Clutch Bearing-31230-71030

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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30Pcs pc
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50,000Pcs Per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Specification of Brazing Aluminum Air Conditioning Heater:


OE number:16400-OQ020/0Q010


Packaging: Neutral Box / Box as per wanting design
Delivery: 30days

More Applications of UnBrazing Aluminum Air Conditioning Heater:


168*187*16MTPPBUILK/EXELLE 200
220*131*26MTPPHILUX 200-LN.RN149
160*213*18MTPPNISSAN SSUNNY 200- N16


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Q:Engine cooling system
The function of the cooling system is to make the engine under any conditions have been moderate cooling, so as to maintain the appropriate temperature (coolant temperature) to work
Q:Samsung TV show check the cooling system, how to solve, thank you
It may be that the heating temperature is high or the temperature sensor is faulty. Can try their own ideas to try to cool down,
Q:How should the car cooling system be maintained?
Fan belt tightness check and adjust: fan belt tightness is too small, not only affect the cooling air volume and the engine load increases, and due to slip and accelerated belt wear. If the belt tightness is too large, will accelerate the pump bearings, generator bearing wear. Therefore, in use should check the belt tightness, if necessary, should be adjusted. If it does not meet the requirements, you can change the position of the generator and adjust the arm to adjust.
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Small cycle refers to the water from the pump to the engine inside the cycle, the big cycle is through the tank engine cycle
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fuel consumption increased
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In harsh areas of the climate, the coolant should be replaced every year and the car cooling system should be flushed twice. Once at the beginning of summer, once at the beginning of winter.
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Cooling system in accordance with the different cooling medium can be divided into air-cooled and water-cooled. If the high-temperature parts of the engine heat directly into the atmosphere and the cooling device called air-cooled system. And the heat first passed to the cooling water, and then into the atmosphere and the cooling device called water cooling system. As the water cooling system cooling evenly, the effect is good, and the engine running noise is small, the current widely used motor vehicle water cooling system.
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Consumer reminder: When the car driving a certain mileage, should be combined with the maintenance of the cooling system to remove the scale of a
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In fact, the cooling system in addition to the cooling effect of the engine, there are "insulation" role, because "too cold" or "overheating", will affect the normal work of the engine. This process is mainly through the thermostat to achieve the engine cooling system "size cycle" switch. What is the size of the cooling system cycle? It can be simply understood that the small circulation of the coolant is not through the radiator, while the large circulation of the coolant is through the radiator.
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corrosion and leakage. Ethylene glycol on the tank has a strong corrosive. And with the anti-liquid preservative failure. On the radiator, water jacket, pumps, piping and other parts of the corrosion.

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