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Specification of Coated Alkali resistant Fiberglass Mesh Cloth has passed ISO9001:2000 CE ITB Certificate.It's ideal construction material.

Coated Alkali-resistant Fiberglass Mesh Cloth has passed ISO9001:2000 Certificate. J&F provides the best mesh in lowest price

Fiberglass Mesh is woven by fiberglass yarn, then alkaline-resistent latex coated. It owns great alkaline-resistent and high strength. As a perfect engineering material in construction, it is widely used to reinforce cement, stone, wall materials, roofing, gypsum and so on.

Fiberglass Mesh Specification:

Mesh Size



Length per Roll










All Colors







Specifications can be made as per customers requirements.

High Quality

(1)    Coating glue: our coating glue is produced by Germany BASF which can keep more than 70% after days NaoH test.

(2)    The fiberglass yarn is manufactured by ourselves. We have 60 Platinum Crutinum to produce glass fiber, it owns 20% more strength and beautiful surface than normal fiberglass yarn.


Each Fiberglass Mesh Roll is put into PVC bag or Shrink Bag, and then put into Carton or Pallet.


T/T 30% in advance, T/T 70% after loading goods on board.

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Q:1)what do you mean by portal cement? 2)wt is the meaning of analar element? tnx.?
You may mean Portland Cement. If so, see below:
Q:how do I put carpet on cement floor?
two ways to do this job ....... glue down carpet ( direct glue down application ) basically cut the carpet to size roll it up and apply adhesive to the concrete and roll it out . or the tack less method,,, apply tack less ( concrete grade small strips of wood with nasty spikes sticking up aproc 1/4 inch ) to all edges of area ...walls doorways etc .then cut carpet approx 6 inches larger than the actual dimension. push into place with a carpet stretcher . then trimmed... after its tight .
Q:Do i have to put cement board under tile on the wall?
Cement board is normally needed where directly in contact with moisture. I wouldn't change out your existing drywall.
Q:Is cement expensive?
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Q:How can I clean a cement dog?
Get some concrete cleaner. DUH
Q:My question to those who are working in cement industry?
There are two possible options. First you need to maximize the strength potential of the cement clinker you are blending with the natural pozzolan to make the pozzolanic cement. This means stabilizing the clinker mineralogy and boosting the alite content. You can do that by lifting LSF or SM dependent on your current clinker chemistry. Another alternative would be to add calcium fluoride to the raw mix. Secondly you could add a cement conditioner to activate the pozzolanic reaction in the cement. Possibly alkali carbonates or potassium sulphate.
Q:Is a Cemented or Uncemented Prosthesis Better?
The response to this differs for various people. Because each person’s condition is exclusive, the physician and also you must weigh the pros and cons. Cemented substitutes tend to be more commonly used for older, less active people and individuals with weak bones, for example individuals who've brittle bones, while uncemented substitutes tend to be more commonly used for more youthful, more active people. Research has shown that cemented and uncemented prostheses have comparable rates of success. Studies also indicate that if you want one more hip replacement, or revision, the rates of success for cemented and uncemented prostheses are comparable. However, more lengthy-term data can be found in the U . s . States for stylish substitutes with cemented prostheses, because doctors have used them here because the late sixties, whereas uncemented prostheses weren't introduced before the late seventies. The main drawback to an uncemented prosthesis may be the extended recovery period. Since it requires a very long time for that natural bone to develop and fix towards the prosthesis, you aren't uncemented substitutes must limit activities for approximately 3 several weeks to safeguard the stylish joint. Also, it's more prevalent for somebody by having an uncemented prosthesis to see leg discomfort within the several weeks following a surgery, as the bone keeps growing in to the prosthesis.
Q:How to keep cement moist for 24hrs?
Only way that I could think that would remotely give you a slim chance would be to keep your cement mixer running with the mix inside it with plenty of mortar plasticizer added to the gauging water and then again in the morning add more water with plasticizer and hope for the best.
Q:how is cement prepaed? what are the uses and different types of cement?
I've been in exactly the same situation. We live on the edge of nowhere and can't get delivered concrete. We poured our greenhouse floor, using Portland premix cement and a mixer. Our mixer is slightly smaller than yours. We used extra water in the mix so it would stay workable longer. Bad idea! The floor did fine until the first winter. It then split, chipped cracked and, well, you get the picture. We ended up redoing it. The second time we divided the floor into three sections. Each section had its own small 3/8 rebar web placed 2 above ground in a 4 floor. We supported the web by driving 10 pieces of 3/8 rebar into the ground and wire to hold the web to them. Lastly, on the sides where the adjoining sections would go, we used 1 x 6 pieces of redwood. We drilled them and ran rebar through to the web – leaving 2' sticking out for attaching the new sections. That piece sticking out was attached to the next section's rebar web. It has been there for several years now, and has no cracks at all. Our temperatures range from 105°F in summer to -40°F in winter. I put a link in to show how to determine how many cubic yards of concrete you'll need. Good luck!
Q:is ceramic tile cheaper than a cement overlay?
really about the same , unless you know how to pour,and fix cement ,and polish it , you better use tiles, but unless you have a cement floor, you must have backer cemant board at least 1/2 thick. at least you can change the tiles out if you get bored with them right?

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