CO2 Laser Machine for Tyre Marking Machine CNBM

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Our CO2 Laser Machine for Tyre Marking equipped the importing RF CO2 Laser, High-Speed Resonance Mirror System.

The speed is quicker and the performance is stable.This series Laser Equipments have widely won user’s trust depend on it’s superior performance and reliable quality.


MACHING POWER: 10W, 30W, 50W, 100W



Matching TypeBMC10ABMC30A





Output Power10w30w
Repeat Frequency≤50khz
Marking Scope110mm x 110mm
Marking Speed≤7000mm/s
Min. Line Width0.015mm
Characters TypeEnglish letters, numbers, production date and punctuations
Marking Depth≤3mm
Max. Production Line Speed30m/ min70m/ min
Coding Lines≤8 lines
Input Power0.6kw1.5kw
Electrical Source220V/ single-phrase circuit/ 50Hz (or 0



System NameParts NameAmountStandard ParameterManufacturer
Optical SystemMain Control Box1 setBPC-01ABeijing Boaolaser
CO21 setContinuous laser and average power 10w, 30w, 50w, 100wUSA Synard
High Speed Laser Head1 set±10v<1.2msGS (USA)
Beam Expander 3X/ 4X Beijing Boaolaser
F-q Lens F-110mm RODENSTOCK (UK) 
Control SystemIndustrial Control System 2.0 (socket478)/ 512/ 80G/ CD-ROM Taiwan
Computer Monitor 115''Founder 
Control Software 1 setBoao Laser Marking System Ver2.0 Beijing Boaolaser 
Laser Control Card 1BCC-A, RS232 Beijing Boaolaser 
D/A Control Card 116 bite D/A output, 4 input/ 4 output, I/O Beijing Boaolaser 

Laser Code 
Beijing Boaolaser 
Beijing Boaolaser 

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Q:Metal materials commonly used in the processing methods which
Extrusion, punching, reaming, upsetting, etc.) Die forging punching, bending, drawing, bulging, flaring, necking, flanging, etc. There are other special processing methods such as physical chemistry
Q:What kind of material is used for processing shafts?
Meet any of the above conditions, to choose stainless steel, I commonly used 1Cr18Ni9Ti, wear resistance, a variety of resistance are very good, stable work;
Q:Metal forming and processing methods which have their own characteristics and scope of application
Forging processing is a combination of forging and stamping processing, is the use of forging machinery hammer, anvil, punch or general mold on the blank pressure, the blank plastic deformation, access to the required parts of the metal material forming method. Forging the workpiece size is accurate, suitable for mass production. After the workpiece mechanical properties of the workpiece is significantly provided, but the corresponding high cost of manufacturing, can only be processed plastic high metal materials.
Q:Mechanical material forming cold forming and thermoforming What is the difference, the main processing of what materials
A special plastic processing method for the processing of thermoplastics (see thermoplastic resin) sheets into various products. The sheet is clamped to the softened state on the frame and is pressed against the mold surface under external forces to obtain a shape similar to that of the profile. After cooling the stereotypes, the trimmed products. This process is also used for rubber processing.
Q:What is the processing of materials?
It is related to the chemical composition, mechanical properties, thermal conductivity and work hardening degree of metal materials.
Q:Can the shears machine be processed?
Shearing machine: As the name suggests is the machine to cut the sheet metal.
Q:How to choose the material when doing mechanical design
It is difficult to use a few words to make it clear, but the principle is to first consider its strength (including toughness, elongation, hardness and other mechanical properties of materials), processing performance (cutting, heat treatment,
Q:How to choose mechanical parts material ah?
The performance of the various materials should be very familiar, and then consult the manual to see what general use in the area.
Q:Material processing technology and machinery manufacturing What is the relationship
It should be noted that the above "raw material" and "product" concept is relative, a factory "product" may be another factory "raw materials", and another factory "product" may be other factories "raw materials " Because in the modern manufacturing industry, usually the organization of specialized production, such as automobile manufacturing, automobile tires, instruments, electrical components, standard parts and many other parts are produced by other professional factory, the automobile factory only production Some key parts and accessories, and finally assembled into a complete product of a car.
Q:Teflon rod material in the mechanical processing how to get the surface smoothness and clean surface
At the same time, keep other excellent PTFE performance. Filling varieties are glass fiber, metal, metal oxide, graphite, molybdenum disulfide, carbon fiber, polyimide, EKONOL, wear resistance, limit PV value can be increased by 1000 times.

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