Cloth Embossing Ultrasonic Machine Source, Ultrasonic Embosser Generator

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When the ultrasonic generator (host) input current 220V, 50HZ, generator start to work, then generator rises the current frequency to 20KHZ, means output current of ultrasonic is 20KHZ. The current converts electrical energy into mechanical vibration energy by transducer, then adjusted the amplitude by horn (bottom mold), finally output shock waves of 20KHZ in the horn plane.

Put cloth into flower wheel and shock waves, the convexity of flower wheel withstand shock waves with 20KHZ, which could cut occurs, melting, edge imprint, etc on for cloth or leather. while the concavity of flower wheel don’t withstand pressure, which does not bear the shock wave 20KHZ and not make change of cloth. That is variety of flower-shaped formed by flower wheel.

How it works: nonwoven cloth ultrasonic machine wide frequency tracking technology: If output frequency of transducer does not match frequency of generator, no only the experimental result is affected, the equipment is even damaged when the deviation is larger. Therefore, we used broadband frequency tracking technology, make output generator frequency is always same as transducer frequency, to ensure closure, embossed quality, and greatly extended the life of ultrasonic generator and transducer. High frequency vibration wave transmits to the two or more material welded surface, which make the friction between the surfaces of the material form the fusion molecules under pressure. The advantageous is fast, energy saving, high weld strength, electrical conductivity well, no spark, close to cold working.

Application: lace dress, women's skirt, sportswear, underwear, bras, pajamas nightgown, head flower hair ornaments, flags with flowers, tents, raincoats, napkins, tablecloths, chair covers, napkins, curtains, quilt, masks, protective clothing , jewelry and so on.

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