Cmax TC75 Self-Propelled Crane Telescopic Crawler Crane

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Cmax Self-Propelled Crane Telescopic Crawler Crane 

Telescopic crawler crane is a self-propelled crane. Crawler belt ground contact area is bigger. Traffic ability characteristic and the adaptability are good. It is applicable to the operation site in uneven areas, such as oil field, mining area, construction site, freight depot, wharf and other construction site; especially the low specific pressure area of wetland type area, such as marsh; and desert area that the wheel crane and others can’t work normally. This crane can play its special performance better in the area. The crane is mainly used for hoisting, load and unload, and short distance driving on load of construction machinery. And it also can make the laying into the ditch, docking, installation and repair of pipelines. It can be used in petroleum, chemical, mining, city construction, water conservancy and other large-scale projects. Meanwhile, it can be used as a general hoisting machinery for cargo loading and unloading, hoisting, stacking, equipment installation work, etc.


1. Telescopic boom crawler crane combines the advantages of telescopic boom crane and crawler crane.

2.Advantages over truck crane: high off-road performance,no need of leg support, capability of travelling at load, less operating space,excellent maneuverability, small turning radius.

3. Advantages same as truck crane: telescopic boom,excellent maneuverability and no need of disassembling, no field assembling to save time and labor with high efficiency and convenience.

4. Advantages over crawler crane with truss boom: convenient,no need of disassembling/assembling, easiness for reposition,fewest operating space not restricted by the space.

5. Advantages same as crawler crane with truss boom: low ground pressure and small turning radius, all-weather outdoor operation not restricted by the space.

Size(L W H)mm14.4×3.3×3.39
ATrack basemm5300
BCrawler lengthmm6200
CGround clearance of platformmm1280
DTail swing radiusmm4745
EChassis widthmm3300(4960)
FTrack widthmm760
GMin. ground clearancemm250
HTrack heightmm1005
IOverall lengthmm14400
JOverall heightmm3120
IOverall widthmm3300(4960)
ParametersMax. lifting loadT75
Max. torque of basic    boomkN-m2565
Max. arm force of    full extending boomkN-m1248
Length of basic boomm11.8
Length of full    extending boomm44.2
Max. lifting height    of basic boomm11.2
Max. lifting height    of full extending boomm44.5
Work ParametersBoom rising / Descending times55/85
Boom extending /    Retracting times90/85
Slewing speedrpm1.5
Max. line speedm/min125/110
Traveling speedkm/h1.4/2.1
Total weightT68.3
Ground pressurekPa82
Operation type-Water cooled / Turbol
Full tank capacityL176/2300


Advantage & Application

1.Chinese Cummi.ns intercooled&  turbocharged diesel engine; 

2. Integral torque converter and   gearbox(Germany ZF technology);

3. Driving axle with built-in free-wheel anti-slip differential;

4. Heavy-duty roller chains transmission balance box; 

5.Popular swing-arm connecting rod  operating mechanism;

6. Free-maintenance rolling-disc  rotary device;

7. Double cylinders control the balde  cutting angle;

8.Two sets of imported control valve  (HUSCO Brand);

9. Imported hydraulic balancing valve  for the blade lifting;

10. Steering system:center articulated mechanism and tilting front wheels to achieve crab-style movement;

11. Electro-hydraulic control:  instrumentation monitoring &  maintenance-free valta battery;

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Q:Is the truck crane a special equipment?
related to life safety;the greater the risk;Second, it is to see whether it is in the classification of the equipment.
Q:Why the car crane rotation angle can not be more than 45 degrees
Design, for the maximum lifting weight, limit the angle of rotation around.
Q:What is the difference between a truck crane and a car crane?
Just before the sub-fine, and now is the same!The Lord is going to be an improvement process to form the two names!
Q:What are the truck cranes getting off the system and the car system?
If your system is a hydraulic or electrical system, then it is divided by the center of the rotating cylinder, and slewing support similar
Q:What is the weight of a truck crane?
Because 12 tons of truck cranes are small tonnage, is a fixed weight (that is installed in the turntable behind the counterweight), there is no activity counterweight (need another car pull, work on the fixed weight on the.) So 12 tons
Q:What is the difference between a truck crane and a truck crane?
Car cranes can only be a separate hoisting, in addition to crane can be hoisting, but also to the transport of goods, so that a dual-use vehicles.
Q:What are the performance test standards for truck cranes?
(2) the basic parameters of the truck crane should be consistent with jb / t1375-2010 "truck crane and tire crane basic parameters" requirement.
Q:What is the basic structure of a car crane?
Due to the development of hydraulic technology, electronics industry, high strength steel and automobile industry, the development of automobile cranes has been promoted.
Q:What are the main categories of mobile cranes?
Compared with the first two cranes, in addition to walking part of the track with tires, the rest of the working principle of the same.
Q:What are the characteristics of the development of car cranes abroad?
Crane distance detection device, the use of radio signal type anti-collision device, collision system consists of three-phase system, used to monitor the distance from the front of the crane, usually first issued a signal warning, then the car speed reduced to 50%

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