CNC Vvertical Machining Center Modle:ME1000

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Product Description:

Model No.ME1000ME1100ME1300
CapacityX axis travel/mm100011001300
Y axis travel/mm560650700
Z axis travel/mm610610610
Spindle nose to table surface/mm150-760150-760150-760
Spindle nose to column surface/mm610700785
WorktableTable size/(L*W)1200*5601200*6501400*700
Max load on the table/kg5008001000
T-slot size/mm18*5*10018*5*11018*5*100
SpindleSpindle speed/rpm60-800060-800060-8000
Spindle taper/spindle shank7/24 Taper No.407/24 Taper No.407/24 Taper No.40
Max spindle inner diameter/mmΦ70Φ70Φ80
Spindle motor(30 mins,mitsubishi)/kw7.51111
Feed rateX,Y,Z rapid traverse/M/min15/15/152.0/35./2.015/15/15
Max cutting feed rate(M/min)1015/15/1510
A.T.CTool storage capacity/pcArmless type 2010Armless type 16
Max tool diameter(adjacent tools)/mmΦ150(80)Armless type 20Φ150(80)
Max tool length/mm300Φ150(80)300
Tool change time(T-T)/sec83008
AccuracyPositioning accuracy/mm±0.018±0.01
Repeatability positioning accuracy/mm±0.005±0.01±0.005
Machine sizeMachine height/mm2600±0.0052600
Space requirement(L*W)2800*245026003500*2700
Net machine weight/kg58003200*250010000
Power requirement/KVA20650030
Drive motor/kw2.0/2.0/2.0202.0/3.5/2.0
Control systemSyntec 10DSyntec 10DSyntec 10D

Standard machine configuration1. machining center Control system:Syntec 10D controller .
2. 7/24 Taper No.40 spindle ,8000rpm spindle from China Taiwan, HNC Servo motors
3. armless type A.T.C system,20 tools;
4.fully enclosed splash guard of machine
5.steel telescopic covers for 3 axis guide rails lamp and alert lamp
7.tool box and maintenance tool
8.heat exchanger lubrication system
10.separate water tank
12.380v/220v,50HZ transformer standard accessories
Main part supplier1.     machining center controller: Syntec 10B controller from China Taiwan
2.      x/y/z servo motor: HNC servo motors from China
3.      x/y/z drive and converter: made in China
4.      spindle motor: made in China
5.      ball screw :made in Taiwan(Hiwin Brand)
6.      ball screw bearing: HRB made in China(Chinese No.1 bearing)
7.      spindle bearing :HRB from China.
8.      handwheel: SUMTAK from Japan
9.      electrical component: made from China Taiwan


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