Class 10KV S9-M series full-sealed transformer

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ted capacity (KVA)Voltageconnection group tabLossunload current(%)resistant voltageweightMeasure(MM)Distance of Din rail
high-voltage(kv)extend connectionlow-voltage(kv)unloadloadempty weightoil weighttotal weightlength(L)width(W)height(H)cross(M)×length



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Q:Transformer Uk = 4.5% What does it mean?
The short circuit impedance of the transformer is related to many factors of the transformer. Such as transformer capacity, loss, internal coil structure and so on. But once the transformer is manufactured, it is the same. Short-circuit impedance is a very important technical indicator for the user. Such as the stability of the power supply system, the quality of the power supply, the transformer in parallel after the safety and reliability, and so have a relationship.
Q:Rules for the operation of cooling devices for oil - cooled transformers
E, strong oil cycle air-cooled and strong oil circulating water-cooled transformers, when the cooling system failure to remove all the cooler, allowing the rated load to run for 20 minutes, such as 20 minutes after the top of the oil temperature has not reached 75 ℃, then allowed to rise to 75 ℃ , But in this state the maximum time to run no more than 1 hour.  F, under normal circumstances, the transformer no-load operation, the cooling device two groups of work, a group of auxiliary, a group of spare, the remaining disabled; transformer low temperature, light load, the four groups of work: a group of auxiliary, a group of spare, the rest Deactivated; transformer high temperature, full load, a group of auxiliary, a group of spare, the rest all into work.
Q:Transformer Lightning
Dry coil internal coil will burst open, so that the transformer outside the four sides of the shell will be bulging. Cylinders on the porcelain will burn black, porcelain will be black and cracked. The line breaker is tripped.
Q:What is the difference between transformers and inverters?
The inverter is a DC power supply into AC power, and the transformer is a kind of electromagnetic induction principle to achieve the electrical conversion of electrical equipment, it can be a voltage, current AC power into the same frequency of another voltage, current Of AC power. Simply put, the inverter is an electronic device that converts low voltage (12 or 24 volts) of DC into 220 volts. Because we are usually 220 volts AC rectifier into DC to use, and the role of the inverter in contrast, hence the name. We are in a "mobile" era, mobile office, mobile communications, mobile leisure and entertainment. In the mobile state, people not only need to be supplied by the battery or battery low-voltage direct current, but also need our daily environment indispensable 220 volts AC, the inverter can meet our needs. Transformer is a kind of application of electromagnetic induction principle to achieve electrical energy conversion equipment, it can put a voltage, current AC power into the same frequency of another voltage, current AC power. The role of the transformer is to change the voltage. Can be issued by the power station to rise to high voltage, in order to reduce the loss in the transmission, to facilitate long-distance transmission of electricity, you can also place the electricity, the high voltage will be reduced to the voltage, to the user. Therefore, the transformer in the grid is in a very important position, is to ensure safe, reliable, economic operation and people's production and life of the key equipment.
Q:Transformer three-phase imbalance which harm
1, when the line is not full-phase operation, the zero sequence current is equivalent to the load current, then the line with its adjacent line zero sequence current may be large, even greater than the zero sequence backup protection settings, if not quickly cut Non-full-phase operation of the line, it may lead to adjacent line malfunction, leap-off; 2, for 220kV and above generator transformer group and machine-side circuit breaker, due to non-full phase operation during a larger negative sequence current, the generator, the transformer may cause a greater damage to the equipment.
Q:How to calculate non - isolated power transformer parameters
General non-isolated auxiliary windings according to chip drop VCC operating range. T = 1 / f Dmin = Vout / Vin (max) Ton = T * Dmin Id = Io * 0.3 (0.3 for the ripple current coefficient) Inductor voltage V = Vinmin-Vout-0.6 (Schottky voltage drop) Lmin = V * dt / di If there are problems please go to the big bit of the forum electronic transformer plate
Q:Transformer charging
To the transformer charge, that is, to the transformer side of the side with the rated voltage, the second disconnect, run a certain time and then close the second switch, and gradually bring the load.
Q:Three - winding transformer winding problem
2, from the manufacturing cost considerations, the transformer core is grounded. Low voltage coil inside, the coil on the core of the insulation distance can be smaller. So that the sum of the main insulation dimensions of the three coils will be smaller. The weight of the entire transformer, the volume is relatively lower than the - low - high arrangement to be smaller.
Q:50KVA transformer maximum load is how much?
50KVA transformer can bring the maximum load is, 1.45 * 50 = 72.5A or so
Q:Two different impedance of the transformer, parallel load how to allocate?
When the impedance voltage is equal, the transformer runs side by side: Because the transformer load distribution is proportional to its rated capacity, and inversely proportional to the impedance voltage. In other words, when the transformer is running in parallel, if the impedance voltage is different, the load is not proportional to the rated capacity of the distribution, parallel transformer current and impedance voltage is inversely proportional to the II / III = UZKII / UZKII or UZKIIII = UZKIIIII, Set two transformers running side by side, the capacity of SNI, SNII, impedance voltage UZI, UZII, then the load of each transformer according to the following formula: SI = [(SNI + SNII) / (SNI / UZKI + SNII / UZKII)] * (SNI / UZKI) SII = [(SNI + SNII) / (SNI / UZKI + SNII / UZKII)] * (SNII / UZKII) That is, S △ I / SII = (SNI * UZKII) / (SNII * UZKI) According to the above analysis we can see: When two transformers with different impedance voltage are running side by side, the distribution load with large impedance voltage is small. When this transformer is full load, another transformer with small impedance voltage will run over load. Transformer long-term overload operation is not allowed, therefore, only the impedance of the transformer voltage overload operation, thus limiting the total output power, energy loss also increased, it can not guarantee the economic operation of the transformer. Therefore, in order to avoid the impedance voltage difference is too large, so that the parallel transformer load current distribution is uneven, affecting the transformer capacity can not be fully played, the specified impedance voltage can not be a difference of 10%.

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