CNBM 40KG Bitumen Packing Machine Production Line

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CNBM 40KG Bitumen Packing Machine

1.Application and performance

 Coating filling machine is applied to fill coating, paint, ink, lubricant, oil and so on, fine chemical, daily chemical, foodstuff material, pharmacy material, bitumen and so on.

2. Technical Parameters

I. Automatic feeding bag, accelerates conveying speed.

II. Man place bags at the appointed place, manipulator will catch one for one time to put it on the conveyor, then which is conveyed to filling position. When sensor checks bag, the machine will fill bag automatically as the set program. Whole process is very quickly, no waste and pollution. Filled bags are conveyed to next position.

III. Automatic tidying and feeding bag, sealing one by one
    Filled bags are conveyed to tidy Plate packing position, manipulator catches one bag per time and puts it on the plate, after that, automatic conveyor to stacking machine.

IV. Automatic stacker
    After plating, the bag is conveyed to stacking position. Stacking manipulator absorbs the bag and puts it on the pallet, when the stacked bags are up to set value, manipulator takes finished pallet to named place.

V. Components

No.System NameEquipment nameSpecificationQty
1Tidying systemAutomatic bag tidying machineTidying speed: 100-120 bags/h, including SS roller and automatic separating and feeding device1set
2Filling systemAutomatic filling machineDosage weight control, filling precision: ±0.25%  Filling speed: 120-150 bags/h, material: Q235+SUS304Features: high filling precision and speed, but low error.1set
3Feeding systemAutomatic fetching and feeding plate machineComposed of sensor, executive unit and conveyor.Feeding Cap speed: 120-150 bags/h1set
4Plating systemAutomatic plating machineComposed of sensor, orientator, plating unit and conveyor.Capping speed: 120-150 bags/h,1set
5Stacking systemStackerComposed of sensor, orientator, manipulator, conveying system and pallet feeding systemPallet size: 1200×1200×150 mm (can also be customized)1set

CNBM 40KG Bitumen Packing Machine Production Line

CNBM 40KG Bitumen Packing Machine Production Line

CNBM 40KG Bitumen Packing Machine Production Line

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Q:Food packaging process is not standardized, there is no responsibility?
Yes, automatic packing machine. I'm an employee of the automatic packaging machinery company.
Q:The difference between wrapping and bagging is illustrated by the packing method,
A small object, small particle, powder, crystal, liquid, suitable for packing
Q:Bread packing machine Product features
Bread packing machine, also commonly known as pillow type packaging machine. Among them, the suitable packing bread model has CM-320 pillow type packing machine, CM-400 pillow type bread packing machine
Q:Predecessors please point out: what is the future of packaging machinery industry?
Hello, in recent years, Chinese packaging industry, although the annual growth rate ranked in the traditional industry for the first time, but in line with the international market, to accelerate the development of packaging technology, make its development to the economic, efficient, multi-functional direction. According to the development plan of Chinese national economy and to realize well-off life level, this year a few years for the packaging industry, the food industry to provide equipment for 100 billion yuan to 200 billion yuan, 80 billion yuan to 100 billion yuan to provide equipment for the "vegetable basket", this is a good opportunity for development of enterprises. At the same time, I learned from the relevant ministries, "95" period, will invest 10 billion yuan in the packaging industry to support and transform large and medium-sized packaging enterprises.
Q:What is the name of the paper used in packing machine parts and yellow?
Also, according to the use of composite PE or textile cloth, in order to improve the physical strength and tightness.Hope to help you.
Q:Color code positioning of packaging machinery
The use of the printed color packaging materials, photoelectric switch (available on the color electric eye tracking and positioning), through the control system to drive the stepper motor rotation and color according to the distance between the automatic stop, to complete and accurate packaging products logo.
Q:Is there anyone who knows what groups of users of packaging machinery are in general?
If automated packaging, it depends on the factory situation, should not be from the user groups to start. If a small class of cosmetics do, then he will not say to buy a more than ten thousand or hundreds of thousands of automated equipment to pack ah. Automatic packing machine is certainly need a certain amount, a certain basis will be needed, or buy a mechanical automation a month the amount of packaging takes less than one hour, then buy this station automation machinery to do what? So, according to the automatic device, we can not start from the user groups, should be considered from the size of the factory.
Q:What machine does the packing carton machine have?
Packaging equipment including: automatic strapping machine, automatic sealing machine, winding (wrapping) machine, sealing and cutting / shrink machine, vacuum packing machine, automatic strapping machine band and hand tools. Transport equipment mainly include: conveyor belt, roller conveyor, conveyor chain plate, plug-in production line, chain conveyor, conveyor belt etc..
Q:What are the packaging machines that use temperature control watches?
Direct heating sealing machine, blister packing machine, plastic sealing machine, heating pot, oven, toaster and so on
Q:What are the main functions of packaging machinery and equipment?
Sealing and other major operations, and related processes before and after,

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