CLW5020ZLJ4 dump garbage truck,good quality

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Vehicle Name:Dump garbage truckVehicle Category:Special Purpose Vehicle
Chinese Brand:Cheng LiweiEnglish brand :
Notice batch :247Exemption:No
EngineEngine ManufacturerDisplacement (ml)Power (kw)
LJ465Q-2AE6Liuzhou Wuling Liu Power Co., Ltd105045
Engine brand :Fuel type:Gasoline (mm)
Dimensions:4350,4120 × 1640 × 1900 (mm)Compartment Size :× × (mm)
The total mass :2300 (Kg)Payload:0
Curb weight:1670 (Kg)Rated Quality:500 (Kg)
Quality Trailer :(kg)Semitrailer saddle :
Rated capacity :( People )Cab seats :( People )
Approach / departure angle :36/ 34 ()Front / rear overhang :540/1265, 540/1035 (mm)
Axle load:970 / 1330Wheelbase:2545 (mm)
Number of axes:2Maximum speed:90 (km / h)
Fuel consumption:6.9Spring:- / 6
Number of tires :4Tire Size:165/70R14
Front track:1440Rear track:1420
Brake Front:After braking :
Built before the parade :After operating system :
Steering Type :Steering wheelStarting method:
Chassis Emission standard:GB18352.3-2005 National
Transmission Type:According to the standard :
Vin Vehicle Identification Number:LGDKD21B × × × × × × × × ×
Logo Enterprises :Changzhou Hua R Sheng Reflective Material Co., Ltd. , Changzhou Huawei Reflective Material Co., Ltd.Release date:20130410
Vehicle Notes :Top compartment closed, not open , unloading direction : rear dump . Rear overhang (mm): 1265,1035 and vehicle length (mm): 4350,4120 correspondence.
DFA1021FJ12QA chassis parameters
Jun wind light truck chassis | Jun Winds DFA1021FJ12QA light truck chassisSpecification
Company Name :Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.
Chassis Type:DFA1021FJ12QAChassis Category:II
Product Name:Light-duty truck chassisProduct Brand:Jun Winds
Zip Code:441004Catalog number :3
Specifications:Length: 3885 Width: 1640 Height: 1840
Fuel Type:GasolineAccording to the standard :GB18352.3-2005 National
Steering Type :Steering wheel
Number of axes:2Wheelbase:2545
Spring:- / 6Number of tires :4
Tire Size:165/70R14Tread :Front track 1440 Rear track 1420
The total mass :2300
Curb weight:810Quality Trailer :
Semitrailer saddle :Front passenger :2
Close to the departure angle:36/34Rear suspension :540/ 800
Maximum speed:90
Jun wind light truck chassis | Jun Winds DFA1021FJ12QA light truck chassisEngine Specification
Engine ModelEngine ManufacturerDisplacement (ML)Power (ML)
LJ465Q-2AE6Liuzhou Wuling Liu Power Co., Ltd1050
Identification code :LGDKD21B × × × × × × × × ×

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