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Square Type IBC is made of high - tensile corrugated paperboard,collapsible and easy to operate. It is the ideal substitute of traditional paper drum, wooden drum and steel drum. 

4E advantages


Robust, durable, can bear weight up to 4000kg.Though nearly a million times vibration test by automobile transportation, square type IBC is in perfect condition, without any damage.


Operation is simple, only takes 30 seconds to install, and 5 minutes to fill in the liquid and finish packing with pallet.


u The specially designed cam lock male valve with anti-suction pad allows efficient discharging without human labor with small volume cargo residue.


24-hour Global Service  

u Offer services including container preparation, flexitank fitting, cargo loading supervision, inland and maritime transportation, flexitank             discharging, disposal and recycling via global network covering 5 continentals, 80 main ports via CMAX offices and 36 agents around the globe. 

u 24-hour public service line offers instant communication and action upon request around the world. 



u All polyethylene, polypropylene, steel materials used are fully recyclable, all are environmental friendly.



u Compared to ISO Tank, no cleaning cost, no returning cost. 

u Load 30% more than with drums per 20ft container 

u Save 50%+ package positioning cost than with drums per 20ft container




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Q:Brief introduction of container liquid bag
The maximum capacity of up to 24000 liters of bottled is about 35% higher than the container freight to calculate, tank, special container freight pay only one-way freight, no empty container return freight and cleaning cost, and can effectively avoid the cross contamination of goods reduces handling, packaging and materials management etc. the cost of compliance with environmental and food packaging requirements the product of raw materials, no pollution, suitable for ocean transportation, railway transportation and other modes of transport on the environment.
Q:How do container liquid bags operate? Is the shipment safe?
The liquid bag is used to transport liquid goods more conveniently.Generally now import red wine, export soybean oil and other liquids.
Q:How long will it take before the container is changed? The box? Which department manages the container terminal?
The conventional 20 TEU 40 TEUs respectively is 1.7T and 3.4T. The container belongs to each ship company, not to the quay. The port office is in charge of coordination when it is piled up at the dock.
Q:What about liquid bag container shipping?
135--434--57110 first of all, it is a one-time use, used in the future can be discarded, don't need the extra room to store the liquid bag and cleaned it no overdue fees and other costs, you can save a lot of money. In addition, the advantages of disposable use are sanitation and environmental protection. Every time they use a brand new liquid bag, it can avoid the pollution of the goods.
Q:What is the container fluid bag? What's the use of it?
It has been widely used in various fields such as chemical industry, petroleum, food, feed, agricultural products and so on. The tank, can replace the expensive in non hazardous liquid transportation on drums and other traditional packaging. All container companies are available.
Q:What kind of general chemicals can be packed in container bag?
Chemical productsPlasticizer, synthetic resin, cleaning agents, disinfectants, surfactants, polyols, feed additives, Portland, saline water, propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, polyether, alkylating agents, herbicides, fertilizers, natural rubber, synthetic latex [1]But to remind you that if you have to use the railway, you must obtain the dangerous goods inspection report and loading plan of the railway bureau.
Q:What brand of container liquid bag is good? How to lead the liquid bag?
Function: the produced liquid bag converts the standard container of 20 feet to a transport container capable of carrying 24000 of the bulk liquid. The structure is simple and the installation is fast. Only 2~3 people can complete the loading preparation within 20 minutes;Value: inexpensive, and can be folded in the empty bag distribution to reduce transport charges, folding volume is only one cubic meter, after unloading without return.
Q:Is it really safe to change containers to liquid containers?
Then pick the box without breakage and burrs. It must be sunny during the day. It's better to go there at noon and close the box door. A little bit of burr and breakage can't be left off.
Q:How is the container liquid bag unloading process carried out?
Is to open the liquid bag top and safe, and will transport pipeline joint and liquid bag valve connection and buckle, and then check whether it is safe and stable. Thus, the information of the container liquid bag is ensured to have good safety effect. Then, we must fix the hose with the external connection, so that we can work efficiently and effectively correct our ability. The fourth is to begin unloading the cargo until the discharge is completed and the whole must be guarded.
Q:On the problem of unloading container liquid bags
When the liquid bag is packed, there must be some padding material at the bottom. There will be a layer of anti friction material on the lining material. You can try out these two layers.

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