CMAX Plastic Pipe Shredder Unit For PE/PP/PVC

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plastic pipe recycled bottle shredder unit

CMAX Plastic Pipe Shredder Unit For PE/PP/PVC

CMAX Plastic Pipe Shredder Unit For PE/PP/PVC

CMAX Plastic Pipe Shredder Unit For PE/PP/PVC


XIECHENG 30HP/22KW Crusher for Plastic Industry   

1. Suitable for recycle of plastic casing, thin tube plastics, injection and mould sector, bottle plastics and shell plastics;


2. cmax series are easy to operate and simple to replace cutters. Spacious flat blade is suitable to granulate bulky and thin plastics, increases efficiency; installed with electrical safety devices; double wall hopper with sound-proof material. Motor is equipped with overload protector, and power protection devices. Safety and environmental protection, low electricity consumption and durable. Stainless steel hopper for all models is available.


plastic pipe crusher,large diameter plastic pipe crusher,plastic pipe crusher shredder machine



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CMAX Plastic Pipe Shredder Unit For PE/PP/PVC

CMAX Plastic Pipe Shredder Unit For PE/PP/PVC

                                           CMAX Plastic Pipe Shredder Unit For PE/PP/PVC


CMAX Plastic Pipe Shredder Unit For PE/PP/PVC


CMAX Plastic Pipe Shredder Unit For PE/PP/PVC

CMAX Plastic Pipe Shredder Unit For PE/PP/PVC


Technical parameter:


Feed dia.(MM)

Rotor blade swing diameter(MM)

rotor speed

Drive  power

Max shredable pipe

Mechanical pusher power



































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Q:What are plastic particles? What's the use?
Hardened than polyethylene. Mainly used for pots, barrels, furniture, thin film, woven bag, packing belt, bottle?, bumper. PE recycled plastics: Polyethylene (PE) - no coloring milky white translucent, waxy; touch smooth feeling, soft and tough, slightly can pull long. Low density polyethylene is relatively soft, good transparency, high density polyethylene hard. Mainly used for plastic film, bag, water pipe, oil PS is a polystyrene plastic, easy coloring, good transparency, and more for the production of shades, toothbrush handles, toys, electrical parts and components. It is resistant to acid corrosion, but soluble in chloroform, two chlorine ethylene, bananas, water and other organic solvents. PVC is a PVC, bright color, corrosion resistant and durable. Due to an increase in the manufacturing process of plasticizer, anti aging agent and other toxic and auxiliary materials, so its products Foods and drugs are not stored. ABS is made from acrylonitrile and butadiene
Q:What kind of material is used for plastic hairpin?
The hairpin is usually made of modified or nylon plastic.See if you're satisfied
Q:Plastic crusher does not eat what is the reason?
You have to tell people what you're crushing, for example
Q:Which industries will buy crushers?
Plastic crusher, as the name suggests, is broken plastic material crusher. In the injection molding machine or granulator production of raw materials and produce defective products and feed intake, can timely input machine side plastic crusher, after crushing and grinding of OK, keep clean and dry, in the "two proportional valve" proportionate conditions, raw materials and water crushing mixing, molding, manufacturing good products, recycling.
Q:Plastic crusher blade easily broken, because what?
Third, heat treatment of hardness control, and proper tempering treatment.
Q:What's the difference between a domestic crusher and another crusher?
(2) the characteristics of the tire type mobile crushing station:The tire type mobile crushing station is a new product which is convenient for building waste to be broken down in accordance with the domestic market. The combination of flexible, adaptable: all kinds of crusher station with a variety of configurations, the user can according to their needs choice configuration, according to the requirements of the crushing process composed of different "first crushed sieve", but also the composition of the first screen after the broken process, crushing and screening can also be used alone. The crushing station can be divided into two sections of crushing and screening system according to actual demands, which can be combined into three sections of coarse, medium and fine crushing and screening system.
Q:What are the key words in plastic machinery?
Waste foam machine, waste froth recovery machine, regeneration foam processing machine, regeneration foam granule machine, regeneration foam granule machine, foam regeneration granule machineFoam recycling granulator, foam recycling machine, plastic recycling granulator, plastic recycling machine, plastic recycling extruder, plastic recycling equipmentPlastic producing machinery, large plastic crusher, waste plastics crusher, plastic processing crusher, plastic recycling crusher, recycled plastic crusher,Recycled plastic processing crusher, plastic crushing machine, recycled plastic crusher, waste plastics crusher, plastic recycling crusher, PET plastic processing machine
Q:How do plastic particles agglomerate?
There are special crushers now, but I know the crusher is used in traffic, road construction, cement, lime and so on. It should be used for plastics
Q:How much does it cost to process a ton of plastic bottles?
An overview of waste mineral water bottle is a polyester plastic products currently on the market, there is no feasible method for recycling, but the crushing, washing, drying after processing into pieces of plastic, it is an important raw material for spinning, the current market price per ton up to 7000 yuan. In Shandong, some of the waste plastics market, the supply of such products in short supply, some rely on recycling processing of such plastic production households, annual income of up to 20-30 yuan. Because this kind of plastic products have four seasons, and the production is simple and convenient, so the market is very broad, suitable for investment and production throughout the country, there are generally 100 square meters of open space. Two, the configuration of the equipment and is mainly composed of 45 types of plastic crusher (with 1.5 kW motor, the yield of 400 kg / hour), washing machine (7.5 kW motor), feeding machine (4 kW motor), washing machine (3 kW motor), dryer (7.5 kW motor, yield 4000 kg / when the small five institutions)
Q:What heating machines are better in the recycled plastics factory?
Are you talking about an extruder particle? If I heated it with coal

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