Clear Glass Flower Pots With Handle High Quality

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high quality handmade BGP double wall drinking ware 
1.many years manufacturer 
2.OEM welcome 
3.sample free delivery

borosilicate glass cup mug drinking glassware drinking glass pots

1.Using by environmental borosilicate glass, Glittering and translucent get rid , Simple sense is good.


2.Resist the sharp low temperature and sharp high temperature very well.
Good decay resistance to the acid, alkali chemical substance.


3.Easy for cleaning, don’t absorb the tea flavor.


4.Mainly used: used for all kinds of tea , beer  and coffee, Widely used for coffee,hotel,teahouse,Western restaurant and so on. Have high appreciation,interestion,it  not improv

Clear Glass Flower Pots With Handle High Quality

Clear Glass Flower Pots With Handle High Quality


Clear Glass Flower Pots With Handle High Quality

Clear Glass Flower Pots With Handle High Quality

Clear Glass Flower Pots With Handle High Quality

Clear Glass Flower Pots With Handle High Quality

Clear Glass Flower Pots With Handle High Quality


Q1:Are you a manufacturer or trader?

A:Manufacturer+trade(mainly factories,at the same time,we operates other related products).

Q2:Can we visit your factory?

A:Sure,welcome at any time,seeing is believing.

Q3:What's the MOQ of trial order?

A:No limit,We can offer the best suggestions and solutions according to your condition.

Q4:Is your company accept customization?

A:We have own factory and excellent technical team,and we accept OEM service.

Q5:How about your company's certification?

A:ISO9001 and Test Report,also we could apply other necessary certification.

Q6:How to slove the quality problems?

A:If the products are not confirmed to customer samples or have quality problems,our compay will be responsible to make compensation for it.

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Q:The first go to the cafe to drink coffee what to pay attention to
Hemp with friends, don't need too pay attention to. Directly in it is good to find a place to sit down, if the box, he asked the waiter box is there. After sit down, the waiter will come to order. With respect to OK!
Q:Not how drink instant coffee powder is better
Is not coffee, it is bubble. Really like coffee and tea. Coffee is a word, with 90 to 96 degrees of water rushed in, wait for two to three minutes to pour out the solution, drink. Don't. Pickling time according to your coffee powder fineness, fine coffee powder to the little time. Not chip off time is too long, too long or extraction, acid taste bitter taste ran out.
Q:Dry Tang Xuan brand wine, tea set, tea cups, coffee sets, decoration, etc
In December 1997, the expansion of the suitable electrical household square, an area of 4460 square meters, the huaqiang north; In December 2000, shenzhen south oil outlet is opening, covers an area of 1680 square meters; On May 1, 2002, shenzhen baoan store opened, covers an area of 4600 square meters; In July 2004, shenzhen xiang mei branch opening, covers an area of 1650 square meters; One after another in dongguan changping store opening, shenzhen longgang store opened, Venice store opened in dongguan... Development has more than ten branches.
Q:Tea cups, teapot is washed clean How to wash?
Hello! The dirt cleaning method is as follows: 1, with salt washing salt essentials that occupy the home is our life, the kitchen of every family. Looking for a small brush or a small cloth, prepare some salt. Put salt in the tea scale of the tea set, with a small brush or a small cloth brush back and forth, until we get rid of the dirt. In the process of brush the dirt can add some hot water, remove the dirt effect will be better. This method is most suitable for glass, stainless steel, ceramic tea set, etc. 2, use detergent Dishwashing detergent is the essentials of the family, and almost every family has, in a tea with tea scale pour some detergent, with clean scrub back and forth in the tea service of tea scale, until the dirt clean. After removing the dirt, should use hot water, remove the detergent smell, to prevent the chemical residues at the same time. 3, with vinegar vinegar is the spice of families, each family essential. Pour some vinegar in the tea set, tea scale area with this small blush brush back and forth, until it is removed. White vinegar and black vinegar.
Q:How to drink the coffee powder
If only his drinking casually, can use a gauze seam a barrel, fitted with coffee powder into the cup, pour water on the ground coffee, after two or three minutes out can drink a cup of coffee. Did the same coffee shop, made barrel filter cloth, pack good coffee powder, flush to the coffee powder.
Q:The tea coffee set characteristics of boreal Europe style
After opening, according to the catalog to find what you want to see All of my items, are the IKEA
Q:Which shake the tea into the tea set
Black tea, can also be brewed in a teapot, coffee cup to drink. Can freely with sugar or milk, when drinking like drinking coffee, don't have a "foreign" flavor.
Q:Yixing purple sand tea set wholesale, please which is better?
To find their own processing, don't turn the turn, a best inside a series of products, variety, but not the sort of.
Q:A storefront sell tea tea, what is tA storefront sell tea tea, what is the business good do this evening?he business good do this evening?
Nearby there is a community, there are a lot of young people, there are many is to work in the evening, xiao ni son, pavement, road, there will be a taxi driver.
Q:This year the Mid-Autumn festival is coming, send led tea set
That should see you whether leadership really just like the tea ceremony. If he is like to drink coffee at ordinary times, then send tea obviously inappropriate. Learn about the leadership like what is more important than what you want to send

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