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Product Description:

Product features:

1, early strength and high powerful pattern: 1 days strength can reach more than 20MPa, the fluidity of up to 270-300mm, can fill all voids, meet two times grouting requirements.

2, no shrinkage: guarantee between the device and the base closely, allowing for outdoor construction at the temperature of -10 DEG C temperature.

3, good insulation: high dense structure, after curing has good impermeability and insulation performance.

4, strong durability: the product is a kind of inorganic cementing material, the service life is greater than the basis of concrete service life.

The purpose of the product:

1, railway, highway, bridge, tunnel, grouting pile foundation plinth, batholith and sleeper bolt fixed.

Install grouting 2, port, dock crane rail groove grouting, grouting bolt fixed rail clips, and all kinds of machinery and equipment.

Technical indicators:

The performance of the project

The test results

Vertical expansion rate (%)



Fluidity (mm)


The flexural strength (Mpa)







Compressive strength (Mpa)







Description of construction

A, foundation treatment and the formwork

1, cut surface concrete foundation wool, and clean them off. The adhesive member together with clay track (such as steel plate) will rust and oil, remove.

2, in the watering clay track before 4 hours, on the surface of the concrete foundation applied to moist, when the water is not water.

3, supporting baffle should be tight, to prevent the leakage of slurry. The picture

Two, grouting

1, the amount of water: in accordance with the clay track each bag (25kg) water ratio of 4.0~4.5kg mixing with water, such as the construction does not require greater fluidity can be correspondingly reduced water.

2, the mixing procedure: add a prescribed amount of water into the blender in the stirring barrel, will be part of the track of clay into the barrel stirring diluted, and then the rest of the material into the mixing, the time from beginning to end should be controlled within a minute or so. Mixing blade should be along, around the barrel up and down about moving slowly, so that the bottom of the barrel and the barrel wall adhesion to the dry mixing; mixing blade not to mention above base slurry surface, in order to avoid the air into the.

3, the well stirred clay track should be timely watering. The time of irrigation, as far as possible from one side of the injection, to facilitate discharge between the bottom plate and the concrete base of the air. When necessary, can use the bamboo slice tool guide. Water after the start must be continuous, not interrupted.

Three, dismantling and maintenance

1, dismantling shall be finished in 24 hours after casting. After stripping with wet straw bags or cloth covered in have been watering good track clay, and water conservation, 2-6 times a day, curing temperature is over 15 DEG C, the 7 day of the maintenance period. If the temperature is low can be appropriately extended maintenance period.

2, the need to take preservation measures in winter construction.

Packaging and storage

Packaging specifications 25kg bag, stored in a dry, cool place, without moisture storage for a period of three months.

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