CMAX Output Steel Reinforced Spiral Pipe Extrusion Line

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Packaging Detail:HDPE pipe extrusion line for standard package
Delivery Detail:HDPE pipe extrusion line in 30 working days


HDPE pipe extrusion line 
2.Pipe range: 200-2600mm 
3. Application: Agriculture irrigation


Steel Reinforced Spiral HDPE pipe extrusion line

HDPE pipe extrusion line


HDPE pipe extrusion line for Features

The steel reinforced spiral pipe has a high ring stiffness and good flexibility in axial direction,so that the pipe system has the features of stiffness and flexibility.When the unfavorable situations such as the soil subside unevenly,rise of undergroundwater,the load of the partial ground is too big,earthquake or other disasters happened,the pipe can adapt the situations by flexible deformation,so that the connection point will not leak or broken due to the big stress and deformation.

HDPE pipe extrusion line for  Advantages

1. Waterproof;


2. Able to withstand axial forces initiated by axial moments of the pipe in the ground;


3. Able to withstand radial forces and bending forces;


4. Able to withstand effects of temperature and temperature variations.


5. Have the same thickness of the pipeline insulation layer.


6. Perfect product instead of Heat Shrinkable Sleeve.

HDPE pipe extrusion line for Application

1) The large size HDPE Steel Reinforced Pipe Production Line can produce the pipe for the

     water supply

2) Coal gas, petroleum, nature gas transportation

3) Waste water, waste slurry draining

4) Industrial liquid transportation

5) Agriculture irrigation

HDPE pipe extrusion line for Technical parameters


CMAX Output Steel Reinforced Spiral Pipe Extrusion Line




HDPE pipe extrusion line for Shipping


CMAX Output Steel Reinforced Spiral Pipe Extrusion Line




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Q:Our factory has a continental 590 control DC motor used in extrusion machine,
You can adjust the proportional gain, and if you don't move, the parameter has this problem, you should check to see if you really lost the pulse
Q:I have a twin screw extruder. It used to be a pinch plate.
If you want to change, it is best to find the original purchase of equipment manufacturers, so that they change for you.
Q:Basic parameters of extruder screw
1, screw diameter Ds screw diameter is the diameter of the thread, the extruder production capacity (extrusion amount) is approximately proportional to the square of the diameter of the screw and, under the same other conditions, the screw diameter increases a little, significant increase will cause extrusion amount, the effect was even greater than the effect of the increase of screw speed on the extrusion rate is high. Therefore, the screw diameter is used to characterize the specifications of the extruder.
Q:Why will the extruder frequency shift stop?
Because the frequency converter is out of order, you can look at the fault record parameters of the inverter.
Q:What is the waste gas produced by the extruder, granulator and mixer?
Do you want water spray, dry filter, carbon adsorption, fan, and discharge? Will that be better, thank you?Chasing the answerIf the exhaust gas contains acid and alkali waste gas (slightly acid base acceptable), there is no need to water spray, the main role of water spray is used to neutralize the acid and alkali containing exhaust gas. The exhaust gas is dry organic waste gas, only dry filter, activated carbon adsorption odor can be discharged.
Q:Which converter is suitable for extrusion machine 5
They can see it moving.God doesn't need itSometimes you hear, fifth hand material,Cool sounds in the swirling smokeCoagulation together, I have left their land,Yesterday was a similar experience, ha ha
Q:What impact does the extruder vacuum pump open or close on the extrusion product?
If the vacuum pump is opened, the air in the extruded product will be removed and the product material will be more closely packed.
Q:Does anyone know the operating procedures for the cable 65+120 extruder?
What are the operating specifications for the extruder?One is the equipment instructionTwo is the boot operation specificationsThree is safety instructions and so onThe equipment manufacturer will provide the above
Q:Wire and cable extrusion machine extrusion die how to quickly adjust the core degree, how can I touch it by hand?,
See section - cross section. Setting adjustment with RPC
Q:What are the two types of extrusion?
Extrusion? The extruder. The extruder is divided into single screw extruder and twin screw extruder, and the twin screw extruder is divided into two parts: flat, double and cone.

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