Classic wooden bed high quality king size

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2014 New Product best selling cheap modern bedroom sets:

Size for optional      King size(normal)     Queen size    Double size
Volume(CBM)           1.2                                  0.5                    1.3

1.Bed Frame:Dry Solid wood+Plywood+MDF+Sponge+Top Grain Leather+


3.Mattress:Spring/Pocket Spring+Cotton Cloth+Sponge or Memory Foam or Natural Latex

according to the customer's request

1)Bubble bag

2) 5 layers A=B cartons advoid damage

3)EPE Foam advoid collision

4) Shipping marks in the cartons

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Q:What's the size of the four piece suit?
There are three general specifications for beds: 1.8M, 1.5M, and 1.2M.1.8M: quilt, 220x240, bed linen, 245x270, pillowcase, 47x74.1.5M: quilt, 200x230, bed linen, 245x250, pillowcase, 47x74.1.2M: quilt, 150x210, bed linen, 200x230, pillowcase, 47x74.Unit: cm.
Q:Is this bedding be okay for rats?
That bedding should be fine for them. Just a little advice. Rats or anything can get lice, fleas, and mites from bedding bought in a store. This comes from the bedding when it is stored in the warehouses. If you put the bedding in the freezer for 24 to 48 hours it will kill anything in it and solve this problem. Hope this helped.
Q:Best Ball Python bedding?
I stay away from Aspen due to possible mite and ingestion problems. I guess they say you can freeze it though. I used coconut eco earth but when the ball got in the water it clung all over him. I tried newspaper with an UT heater but it was too hot, I kept adding paper but it was still too how. But with an over the tank heat day bulb that would not be a problem. But before I used the over the tank bulb and had the under tank pad I went to the zilla terrarium liner. I really like it, I have 2, one to clean and one to put in the terrarium. I like it with the over and under heat sources.
Q:What about the folding leg behind the folding sofa bed?
With the hinge is convenient, easier to carry out, generally, if a good product is not unstable phenomenon, you may buy a poor quality products. This phenomenon only change with the legs to the market to buy joint movable sofa legs but the general public is very difficult to buy this product only professional sofa manufacturers know to buy the product in which sofa accessories building materials market. You can weld your sofa leg with a handle to increase the force area and enhance the stability. Hope for reference!
Q:All wooden tape can prevent any bug
The bug infested bedstead, bed and other appliances can be moved to the outside, with the boiling water kettle mouth alignment slot, moving slowly poured hot, make sure the gap reaches a high temperature, (water must be high temperature to be effective) to hot dead bugs and eggs.
Q:What are the demensions of a full sized bed?
A full size bed is 54 wide and 78 long. A twin is 39 wide x 78. A queen is 60 wide x 80 An Eastern king is 80 wide x 80. On the west coast, king size beds are a little shorter, 78 perhaps.
Q:eating fruit before bed?
Eating before bed is really a bad habit. However, if you need to stay up late and feel hungry, then fruits plus some cereals is good for you. And remember do drink a lot of water if you stay up late. You will not feel so exhausted as compared to not drinking. There is a description for fruits eating as I read from newspaper. Eating fruits at morning is gold, eating fruits at afternoon is silver, eating fruits at evening is blonze.
Q:During earthquake, stay in bed or get under bed?
I find the closest triangle. Next to bed. Next to something strong. If outside, get down low next to a car. The idea is to let the object take the abuse.
Q:Are Sleigh beds strong?
Well made beds are always strong. Look at the bed to see how it's constructed, check the joints, and wiggle all the pieces. If they are firm, it's a decent bed. If you can't, buy it and see it when it gets there. You'll know for sure.
Q:I want to get a new bed but i feel im being selfish cus my old bed is in good condition.?
If you've had your mattress for 10 years, you've slept on it for about 30,000 hours. The mattress industry recommends a new mattress every 5 to 7 years. People tend to avoid mattress shopping because it's time consuming, confusing and potentially expensive.No matter how old your mattress is, do you really need a new mattress? If you have a high-end mattress, or your mattress doesn't get much use, you can usually wait a longer time before replacing it. I have a high-end mattress in king size....I had to upgrade for comfort and roominess and its ability to hold up longer. Seeing as how you want to change it out, you should. I'm sure there's someone who would take it off your hands or can donate like it was suggested.

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