Class 10KV S11 series transformer

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Type description

Technical characteristic
1.It accords to the GB1207-1997<voltage transformer> ,IEC186 and IEC60044.
2.This product has the character of limited tightness.All the tightness compartment do not be put into ultraviolet radiation so that we solve the problem of chap of tightness rubber and aging,these product is more reliable and has longer life,we ensure that it can run 20 years without leakage.
3.The porcelain is equipped with irragateing flange.the surface of flange use hot zincification to enhance the wholly mechnism of product and has beautiful outlook.
4.This product is equiped with bellow and is tightnesds completely.
5.With higher accuracy to 0.2,we can reach the requirment of customer with seperatly measuring secondary winding and protection winding.
6.With epoxy secondary terminal board,the product is enhanced secondary insulation and tightness.
7.All the standard comparthent are plated Dakelo.We ensure that the product don't rust for 20 years.
8.The inner structure of this product has changed largly and we solve the problem of old 35KV PT with unreasoned inner structure for the unpassed dielectric loss,This product has low partial discharge and litter dielectric loss with advanced workcraft.
9.The excitaton density of this product is equal or less than 0.7T and has the ability of avoiding ferro-resonance.

Technical Data

Rated voltagePrimary winding35/
Measuring winding0.1/
Protection winding0.1/
Residual voltage winding0.1
secondary accuracy and reated outputMeasuring winding80VA 0.2 class
Protection winding150VA 0.5class 250VA 3P class
Residual voltage winding100VA 6P class
Rated limit output2000
Rated insulation level4.05/95/200
Creepage distance810,1050,1250
Flash distance410-500
Total weight/Oil weight40/190
Pack size580×600×1300

JDXF-35 Voltage Transformer Outline Drawing

Srructure drawing

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Q:Stepdown Transformer 220V input 110V output.?
I was in Germany for 2 years they are 220v also. I had a 110v step down and it worked fine with a TV VCR and a electric razor.
Q:Is it possible to repair a transformer for a halogen lamp?
Halogen Lamp Repair
Q:Know the rated capacity of the transformer, how to calculate its rated current?
Low-voltage 400V distribution transformer speed calculation: per thousand volts by 1.44A, per thousand kVA of 144 ac current calculation. Formula algorithm: Three-phase transformer current I = Pe / Ue / √3 Single phase transformer current I = Pe / Ue
Q:How would I wire a microwave transformer to create arcs?
Q:How do I determine if a transformer is beyond the normal temp range and is at risk of failure?
The temperatures you measured seem hot but might be acceptable for the type of materials used to insulate the coil inside the transformer. Only the designer of the transformer could tell if it's too hot or not. One rule of thumb : for non industrial electrical devices, the outside temperature of the device should remain at a temperature that lets you touch it without feeling pain. But one thing is sure: high temperature is not good because the transformer will age faster and it's less efficient (and therefore generates more heat). The transformer can overheat for 2 reasons : either your load is above the nominal rating or the transformer is not able to cool down as designed (usually because it's in an enclosure which doesn't let the heat get out). If you are indeed getting 750kva from it, then you are definitely at risk. That's more than 3 times the nominal rating. I would be surprised that it lasted for so long. If you can't reduce the load (best option), try to let more air flow freely around it by removing stuff around it. Last resort try cooling it down by forcing cool air to flow around it with a fan. But this can be tricky because the bottleneck of the heat exchange could be inside the transformer so the outside might get cooler and the inside could remain very hot.
Q:Why was Transformers 2 so so soo much worse than Transformers 1 in 2007, what happened?
I agree! I loved the first Transformers. But the second oneugh! The only thing I liked in that movie were the amazing special effects on the robots. Anyway, here are the reasons, it sucked: 1) Michael Bay did not follow the original script/story that screenwriters Orci and Kurtzman laid out. Here's what they said in an interview: We were very surprised when we saw it, too, and it’s a choice that was made. If anything, it just shows you that we don’t control every aspect of the movie. 2) Production was rushed to meet the premiere deadline. 3) Autobots got shoved to the side for more extended human drama military action. 4) Too much attention spent on CGI at the cost of crafting a good story or character development. 5) I really think Steven Spielberg (exec producer) had a hand creatively in Transformers 1. I guess he was really distracted by other things during the making of the sequel. Shia Labeouf sums it up perfect: We got lost. We tried to get bigger. It's what happens to sequels. It's like, how do you top the first one? You've got to go bigger. Michael Bay went so big that it became too big, and I think you lost the anchor of the movie. I suggest viewing Transformers 3 with very low expectations.
Q:Physics? transformer help?
A Step up transformer is outdoors a skill station and will enhance the voltage for the skill lines so it may bypass swifter and better parts. A step down transformer is after the skill lines to shrink the voltage and making it secure for domicile use.
Q:Transformers. Optimus Prime?
Q:What is the difference between transformers and inverters?
Transformer is the same frequency of a voltage into another level of voltage, such as the (frequency 50hz) 10kv into (power frequency 50hz) 400v. The inverter can convert DC into any frequency (there are many types of inverter, the output voltage frequency range is different) AC but the voltage level will not change.
THANK YOU!!!! Finally someone agrees with me. Transformers live action had WAY too many humans that I didn't care for, and not enough robots that I really wanted to see. And the look for Transformers sucked major ballz! I'd much rather have watched an updated animated Transformers cartoon movie then that god-awful Mike Bay crap. And who the heck is Shia LeBeouf, and why should we even care?

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