Cloth Bag For Vacuum Cleaner

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Q:How does the filter bag work?
Mechanical vibration wave sootblower is often used in small single cartridge filter, it is the use of filter plate produced by the eccentric gear on shaking power to clear the ash, this action need downtime after operation.
Q:How to remove the washer filter bag
It's easier to have a plastic filter bag on the side of the cylinder, and you press down the card with a bit of force, and you can get it out.
Q:What is the reason for the strong drop in the broken filter bag of the cement mill dust filter bag
Wear and tear. There are three reasons for the wear of cloth dust filter bags: The distribution of air turbulence is uneven. The distribution of air turbulence results in the area of the filter bag which has a high velocity of dust vapor, which causes the filter bag to wear down and the life expectancy decreases. The gas filtration rate is high. Too high a filter speed can cause a lot of dust, and the fabric fibers of the filter are easily damaged. The filter bag is too small. In the lower part of the filter bag, the abrasion is more common, the wear is more than one side, the lower part is the most serious, the upward gradually reduces, the local sewing thread will be ground broken.
Q:What do you do when the washing machine is connected to a filter bag
Semi-automatic or automatic: What is certain is that the water is not clear. If the laundry is normal, you can ignore it
Q:What about the filtering effect of the lubricating oil filter bag
The lubricating oil filter bag has many advantages such as simple structure, reasonable sealing, strong circulation ability and easy operation. Especially filter bag side leakage probability is small, can ensure the filtration precision accurately, and can change the filter bag quickly. The surface of the lubricating oil filter adopts mechanical sandblasting and polishing, which is uniform and easy to clean.
Q:How is the filter material processed by the filter bag?
The treatment of precoating and surface coating can be very good to remove dust dust from the cloth bag and the filter material is very good to go out, greatly improve its performance.
Q:What is the quality inspection of the filter bag?
The advantages and disadvantages of the filter bag are related to various factors, but mainly depend on the filter material. Dust filter bag filter material is synthetic, natural fiber or glass fiber woven cloth or blanket, according to the design of the filter need to sew cloth or blanket cylinder or flat shape filter bag, according to the nature of flue gas, choose the suitable for the application premise of filter material, usually, in the flue gas temperature is below 120 ℃, filter material with acid resistance and durability of the case, often selects the polyester wool and polyester fiber needled felt, in the treatment of high temperature flue gas (< 250 ℃), the main use graphitization glass wool cloth, in some special cases, choosing carbon fiber filter material, etc.
Q:What is the reason for the dust bag to be broken for a period of time
Hot or hot? 1, the quality of filter cloth has problems, premature ageing. The operating cycle is over, the filter is aged. 3, flue gas overtemperature, cloth damage. 4, the filter bag is contaminated by oil or the flue gas belt water, the filter bag fails.
Q:How can the washing machine's filter bag be clean?
Remove the bag and turn it over and rinse under the tap for a few minutes.
Q:Problem with the washing machine filter bag
All this is not the problem of washing machine, washing machine filter can filter tiny fiber. The problem in the quality of a material of clothes. There is a special love of clothes stick cotton fiber, can only be washed separately, could not have other moves.
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