CNC drilling and milling machine

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Drilling capacity(max.)Ø35mm
Milling capacity end mill cutter(max.)Ø20mm
Milling capacity cutter head(max.)Ø60mm
Repeating accuracy0.03mm
Positioning accuracy0.05mm
Spindle taperMT4
Spindle speed60-1160rpm
Spindle speed steps6
Distance spindle-column290mm
Z-axis travel480mm
Rate of feed/Torque motor Z-axis0-5000mm/min
Column diameterSquare Column
Table (L×W)800×240mm
Table load80kg
Z-axis travel of table/
Y-axis travel220mm
Rate of feed/Torque motor Y-axis0-5000mm/min
X-axis travel450mm
Rate of feed/Torque motor X-axis0-5000mm/min
Distance spindle-cross table(max.)560mm
Motor coolant pump40W
Overall dimension (L×W×H)1228×1115×2150mm
Packing size (L×W×H)1390×1270×2060mm
Shelf and cover packing (L×W×H)/

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Q:What does crawler drill mean?
But the drilling of the hydraulic components of the manufacturing process is more complex, the use of maintenance requirements are relatively high.
Q:What are the tools needed for the baseboard installation, there are hammers, drilling machines and what
And finished PVC, then you need to drill and fixed code
Q:Qianghua CNC drilling machine length detection, can not be measured how the matter
Check the drill is the correct size
Q:Casting pile drilling machine on both sides of the bearing capacity is not enough how to deal with
Casting pile: Casting pile with the construction without vibration, no squeezing soil, noise filial piety suitable for use in urban buildings and other advantages, in the construction of a more widely used.
Q:What is the difference between the instructions of the PCB drilling machine and the instructions of the CNC?
Such as a data transfer instruction, an arithmetic operation instruction, a bit operation instruction, a program flow control instruction, a string operation instruction, and a processor control instruction.
Q:What is the drilling machine hole
The head of the drill bit is sharp, in the actual drilling process, because the drill bit has just begun to be affected by the workpiece force is very large, prone to offset, resulting in drilling hole error is large, less than the design requirements tolerance range requirements.
Q:Which CNC CNC drilling machine brand is CNC84 system?
KJ series of PCB drilling machine designed for batch processing precision PCB board design, configuration, including lightweight aluminum composite table, granite bed, high precision ball screw, high precision drilling spindle and human operating environment,
Q:PCB drilling machine how much money
If it is to produce low-level board, it is recommended to use Dongtai, Ende, a large number of such machines, the price is slightly lower, about 100 million.
Q:How to use a drilling machine
There are Hitachi, Han, a large number of East Taiwan, excellentone, century, shmoll and so on.
Q:Circuit board drilling machine
(The hole is called VIA, the meaning of the hole.) Drilling machine is generally a special program to control, and with the computer binding, so that drilling can be automated.

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