CNBM Solar Home System Roof System Capacity-10W-2

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Product Description:

Introduction of Solar Home System


Solar Home System is composed by Solar Panels, Inverters, Charger Controller, Battery, Cable, Mounting Bracket, which is applied to produce electricity for home use.


Solar Home System is quite suitable product in urban area and the place which is short of electricity. Our Small Solar Home System own great benifits compare with other kind electricity resources:


1.    Our solar system is designed for area which cannot connect to electricity. Our solar system’s installation doesn’t need electricity grids which can save economic cost.


2.    Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Electricity generating cost of Solar Home System is much cheaper than diesel engine. Beside low electricity making cost, solar system products also have the features of noiseless, clean energy, environmentally friendly and can access to many different electric appliance.


3.    With the cost of Solar Energy falling down significantly over the last couple of years, it is now cheaper than ever to set up your own renewable energy project at home or business. More and more family can bear the charge of solar products. These products apply to schools, hospitals, public halls and private housing, communication stations, weather station. Also can use as household appliances, lighting, communications equipment, meteorological equipment.


Our company’s main target is to make every family can use cheap solar energy and enjoy the new innovation of modern science and technology.




Working Principle of Solar Home System


The stand alone Solar Home System is an off-grid solar system which uses batteries to store the solar energy. Stand alone solar system solutions design for those who are not able or willing to connect to electricity grid.


However, our on-grid solar home system can be connected to the grid for utilization of grid electricity power. Our solar system can add relative equipment as our customer’s requirement which have the function of switching to city electricity automatically. The solar system can use battery power in priority, if sunshine is not so good or loads consumption is too high which cause battery power insufficient. Then system can switch automatically to grid power supply. Meanwhile, the system can charge the batteries with grid power until batteries are fully charged. Then the solar system will switch back to battery power supply.


CNBM Solar Home System Roof System Capacity-10W-2

CNBM Solar Home System Roof System Capacity-10W-2

CNBM Solar Home System Roof System Capacity-10W-2



Specification of Solar Home System


Names of Modules


Package Specification

Poly-crystalline Silicon Solar Panel

10V/10W  300*250*18MM

Package1 set/box                  Encasement4 sets/ctn                                    Carton Size505*282*338MM                                                   NW3 kg/set                                        GW3.5 kg/set                                                                    

Lead Acid Battery


Control Box

6V/3A/ABS      170*75*185MM

LED Light

2W/6V/12V   2pcs

Light Wire




Solar Panel Line





Product Features of Solar Home System


1.    Off grid solar power system is mainly used for application with relatively-small power consumption, and the areas have no grid network coverage, or grid power is unstable or outage condition.  


2.    It’s composed of solar panels, hybrid solar inverter, battery bank, solar panel mounting racks, and other accessories required fora complete home solar power system.



3.    The battery bank gives a stable power output to the solar inverter which converts DC to AC to power loads, and provides power backup in rainy or cloudy days.


4.    The solar panels generate electricity at daytime and charge the battery bank.


5.    The off grid home solar power system provides grid power bypass in case of battery power shortage when sunshine is not enough.


6.     All the off grid home solar power system configurations are worked out by scientific calculation and design.


Advantage of Our Solar Home System


1 Excellent Performance: Our Solar Home System is composed by Brand Standard Kits with high quality. Our solar system has the advantage of high efficiency and stable operation. We can ensure our product with a long life period.


2. Small Orders Accepted: We can accept small orders as our customer’s trial order.


3. Warehouse: We have warehouse overseas which can bring great convenience to our customer to pick up the products.


Terms and Conditions

1. Trade terms: FOB Shanghai

2. Payment terms: 30% T/T, balanced before shipment/ LC at sight before shipment. Actual Terms can be negotiated for big order.

3. Package: Exported standard package suitable for tough handling and sea transport.

4. Delivery: Goods to be ready within 10~30 days depending on order quantity.

5. Warranty: 10 years for solar panel, 2 years for controller/inverter/battery.




Q: Could you introduce the background of your company?

A: We are a Group corp. with 1GW capacity in China, which is Okorder’s registered VIP Supplier, possess Financial Service from


Q: Required mainly certificates (CE&IEC/TUV/RoHS)?

A: Our products are certificated by CE RoHS, IEC, ISO, TUV, UL etc.


Q: Your main exported market is?

A: Main markets of our products is: South-east Asia, Mid-east, Arica, East Europe and Latin America.


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