CNBM Wooden materials Suspended beds CMAX-11

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CNBM Wooden materials Suspended beds CMAX-03

antique french wooden bed with exquisite carving.

1.Material:100%solid wood

2.Size: Bed:240*213*172  Chest:83*48*82

antique french wooden bed

1.Painted in eco-friendly water base paint

2.We have many other designs and colors for your choice

3.Packing: with PE Foam or bubble bag  and outside brown 2-layor carboard or carton

4.Qty per carton:1pc

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The types of products:                                                                                                                          .

 Antique furniture combined with different materials such as wood, metal, rattan, bamboo , glass,

etc and beautiful carvings

The Characters of Our Products:          

 Different from machinery production, our products are with unique shape and irregular color, all

these are the unique feature of hand-made                                                                                                    .

We own best designers, experienced wokers and master of carvings to design and produce

what you want. Antique Imitation:shows some scratches,edge wear and paint flaking.

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Q:Can children share a bed?
Human beings have shared beds since before we had beds, you know. You don't think we all huddled freezing and alone in separate parts of our caves, right? In fact, separate beds for families are a very new invention. Siblings sharing a bed will have no bed effects on the children, all other things being equal. It will provide security and comradarie. We did it for a few years, and it was very nice. At 10, our oldest asked for his own bed and we got it for him. (My dad grew up very very poor and shared a bed made of coats on a spring with ten siblings. ) It's so funny to read all these people stating kids must sleep alone to be healthy, or they'll never want to sleep alone. As I look around at adults, most of whom did grow up with cribs and forced night time aloneness, and I see lots of sleeping pill use and bed hopping and the 'i don't like to sleep alone' song running through everyone's minds... Meet kids' needs when they're young and they will actually become independent when they are older. Force them to act independent before they are ready, and you get a lifetime of insecurity, and, well, acting.
Q:eating fruit before bed?
Eating Fruit Before Bed
Q:bed bug bites?!?! please help me out!?
The thing to do is NOT to make your bed! It seems the bed bugs live because we are all told to 'Make your bed' and so when we get out of our nice warm beds, by making the bed we leave the warmth behind us and the bed bugs stay nice and warm and happy. So throw the covers back and expose the bed to less warmth and all will be well. My Nephew told his Nana when she screamed 'Have you made your bed?' he replied 'No Nana, it is unhealthy to make the bed until I am ready to go into it!'
Q:Best dogs beds?
best dog bed is an old blanket or duvet that you as its owner have used that way the dog if left in the house any length of time will not feel that you are not coming back. may sound corny but try it
Q:What is the length and width of the 2 meter mattress?
1.8*2.0 meter bed refers to this bed. It can lay down 1.8*2.0 meter mattress. The inside size of this bed is 1.8*2.0 meters.The outside size will be different from the different styles, styles, and materials made of different beds, because these beds, their bedside, side of the bed, the size of the end of the bed will be different.
Q:Which brand is better for combination furniture?
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Q:I want to change mattress, but change mattress, still have to change bedstead, how troublesome!
Change the mattress, not necessarily change the bedstead, oh, you can measure your bed length and width, and then according to the proportion to buy mattress, usually 1.5 meters, 1.8 meters, 2 meters
Q:How high is the double bed? The bed head or the bed
The average bed height is about 400 centimeters, the bed surface is 2000*1800 cm 1900*1500 cm, the bed is back, the height is between 1100 and 1200 centimeters to the width between 2200 and 2400 centimeters to between
Q:Where can I find good bedding?
Q:Tanning bed....?
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