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ISO 4427 hdpe pipe
2.Application:water supply





 PE pipe material nontoxic, tasteless,it belongs to green building materials, never scaling, 

 which can effectively improve the water quality. 

2.Corrosion resistance: 

 High resistance to attack from various types of chemicals. No electrochemical corrosion.
3.No Leakage:

 PE pipe is connected in the ways of butt fusion, socket fusion and electrofusion and the

 strength of joint point is higher than tube itself .

4.higher flow capacity:

The Smooth inner wall is easy for pipeline transportation .Under the same condition

delivery capacity can be increased by 30%.

5.Convenient for construction and installation:

PE pipe could be installed in a variety of trenchless ways, so it is very convenient for 

construction and installation.

6.Lower system and maintenance costs:

PE pipe is not only convenient to transport and install, but also  reduce the worker’s 

labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

 50 years under pressure use.

8. Recycled and Environment-friendly


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Q:What is the best way to clean the plastic tubes in a beer brewing kit?
soak them in bleach water, a sink full of water to 1 cap of bleach.
Q:In my sink I found a plastic tube used to inject drugs with a clear liquid inside it- there was a bitten lime?
Who knows what to make of this. If there's no needle, a syringe is useless. There isn't any drug that i can think of where a user injects something and eats a lime, but i have seen people inject tequila or vodka into a lemon or lime, and then eat the fruit. Also, when people are learning to be a medical professional or learning how to inject insulin for diabetes, they might practice injecting a lemon or lime. We have syringes lying around our house from using them to squirt medicine into our cats.
Q:pressure drop through plastic tubing?
Take a look at friction loss table on the Internet. I saw one table that said 1.55 psi per 100 feet, and another that said 3.8. In fire sprinkler work, we use tables derived from the Hazen-Williams formula. I don't have a table that goes that low on flow. A search for Hazen-Williams will get you to the formula. You will want to use the actual ID or the tube. It may be different from the nominal ID. For a roughness factor you could use 140.
Q:can water colors come in tubes?
Yes, I hope I've been of some help. Artist and Designer, U.S.
Q:Why doesn't my gerbil go through the plastic tubes?
Try and place some seeds in them so she sees that their is no danger. And put some things from the first cage into the second one so it smells like something familiar.
Q:Plastic Jar, Tubing, PVC?
Peanut butter comes in a container about that size....
Q:What can soften the glue that sticks the plastic tube?
If the glue is glued to the plastic pipe, it can only be cut off, but you say the white material, such as raw tape, hand dug, you can dig it down.
Q:In the project embedment, the plastic line box and the plastic line pipe connection must use the mother to connect? What norms do you come from?
Plastic pipe bonding must be firm and tight, and in the pipe mouth plug plastic pipe plug, prevent grouting, plug pipe
Q:Are plastic tubes good for my teddy bear hamster?
For the person who said their hamster chews on the bars of it's cage and it's fine, they are wrong. Chewing on those bars can give your hamster brain damage and deformed teeth. See, this is why you should'nt really buy those commercial cages because they're made of cheap plastic that your hamster can ingest and sicken itself with. Do you have a lot of yew toys for your hamster? Chew toys are a neccesitie as hamsters teeth never stop growing, they need to wear them down on something healthy like wood or carrots. Not plastic. I'd recommend either replacing the chewed tubes and buying more chew toys or getting a 20 gallon aquarium for your hamster. People will say there isn't enough ventilation but as long as you get a screen cover it will be fine, trust me.
Q:how long would it take for air inside a plastic tube 3inch by 1inch to go stale?
What do you mean by go stale? Smell bad? Become contaminated with organics from the tube? I would think you would also need to specify what kind of plastic that makes the tube to have a chance to answer this.

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