Class 155 self-solderable polyurethane enamelled round copper wire

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  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Conductor Material:
    CopperModel Number:

  • Insulation Material: Other

  • Jacket: Other

  • Application: transformer, motor ,etc

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:standard exported cartons with pallets or wooden case or as per clients's request
Delivery Detail:2-3 weeks


Production Size Range: 0.05mm-1.60mm (SWG10-SWG47)
production type: Class 130'C to Class 200'C
Certificates: ISO 9001-2000

Product Description

Very good solderability and higher thermal properties than UEW 130.

Can be soldered without removal of coating and easy to be dyed.

Small dielectric loss under high frequency apparatus and good pinhole test performance.

Used in transformers, linear motors, relays, solenoids, small motors, clock coils, watch coils, fly-back transformers, magnetic heads, instruments.

Packaging & Shipping

Standard exported cartons with pallets or wooden case or as per clients's request

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Q:2002 Olds Alero wiring harness?
Time to go shopping at your friendly neighborhood junk yard. Find remove a lot more then you need.
Q:Car stock stereo wiring harness cut help please?!?
All the wires should be different colors so matching the colors should get the wires spliced correctly.
Q:headunit wiring harness?
wiring harnesses are fit to your car not the stereo, as long as you hook up the existing harness to the plug for the back of the new stereo you will be fine
Q:How much cost to fix car harness wiring?
I would have the car towed to a Ford dealer and just get an estimate of the repair cost. I don't think you'll need a whole new wiring harness unless the car suffered some fire or flood damage. If the Ford repair bill is very high, ask their used car department what trade in they have which would be a better car for you. I recommend a 2000 or later year Taurus or Sable. The 3.0Liter engine is great and the transmissions have been holding up well. They are stylish and big enough to protect you in an accident. Taurus has been so popular that Ford is bringing back the name to their new car line. The Ford dealer will have good quality used cars, and being that your current car is a Ford, they may give you some money for your car. You'll get a better used car warranty with the Ford dealer too.
Q:Do I wire the 'antenna wire' from my stereo to wiring harness or remote wire from amp?
try it with a multimeter - all you want for an amp distant/set off is a cord that shows 12V+ at the same time as the ignition is on. Technically any accent potential cord behind the sprint will do the pastime - at the same time with splicing into the ciggarette potential cord as an party.
Q:Where should I look to check wiring harness if a fuse keeps burning out?
The device you turned on(window, heat, etc) and that blows the fuse, that's the device needs to be replaced.
Q:Lost car CD player wiring harness.?
Q:im having trouble wiring my new sony cd player?
that wiring harness you bought gets wired to the wiring harness from you new head units wiring and plugs into were you unplug ed your factory head unit from.they call it plug and not cut the plugs off your wiring harness under the dash.all wiring done on a bench tape or cap all contacts even the unused ones so you have no shorts.then just plug each plug into its own plug in.there's only one way they will fit and remove the contact covers in the plugs before you plug them in.and follow the wiring diagram that came with it the colors match up if you have the right make and yr and model of the plug in that fits your car.the (color code gets matched to the new stereos wiring)has nothing to do with wiring under dash,this is why you bought the plug in in the first place so you did not have to deal with all the dash wiring,it should plug in just like your factory stereo did.
Q:wiring harness un hooked?
I'm Not Sure About bout an 04 but most car manufactures use Vehicle specific harnesses. Unless your Jeep Had A Factory option that has been removed or a dealer add on that wasn't installed, the wires are for something. U can try a Repair manual or they may be optional for your Class of Rubicon.
Q:i installed a new radio in to my 97 bmw 328i i connected the wire harness correct but im getting now sound?
I'm pretty sure that there is no switched power in that harness. Check the pin on the factory harness with the red one on your radio harness. If there isn't a pin there then you need to find switched power somewhere within the vehicle. Your best bet is probably the ignition or accessory wire in your ignition harness. I don't think I've ever found a switched power fuse with enough amperage capability in a BMW.

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