cord with six plugs on it? often the power cables will have connectors all the way down them.
Q:How to fix: Dell Inspiron screen brightness decreases when power cable disconnected?
I'm not sure if this will fix it but I have an idea. Do you know where the charge level in on your computer. I have the inspiron 1520 so it's an old version but on mine it's on the bottom right hand corner. If you click on that you should get a screen that pops up and gives you the amount of battery life it has left in a percentage then underneath that it should have a select a power plan: area and the options that it gives you are balanced, power saver and High performance. If you click on the high performance then the brightness should be the same weather the power cord is plugged in or not. Hope I helped =)
Q:my mobo only has a few IDE cables.. ive got 2 hdd one sound card 2 dvd roms that need these.. i have to unplug
Ok..listen carefully. If you try to overload your computer with too many peripherals that it is not designed for, you are going to have problems..power supply, being a major one. Yes, you can get another mother board and bigger power supply if you are willing to pay for them. But, if money is an issue, do you really need 2 DVD roms? Do you really need 2 hard drives? If you do, and you are willing to pay for them, so be it. One possible solution is for your sound card. Most of them do not plug into the ribbon cable that also goes to the DVD/harddrive. You could consider another more modern sound card that would not have a ribbon cable, but only a small cable that plugs into the Dvd drive. Bottom line: You have a primary slot and a secondary slot on your motherboard. Your cables have 2 places for a master and a slave. That means 4 peripherals total and you have 5, if you count the sound card, and you need to get rid of at least one peripheral.

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