Clutch Bearing-31230-71030

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Specification of Brazing Aluminum Air Conditioning Heater:


OE number:16400-OQ020/0Q010


Packaging: Neutral Box / Box as per wanting design
Delivery: 30days

More Applications of UnBrazing Aluminum Air Conditioning Heater:


168*187*16MTPPBUILK/EXELLE 200
220*131*26MTPPHILUX 200-LN.RN149
160*213*18MTPPNISSAN SSUNNY 200- N16


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Q:Car turbocharger has a cooling system called what
Is the intercooler! There are three kinds of supercharger cooling system, air-cooled, oil-cooled, water-cooled.
Q:The purpose of the vehicle to pressurize the cooling system
When the coolant temperature below 80 ℃, the paraffin into a solid, the spring will be pressed on the valve seat, the valve closed, the coolant from the bypass flow into the air conditioning radiator inlet pipe into the radiator, that is, small cycle, The cooling intensity is small. When the temperature of the coolant is higher than 80 ° C, the paraffin wax melts into liquid and its volume expands, forcing the rubber sleeve to shrink, the upper end of the counteracter rod can not move up due to fixation, the rubber sleeve moves the shell against the elasticity of the spring, Valves, most of the coolant can enter the radiator along the radiator into the radiator for a large cycle, a small part of the coolant is still a small cycle, cooling system cooling strength increases
Q:Frequently Asked Questions about Automotive Cooling Systems
the engine overheating. Bubbles: antifreeze in the air in the pump stirred under a lot of foam, will hinder the water jacket wall heat. Scale: calcium and magnesium ions in the water after a certain high temperature will slowly form scale, so that greatly reduced cooling capacity. But also make the waterways and pipelines partially blocked, antifreeze can not flow normally. Hazard: the engine parts by thermal expansion, damage the normal with the gap, affecting the cylinder inflatable, power down, reduce the oil lubrication effect
Q:Classification of cooling systems
Cooling system in accordance with the different cooling medium can be divided into air-cooled and water-cooled. If the high-temperature parts of the engine heat directly into the atmosphere and the cooling device called air-cooled system. And the heat first passed to the cooling water, and then into the atmosphere and the cooling device called water cooling system. As the water cooling system cooling evenly, the effect is good, and the engine running noise is small, the current widely used motor vehicle water cooling system.
Q:What is the reason for poor car cooling system?
fuel consumption increased
Q:What is the cooling system for motorcycles?
Cooling system in different types of motorcycles are not the same, the natural air-cooled car (the most common street ride and curved beam car), conducive to driving the wind blowing in the face of the wind, its cooling system is the most simple, Its only on the engine cylinder and cylinder head surface heat sink. The oil-cooled system includes the outside of the oil radiator (like a water-cooled tank installed in front of the engine), tubing and oil pump, the higher temperature of the oil will help the external radiator cooling and then back to the engine cycle lubrication, cold That is better than the air cooler. Water cooling effect is the best, but the structure is also the most complex, cost is also high, and more for large displacement high-grade models, it has a dedicated cold water tank, water pipes, pumps, fans, temperature switches, Cylinder head and so have to open a sink to meet the cooling fluid circulation cooling requirements.
Q:What is the advantage of car water cooling?
the cooling effect of the water-cooled system is better (the specific heat capacity of the water is larger and the heat is more likely to be taken away.)
Q:What is the role of the engine cooling system?
The problem is very complicated, but the answer is very simple. The engine is divided into oil, circuit, cooling system. The main function of the cooling system is to heat the engine. But the oil also has the role of heat. The engine has a sink, circulation, water tank, cooling fan. And a spare kettle. Loop is the tank to the engine ah, and then come back. The pump is an individual and has a fan. If the pump is broken need to be replaced, put the bad removed to replace the new on the line, but to adjust the size of the generator to Panasonic belt, and tighten the belt. The performance of the thermostat can be removed when the hot water with hot water, if you can bounce is normal, and vice versa is bad. When the replacement of water or coolant when the water tank under the drain valve to open, run the coolant after the discharge valve installed, the introduction of new coolant. After filling the car to cool the liquid circulation, Tim enough coolant, cover the water tank cover, fill the spare kettle can be. The reason for the high temperature of the engine is 1, lack of coolant. 2, the cycle is not good. 3, the cooling fan does not work. 4, too much scale in the tank. 5, the speed is too slow.
Q:What is the working principle of a car cooling system?
The cooling system is part of the heat of the hot parts in a timely manner to send out to ensure that the engine in the most appropriate temperature conditions. Engine cooling with water cooling and air cooling in two ways, and now the general car engines are water-cooled. Engine water cooling system is mainly composed of water pump, radiator, cooling fan, compensation water tank, thermostat, engine body, cylinder head water jacket and other components.
Q:Samsung TV show check the cooling system, how to solve, thank you
It may be that the heating temperature is high or the temperature sensor is faulty. Can try their own ideas to try to cool down,

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