Classic chesterfield sofa set real leather

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Name:Hotel high quality leather 2seater chesterfield sofa,classic sofa ,button sofa SO-668
Material Optional:a)Inner Material:Plywood with birch solid wood
b)Solid birch wood legs,different wood available with clients'request
Structure:Plywood with birch solid wood,"S" spring with webbing
Foam:BS5152 or CAL117 FR CHRM quality foam
Colour:Dark Waknut color, different colors available with clients' requests
Package :5 layers of curragted cartons.
MOQ:5 sets
Payment Terms:a) T/Tb) L/C
Delivery Time:25-40 days after order confirmed and dowpayment received.

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That's 1.8 of the four sets, and they all have size choices

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