CNC full hydraulic 4 rolls bending machine, full auto 4 roller plate rolling machine

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CNC four roller plate rolling machine
1.Hydraulic driven
2.Four driver roller
3.Pre-bending function
4.12 months guarantee

This machine model: HDLW12-four-roller plate bending machine

The movement of each roller of four-roller plate bending machine

1. The top roller makes rotation movement drove by hydraulic motor

2. The down roller makes rotation drove by hydraulic motor as well as making up-down movement drove by hydraulic cylinder.

3. The side rollers make arc swing movement drove by hydraulic oil cylinder.

The advantages of four-roller bending machine

1. hydraulic driven, high efficiency and energy saving (the driving power is only 60% of traditional bending machine)

2. permanent lubricant technology (no refueling within bearing life period)

3. clamping pressure is adjustable (no slipping, and the production efficiency is 50%-80% higher than three roller plate rolling chine

4. The cylinder diameter can achieve 1.1 times of top roller diameter

The four-roller plate bending machine is proper for the following user:

1. The 4 roller plate bending machine will be good choice for the customer who is the first time to use plate bending machine, since the four-roller bending machine is very easy to be operated.

3. The 4 roller plate bending machine will be good choice for the customer who want to have high precision and improve the products quality

4. The 4 roller plate bending machine will be good choice for the boss who wants to use only one operator to save labor cost

5. If the steel plate is in the large size or the customer request high throughput or for the sake of safety, the customer needs handling device, feeding table and top & side support device, the four-roller machine will be good choice.

6. The four-roller plate bending machine will be good choice for the boss who wants to use CNC control and so on.  

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