CNC boring and milling machine Modle:TX25

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There is only one processing step in this case, which is milling groove of deep well pump cylinder. TX32 cnc mini milling machine has been in the market for over 15 years and due to its outstanding performance, flexible configuration and affordable price, it has been widely used and well received by its every user.……


Model NO.TX25S
Working table(L*W) (mm)700×260
Max load on table(kg)100
T-slot(slot numbers *slot width *slot pitch) (mm)3*14*63
X,Y,Z axis travel (mm)400×260×260
Spindle nose to worktable (mm)120-380
Spindle centerline to column (mm)260
Spindle TaperMT4
Spindle Speed (rpm)150-3000/300-6000
Spindle motor power (kw)1.5kw variable-frequency motor
Max spindle torque (N.m)10/20
Ball screw typesφ25xP10 ball screw
mini display unit (mm)0.01/0.001
axis rapid feeding speed (m/min)6
axis repeatability positioning accuracy (mm)0.01
axis pulse equivalent/pace(mm)0.01
Max drilling diameter (mm)Φ20
max diameter for milling cutter (mm)Φ20
Max boring diameter (mm)Φ100
max feeding forces (N.m)5000
overall dimension (mm)1300*1500*1850
Packing (l*W*H) (mm)1750*1750*1950
net weight (kg)1600

Main machine configuration1.Mini cnc milling machine Control system: GSK 980MD controller, composite stepping motor,3 axis machining.
2.variable frequency for spindle speed adjustment,1.5kw spindle motor,100-3000 rpm spindle.
3.pneumatic cylinder for tool unclamp;
4.stepping belt for spindle transmission;
5.worktable shield
6.2510 ball screws;
7.D grade spindle bearing;
8.separate cooling pumps;
9.manual lubrication

ZX25S is the smallest specification CNC milling machine of DATAN,it has once after three times remodel,the original zx25s is work table type milling machine ,the size is very small with larger bench drillwant to be ,only suitable for processing of small cutting force ,the second modification is bed type CNC milling machine with current shape considerable ,the old model in form of spindle shaft ,through v-belt transmission without configured weight block structure ,it’s transmission efficiency is low,easy to slip in case of large cutting force,when the spindle shaft in the up and down movement is also easy to scratch ,the structure design is extended in the old machine tools. 

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