Clutch Bearing-31230-71030

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Specification of Brazing Aluminum Air Conditioning Heater:


OE number:16400-OQ020/0Q010


Packaging: Neutral Box / Box as per wanting design
Delivery: 30days

More Applications of UnBrazing Aluminum Air Conditioning Heater:


168*187*16MTPPBUILK/EXELLE 200
220*131*26MTPPHILUX 200-LN.RN149
160*213*18MTPPNISSAN SSUNNY 200- N16


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Q:Engine cooling system composition and working principle?
An engine is a machine capable of converting other forms into mechanical energy, including engines such as internal combustion engines (gasoline engines, etc.), external combustion engines (Stirling engines, steam engines, etc.), motors, and the like. Such as internal combustion engine is usually the chemical energy into mechanical energy. The engine is suitable for both the power generating device and the entire machine including the power unit (eg gasoline engine, aero engine). The engine was first born in the UK, so the concept of the engine is also derived from English, its original meaning refers to the kind of "power of the mechanical device."
Q:What is the reason for poor car cooling system?
Poor cooling system can cause vehicle engine failure. People on the car engine maintenance, with particular emphasis on the lubrication system, little attention to the cooling system. The most common faults in automobile engines, such as piston cylinders, knocking, cylinder block leaks, serious noise generated, accelerated power drop, etc., are due to abnormal engine operating temperature, excessive pressure, poor cooling system And cause. Poor cooling system conditions will directly lead to the engine can not work in the normal temperature, followed by the above will produce serious failure phenomenon.
Q:How long will the cooling system in the car care be maintained?
In areas where the climate is relatively mild, the coolant should be replaced every year and the car cooling system should be flushed once.
Q:The purpose of the vehicle to pressurize the cooling system
When the coolant temperature below 80 ℃, the paraffin into a solid, the spring will be pressed on the valve seat, the valve closed, the coolant from the bypass flow into the air conditioning radiator inlet pipe into the radiator, that is, small cycle, The cooling intensity is small. When the temperature of the coolant is higher than 80 ° C, the paraffin wax melts into liquid and its volume expands, forcing the rubber sleeve to shrink, the upper end of the counteracter rod can not move up due to fixation, the rubber sleeve moves the shell against the elasticity of the spring, Valves, most of the coolant can enter the radiator along the radiator into the radiator for a large cycle, a small part of the coolant is still a small cycle, cooling system cooling strength increases
Q:What is the advantage of car water cooling?
the cooling effect of the water-cooled system is better (the specific heat capacity of the water is larger and the heat is more likely to be taken away.)
Q:What is the effect of the cooling system?
The role of the cooling system is mainly to keep the environment, working body, working medium in normal or comfortable operating temperature
Q:Computer host cooling system which is good
Water is cold.
Q:Car turbocharger has a cooling system called what
Separate coolant circulation pump
Q:How long to clean the engine cooling system
Expert advice: At present, the engine cooling system, although most of the use of antifreeze, rust and descaling capacity of the antifreeze, but after a long period of use, due to chemical changes between substances, the performance of non-frozen liquid will gradually decline , The cooling system after a long period of use will appear in these three cases: First, the coolant salt in the system wall deposition to form a large number of scale, thus affecting the cooling system cooling capacity, resulting in water tank boil, the engine overheating, Power consumption and fuel consumption increased, etc. Second, the coolant and metal electrolysis and chemical reactions, so that the metal surface corrosion, the phenomenon of "cavitation", resulting in crankshaft, piston and piston ring early wear; When the coolant contains silicate, when the coolant temperature from high to low changes, the silicate will produce "differentiation" phenomenon, in the coolant to form a moss of the stripes, reducing the cooling fluid flow rate , The cooling function of the cooling system is reduced.
Q:What is the working principle of a car cooling system?
In fact, the cooling system in addition to the cooling effect of the engine, there are "insulation" role, because "too cold" or "overheating", will affect the normal work of the engine. This process is mainly through the thermostat to achieve the engine cooling system "size cycle" switch. What is the size of the cooling system cycle? It can be simply understood that the small circulation of the coolant is not through the radiator, while the large circulation of the coolant is through the radiator.

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