CNBM 40KG Bitumen Packing Machine Production Line

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CNBM 40KG Bitumen Packing Machine

1.Application and performance

 Coating filling machine is applied to fill coating, paint, ink, lubricant, oil and so on, fine chemical, daily chemical, foodstuff material, pharmacy material, bitumen and so on.

2. Technical Parameters

I. Automatic feeding bag, accelerates conveying speed.

II. Man place bags at the appointed place, manipulator will catch one for one time to put it on the conveyor, then which is conveyed to filling position. When sensor checks bag, the machine will fill bag automatically as the set program. Whole process is very quickly, no waste and pollution. Filled bags are conveyed to next position.

III. Automatic tidying and feeding bag, sealing one by one
    Filled bags are conveyed to tidy Plate packing position, manipulator catches one bag per time and puts it on the plate, after that, automatic conveyor to stacking machine.

IV. Automatic stacker
    After plating, the bag is conveyed to stacking position. Stacking manipulator absorbs the bag and puts it on the pallet, when the stacked bags are up to set value, manipulator takes finished pallet to named place.

V. Components

No.System NameEquipment nameSpecificationQty
1Tidying systemAutomatic bag tidying machineTidying speed: 100-120 bags/h, including SS roller and automatic separating and feeding device1set
2Filling systemAutomatic filling machineDosage weight control, filling precision: ±0.25%  Filling speed: 120-150 bags/h, material: Q235+SUS304Features: high filling precision and speed, but low error.1set
3Feeding systemAutomatic fetching and feeding plate machineComposed of sensor, executive unit and conveyor.Feeding Cap speed: 120-150 bags/h1set
4Plating systemAutomatic plating machineComposed of sensor, orientator, plating unit and conveyor.Capping speed: 120-150 bags/h,1set
5Stacking systemStackerComposed of sensor, orientator, manipulator, conveying system and pallet feeding systemPallet size: 1200×1200×150 mm (can also be customized)1set

CNBM 40KG Bitumen Packing Machine Production Line

CNBM 40KG Bitumen Packing Machine Production Line

CNBM 40KG Bitumen Packing Machine Production Line

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