CNC Lathe Machine Tool Specification

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Product Description:


a CE & ISO9001
b hardness HRC45
c heat treatment
d hydrostatic guideway
e centralized lubrication


ParameterUnit CK5112CK5131
Max. turning diameter of vertical tool postmm12503150
Working table diametermm10002500
Max. height of work-piecemm10001400
Max. weight of work-piecet310
Working table range of rotation speedr/min6.3-2002-62
Working table step of rotation speedstep1616
Horizontal travel of vertical tool postmm7001610
Crossbeam travelmm6501350
Power of main motorkw 2245
Weight of machine(approx.)t9.530

Usage range

a. Turning the internal and external cylindrical surface and plane

b. Turning internal and external conical surface,

c. Grooving

d. Head face

e. Severance


a Working table adopts hydrostatic guide way.

b.The spindle is to use model NN30(Grade D)bearing and able to turn precisely.

c.Gear case is to use 40Cr gear wheel of gear grinding,which has high precision

and little noise

d.Plastic coated guide ways are wearable

e.Centralized lubricating oil supplying is convenient

f. Castings of lathe are to use lost foam foundry(short for LFF)technique.Castings

are wearable with good quality and dealt by aging.


a.European CE certificate

b. ISO9001:2008 quality management system

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Q:The story of the lathe
Xi Kam has a daughter, the year twenty-eight, was born with talent, looks like appearance, Xi Kam love such as palm pearl. Xi Kam for the woman to find a son, Xi Kam feel the prime minister Wang lead a lot of children, I heard that all are superb appearance, Xi Kam hope that the son of Wang Chengxiang in his son.
Q:The world's first machine is how to do it?
This ancient method evolved into a rope on the pulley around the rope, the rope frame in the curved arched elastic rod, push back and forth so that the processing object rotation to turn, this is the "bow lathe."
Q:CNC lathe with CNC punch there are some differences between CNC machine tools ah
CNC machine tools, including CNC lathes and CNC punch press, CNC lathes and CNC punch with the use of different, CNC lathe for chip use, CNC punch and general use of sheet metal processing.
Q:Which of the lathes are included
According to the use and structure of the different lathes are divided into horizontal lathes and floor lathes, vertical lathe, turret lathe, single-axis automatic lathes, multi-axis automatic and semi-automatic lathes, profiled lathes and multi-knife lathe and a variety of specialized
Q:CNC machine tools by sports which is divided into three categories
Linear control CNC machine tools can control the tool or table with the appropriate feed speed, along the direction parallel to the axis of the linear movement and cutting, feed speed according to cutting conditions can be within a certain range.
Q:How does the lathe taper?
Want to calculate the angle, draw a map, even with the trigonometric function out
Q:What is the material of the lathe tool?
the poor manufacturers replaced with 45 steel, cheap but rigid! Cast steel way.
Q:What is instrument lathe
Instrument lathe is a general, mainly processing some small but not very sophisticated parts.
Q:Which country is the invention of the lathe
The lathe is a machine tool which is mainly used for turning the rotating workpiece with a turning tool, and the corresponding machining can be done on the lathe, such as drill bit, reaming drill, reamer, tap, die and knurling tool, etc. The lathe is mainly used for machining shaft,
Q:How does the rotation of the CNC lathe and the feed per minute?
Assume that F0.1 units are fed 0.1MM per revolution.

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