Class B Zinc Layer Of Electro Galvanized Wire

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China (Mainland)
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Cold Heading Steel
Zinc Purity:99.995%
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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Coil, Spool, Big Coil packing
Delivery Detail:20-30 days after signing the formal contracts


1.ISO9001:2008 Certificate
2.Zinc coating:320--610g/m2
3.high quality attractive price

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Q:How do you strip tv wire?
I tried using a knife but ended up shortening more wire than stripping it. The copper wire actually comes through in two places. I use a knife to cut in between them and then I use a wire stripper to remove the covering on each side. The Muse
Q:wiring my amp up help?
There should be a block in that fuse panel marked auxiliary or aux. That will be the 12V power conx but I advise you to be safe and let the pros do the job for you.
Q:question about sub wiring?
i'd use the same as the rest of teh wire, and always go larger never smaller. the cost of wire for teh few feet needed in a car, seams silly to me to go cheap... most places allow you to buy it by the foot. i usually use 12 ga for subs and 16 for mains..
Q:wiring diagram for hunter ceiling fan?
Hunter Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram
Q:why we use copper wires?
Because it has the best properties for the job at a price that is affordable because supplies were/are plentiful. The alternatives are either more expensive, suffer corrosion or are difficult to draw into wire. Copper has excellent conductivity, does not degrade by corrosion in normal environments, is very ductile so can easily be made into wire or cable and is not too expensive.
Q:Positive negative wires on Camaro?
If you power it up, and go from one wire to ground at a time it will work, if you use the tester between the two speakers wires it will be positive both ways you hook it.
Q:How do you splice electrical wires?
Just go down to Radio Shack or some other consumer electronics store or even a Home Depot, etc. and get a roll of bulk 14 gauge speaker cable. It's usually only about 25¢ per foot and you will have plenty of wire to work with for your entire system. I recommend against splicing speaker wire because not only does it hinder sound quality, but if you don't do it properly you could end up damaging your speakers and/or your receiver. H a p p y H o m e T h e a t e r i n g !
Q:High voltage with small wire?
Wire six does not care about voltage, it cares about current. Every wire has a speific Fusing current when it melts or in a coil it burns up the insulation and shorts out.
Q:maf pin out for siganal wire and o2 siganal wire has two blk two white on o2?
Yes we do need car description.O2 sensors black wires are normally for the heating element.It should be one of the white wires.The wire will read 0.2 volts with a cold engine and fluctuate between 0.1-0.9 volts at normal operating temp,so look for the wire which has these voltage reading.The maf signal wire will have less than 5 volts on it.Generally it will show 0.60-0.80 volts at idle and increase to between 1.50-2.20 volts at a 2500-3500 rpm level.Be aware that a maf sensors heated wire can become dirty causing it to read and function incorrectly,so it may just need to be cleaned rather than bein replaced
Q:wiring Difficulties (need help)
Bigger power and ground wires will help, up to a point. If your wires are already big enough that you don't have a significant voltage drop between the battery and the amp, then bigger cables won't help anything.

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