CNBM Bottle Lubricant Filling Machine

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Product Description:

CNBM Bottle Lubricant Filling Machine

1. Application and performance

CNBM bottle lubricant filling machine is machine-electrical-pneumatic controlled automatic inline filling machine, which meets international mechanical requirement. And it mainly used to fill vegetable oil, edible oil, lubricant, water, cosmetics, shampoo, cream and so on, the material can be high or low viscosity, caustic or not.

2. Features:
    1. The PLC is SIEMENS.
    2. Equipped with imported electrical and pneumatic elements, stable capability.
    3. Photoelectric inspector is from Korea, it has high quality.
    4. Advanced Drip-free filling eliminates spillage. 
    5. Step feeding, main conveyor chooses high efficiency frequency conversion controller. 
    6. Normal or insertion filling to avoid spilling and improve production efficiency.
    7. Friendly intelligent protection control system, once there is something wrong with the machine, it will alarm to ensure production safety.
    8. Data tracking function, you can realize all functions by Touch screen. Exact, convenient and quickly.
    9. As customer’s demand, the machine can be equipped with automatic tidying and feeding capper, automatic capping machine, sensor, aluminum foil sealing machine, marking machine, box opener, box packer and so on.
10 The frame is SS structure, imported intensified PVC pipe, SS or anticorrosion filling nozzle. JATON touch screen, easy operation. Optional closed interlocking device and safety door. High viscosity can use gravity filling and low is pump.

3. Technical parameter:

Head Qtypcs124681012
Filling capacitymlTake 500ml for example
Output★ B/h700-1000900-12001000-16001600-22002200-30003000-40004000-6000
Accuracy %±1%
VoltageVThree-phase, four cables  AC220V 380V ±10%
Power ConsumptionKW0.
Air pressureMPa0.4-0.8MPa
Air consumptionm3/min0.
DimensionmmAs real machine

★ B means bottle

CNBM Bottle Lubricant Filling Machine

CNBM Bottle Lubricant Filling Machine

CNBM Bottle Lubricant Filling Machine

CNBM Bottle Lubricant Filling Machine

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