Class 10KV S9-M series full-sealed transformer

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ted capacity (KVA)Voltageconnection group tabLossunload current(%)resistant voltageweightMeasure(MM)Distance of Din rail
high-voltage(kv)extend connectionlow-voltage(kv)unloadloadempty weightoil weighttotal weightlength(L)width(W)height(H)cross(M)×length



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Q:What is the difference between the main transformer and the transformer used?
Main Transformer: Main transformer, referred to as the main transformer, English name: generator step-up transformer, referred to as GSU transformer or GSU. The main transformer refers to a unit or substation of the total step-down transformer, its capacity is generally relatively large. Other transformers used as power distribution, commonly known as distribution transformers, the capacity is slightly smaller. On the main transformer protection, as the main transformer, in general, relatively large capacity, requiring a higher reliability of the work. For different capacity of the transformer, the required installation of the protection category is not the same. Transformers used: In general, substation high voltage switchgear need to provide 220V power supply, DC screen also need 220 power supply continued float. As in the operation of high voltage cabinet, there is no low-voltage power supply, so in the high-voltage cabinet set a very small capacity of the transformer. Thus providing the first power supply required for the operation of the high voltage cabinet. When the transformer is put into operation, the low voltage cabinet has the second power supply of the low voltage power supply circuit, and then automatically switches to the normal low side power supply as the operating power source. Features: Thermal stability, high reliability, long service life. Low loss, low noise, maintenance-free. Small size, light weight, less space, low installation costs.
Q:What is the critical load of the economic operation of the transformer?
In order to increase the amount of active loss caused by the active loss of the system in the power system, a conversion factor is introduced, that is, the reactive power economic equivalent. Reactive power economic equivalent, is that the power system to send 1kvar reactive power, the power system will increase the number of active power loss kw, the symbol kq, unit kw / kvar. This kq value and the power system capacity, structure and calculation of the specific location and other factors. For the factory substation, reactive power economic equivalent kq = 0.02 ~ 0.15; Kq = 0.05 ~ 0.08; for the three or more transformer factory, take kq = 0.1 ~ 0.15 ~ 0.04; for the two-stage transformer factory, take kq = The
Q:What are the specifications of the transformer capacity?
The choice of transformer capacity has a great impact on the comprehensive investment efficiency. Transformer capacity selected too large, there "big horse car" phenomenon, not only a one-time investment, no-load loss is also large. Transformer capacity selected too small, transformer load loss increases, economically unreasonable, technically not feasible.
Q:50kva transformer price
1,50kva transformer prices vary according to model prices ranging from 6000-20000 yuan.
Q:Transformer charging
In the power plant, substation and other power systems, new equipment, after the repair of equipment or fault handling of the engine, cable, bus, transformers, switches, etc., must first bring the voltage charge, no problems and then put the load on demand.
Q:Does the production transformer require 3C certification? Does the country have any specific requirements?
In general, the production of power transformers do not require 3C certification. The state does not have specific requirements, but if you want to tender, is certainly qualified, the most important is: the state authority of the type of test report (often: National Transformer Quality Supervision and Testing Center (Shenyang)) and model registration Certificate, then ISO9001
Q:50KVA transformer each phase current maximum band
Hello there: - ★ 1, three-phase transformer rated output current = transformer rated capacity ÷ (voltage × follower 3). This current is apparent current, marked on the transformer nameplate. - ★ 2,50KVA transformer, each rated output current = 50KVA ÷ (400V × 1.732), equal to about 72A. Note that the secondary voltage of the power transformer is 400V instead of 380V. - ★ 3,50 KVA transformer rated current per phase is about 72A, "the maximum energy can be large" according to the ambient temperature, cooling conditions may be. Generally below the rated current, can be long-term operation.
Q:What is the SN on the transformer? What is the difference between it and the actual power of the transformer?
What you say SN is the rated capacity of the transformer, the capacity is also called the apparent power. It represents the maximum power that the transformer can transmit in the rated state, that is, the maximum power that the transformer can transmit when the power factor is 1 is SN kW. Transformers are only used to transmit power, in addition to their own no-load loss and load loss, the power does not consume. The actual power it delivers depends on the load.
Q:Is the secondary current rating of the transformer line current or phase current?
For star-wiring products, the line current = phase current For triangular wiring products, the rated current refers to the line current (phase to phase current)
Q:500KW load should be installed how much transformer?
Mainly to see what the load, if it is home lighting electricity, according to the 0.9 power factor and 20% of the margin, you need to be equipped with 500 / 0.9 / 0.8 = 694.4, you can take 750 kilovolt capacity can be. (Consider the future expansion of another operator), if it is with the motor and other load-based, due to power factor and start the current reasons, at least 900 kVA more appropriate. If the drive is more than 200 kilowatts, the starting current is very large, you need to put a larger margin or the motor using the buck mode (increase the investment cost).

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