Coated AR Glassfibre Mesh

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Specification of Coated Alkali resistant Fiberglass Mesh Cloth has passed ISO9001:2000 CE ITB Certificate.It's ideal construction material.

Coated Alkali-resistant Fiberglass Mesh Cloth has passed ISO9001:2000 Certificate. J&F provides the best mesh in lowest price

Fiberglass Mesh is woven by fiberglass yarn, then alkaline-resistent latex coated. It owns great alkaline-resistent and high strength. As a perfect engineering material in construction, it is widely used to reinforce cement, stone, wall materials, roofing, gypsum and so on.

Fiberglass Mesh Specification:

Mesh Size



Length per Roll










All Colors







Specifications can be made as per customers requirements.

High Quality

(1)    Coating glue: our coating glue is produced by Germany BASF which can keep more than 70% after days NaoH test.

(2)    The fiberglass yarn is manufactured by ourselves. We have 60 Platinum Crutinum to produce glass fiber, it owns 20% more strength and beautiful surface than normal fiberglass yarn.


Each Fiberglass Mesh Roll is put into PVC bag or Shrink Bag, and then put into Carton or Pallet.


T/T 30% in advance, T/T 70% after loading goods on board.

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Q:What is the difference between Cement and Concrete...?
Different mix. Concrete has more gravel in it as rock is harder than concrete and cement is more a mixture with sand. Quite interchangeable language on the jobsite like Tomato or tomayto. They generally know what you want so they bring it. I don't doubt that the lime content changes but I will leave that secret up to them.
Q:Is Portland cement considered to be hydraulic? (cement that cures underwater)
Most construction cements today are hydraulic, and most of these are based on Portland cement, which is made primarily from limestone, certain clay minerals, and gypsum in a high temperature process that drives off carbon dioxide and chemically combines the primary ingredients into new compounds. Non-hydraulic cements include such materials as (non-hydraulic) lime and gypsum plasters, which must be kept dry in order to gain strength, and oxychloride cements, which have liquid components. Lime mortars, for example, set only by drying out, and gain strength only very slowly by absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to re-form calcium carbonate through carbonatation.
Q:which are the top brand cement in India, Top to Bottom?
The top brand of cement in india are: 1. Ultra tech 2. Jaycee 3. Ambhuja 4. Shree Ultra 5. JK Super cement 6. Binani 7. Bhangur 8. Birla Chetak 9. Acc Cement and so on....
Q:I truly believe that the only way to cement a romantic relationship with a man is by having a child?
No. No, no, no, no. Just NO. First of all, if that were true then there would be no single mothers OR single fathers, no need for child support, no deadbeat parents and no absentee parents. Children don't cement a relationship - EVER. The only way to cement a relationship is for the two people involved in it to completely commit to each other, forsaking all others, to share mutual love and respect, and to have no desire to ever be with anyone else ever again. A child is a blessing, and the icing on the cake. Besides, any woman who gets pregnant for the sole purpose of keeping her man around is getting pregnant for the WRONG reason, and the child will be the one to suffer for it. Perhaps a decent guy will stick around out of duty to the CHILD, but certainly not out of duty to the woman. And why on earth would you even WANT a man who only stayed because of the child? Why wouldn't you want him to stay because of YOU? And not everyone sees having a baby as a lifelong commitment. I personally know a woman whose husband left her when she was four months pregnant, came back after the baby was born, got her pregnant again and then left again, at four months pregnant. He has since signed over rights to his children and has never made an attempt to be in their lives again. The world is unfortunately full of people exactly like him.
Q:how to remove white cement?
Only way is to use a hammer and chisel. It would have been easier if you said what the white cement was on. Is it a driveway? or cement splattered on something.
Q:Do you think another cement plant should be built?
Actually the need for any commercial establishment is based on the Demand. Demand depends on our consumption. consumption are usually self-required or market-forces-driven If you feel that you require a material, use it, do not get swayed by the market forces. SIMPLICITY would solve most of our problems. hope I am not preaching
Q:Has anyone used a cement tile to?
They will work and there's many patterns and colors you can add too. You'll have to use a good construction adhesive on the backside to glue them in place on the wall but I'm not sure which one right now. You can butt them together along the wall or leave a gap for some tile grout to add later (tile grout comes in different colors too). Be sure to use a ready to use (ready-mix) cement mix (it has the sand in it already you only need to add water) and not a concrete mix (concrete has stones in it), some of the DIY projects do use concrete for patio stones or stepping stones but for wall tiles you only need to use a ready to use cement. There are many other sites out there too, just do a Google search for making cement tiles.
Q:Please where can I find resources on placement issues related to oil well cementing?
You Most of the published information has to be purchased through the Society of Petroleum engineers. Off the top of my head, some of the issues are being able to pump a heavy viscous fluid like cement across under pressured formations. You have to apply enough pressure to move the cement, but you have to stay below the fracture pressure of the rock formations. If you don't, the formation will break down and the cement will flow in to that zone, called a thief zone, and cement will not make it all the way up the casing. The other issue is keeping casing centralized in the wellbore so that cement will be placed evenly around the casing. If the casing is not centered, then the cement may not might not completely encase the casing, leaving void spaces where channels can form, where oil and gas could flow.
Q:are there any any companies that clean oil off of cement garage floors?
if you want to clean it your self youneed to sprinkel tide soap all over the oil areas when it starts soaking the oil in the soap take a plactic brush and brush the soap around till the soap is dark then sweep it off and do the same process only with the soap a little wet with water kinda pasty with the plactic brush then rinse with a hose if possable when it is dry the oil will be gone, hope this helps.
Q:Cement patio help?
Hi - You can add a dye to the cement before it hardens to change the color - but that won't help now, plus it would be hard to match the old color. If you live in a warm climate then one solution is to put an outdoor tile over the whole thing - using extra mortar in the low parts. When we lived in florida I put a red terra-cotta type tyle on our patio and it came out nice. You can also go to Lowes/Home depot and look in the paint department for an epoxy coating. They are common for garages, but they have them for walkways/patios too. Good luck.

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