Class 10KV S11 series transformer

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Type description

Technical characteristic
1.It accords to the GB1207-1997<voltage transformer> ,IEC186 and IEC60044.
2.This product has the character of limited tightness.All the tightness compartment do not be put into ultraviolet radiation so that we solve the problem of chap of tightness rubber and aging,these product is more reliable and has longer life,we ensure that it can run 20 years without leakage.
3.The porcelain is equipped with irragateing flange.the surface of flange use hot zincification to enhance the wholly mechnism of product and has beautiful outlook.
4.This product is equiped with bellow and is tightnesds completely.
5.With higher accuracy to 0.2,we can reach the requirment of customer with seperatly measuring secondary winding and protection winding.
6.With epoxy secondary terminal board,the product is enhanced secondary insulation and tightness.
7.All the standard comparthent are plated Dakelo.We ensure that the product don't rust for 20 years.
8.The inner structure of this product has changed largly and we solve the problem of old 35KV PT with unreasoned inner structure for the unpassed dielectric loss,This product has low partial discharge and litter dielectric loss with advanced workcraft.
9.The excitaton density of this product is equal or less than 0.7T and has the ability of avoiding ferro-resonance.

Technical Data

Rated voltagePrimary winding35/
Measuring winding0.1/
Protection winding0.1/
Residual voltage winding0.1
secondary accuracy and reated outputMeasuring winding80VA 0.2 class
Protection winding150VA 0.5class 250VA 3P class
Residual voltage winding100VA 6P class
Rated limit output2000
Rated insulation level4.05/95/200
Creepage distance810,1050,1250
Flash distance410-500
Total weight/Oil weight40/190
Pack size580×600×1300

JDXF-35 Voltage Transformer Outline Drawing

Srructure drawing

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Q:Why the provisions of the maximum temperature of the provisions of the transformer 65 °?
Most big oil temperature increased load, the transformer internal fault, there is lack of oil performance security risks. So we do need to limit oil temperature and protection tripping. Small capacity (630KVA less and outdoor) often do not have the oil temperature protection. I have the original table 800KVA overload (secondary current 1500A), top oil temperature to over 90 degrees ......
Q:Is the LTC transformer a regulated voltage transformer?
OLTC (on load tap changer) On-load tap-changer NLTC (no Load tap changer) No load regulator The above two switch switches are used for transformer voltage regulation.
Q:What is the reason why the dry transformer is loud
500kva below the dry-type transformer noise 56 to 58 dB or so, 630kva above 62 to 65 dB or so! This is our factory data. The dry-type transformer sound is great. Big like cattle called the same, because the core is loose!
Q:Transformer voltage range of 10.5 ± 2 * 2.5% kV and 10.5 ± 5% kV What is the difference
Two transformers of the same voltage range, but the tap is not the same, the previous one is 5-speed regulator, select the relatively small, more adaptable. The latter is the third gear regulator, sometimes with the actual time required to have the voltage difference, mainly to see that your load is stable and unstable. These two kinds of voltage regulator for the basic price of the transformer has no effect.
Q:This transformer outputs AC or DC
Hello, the transformer is normally working when the input and output should be alternating current, some inverter transformer input may be pulsating DC, but the output must be AC. Because the transformer is by electromagnetic conversion to achieve voltage conversion, the primary changes in the current to produce changes in the magnetic field, through the magnetic field changes in the magnetic flux in the secondary electromagnetic induction, induced secondary electromotive force, is the secondary output. Pure DC power through the transformer coil can produce a magnetic field, but can not produce a continuous change in the magnetic field, and the transformer from the primary induction to the secondary, the medium is the change of magnetic field changes in the magnetic flux.
Q:Transformer Transformer Principle
The transformer is a high-pressure water (electricity); outlet is a low-pressure water (electricity)! Transform pressure is buck! Reverse can also! Pool to increase the pump Change the high pressure water! Transformers to replace the iron! Like low-pressure water sealed water tank at the bottom of the high-pressure water! Understand it! Haha! I as a lecturer?
Q:Production of high and low voltage switchgear transformer industry belongs to what industry category
Production of high and low voltage off cabinet transformer enterprises are mechanical and electrical manufacturing industry
Q:500KW load should be installed how much transformer?
P = 500KW cosφ = 0.8 Apparent power S = P / cosφ = 500 / 0.8 = 625KVA You should choose the power of 625KVA transformer. Because there is no 625 series of products, you should choose a capacity of 630 kVA above the transformer. If it is with the motor and other load-based, due to power factor and start-up current reasons, at least 900 kVA more appropriate. If the drive is more than 200 kilowatts, the starting current is very large, you need to put a larger margin or the motor using the buck mode (increase the investment cost).
Q:Proteus transformer how to adjust the parameters, the 220V into 14V output.
The above two parameters can also be extended or reduced by the ratio. Other parameters can be considered, as shown below.
Q:How do I choose a transformer? The
Select the transformer, you can not choose too large, can not choose too small According to the following method to select the transformer capacity.    There is a very important data is not provided, is the load at the same time coefficient. Transformer with the actual load and equipment rated power ratio is called the transformer load factor. The concept of the load factor for the load is the probability that the load is used at the same time, also called the coefficient or the simultaneous coefficient, which is the probability of simultaneous use of the device. The total load is 300kw, but they are used at the same time there is a probability that the probability is the load factor. It is impossible to always use at the same time. Of course, you can according to the actual situation to calculate their own, power factor selected 0.80.   With this formula, s = p * kX / cosφ Transformer capacity s = device rated power p × transformer load rate kx / power factor cosφ = (300 × kX) × 0.80 This is the transformer capacity.    Do not know what the motor is used under the circumstances, so it can not be calculated, and only calculate the same time after the generation of the formula into the above formula. If the coefficient is 0.9, then the results of about 340 kVA, are used at the same time, that is, 375KVA, consider a certain margin and spare capacity, that can choose 400KVA. In addition to the above considerations, in particular, consider the motor starting current factor, select the transformer more reliable. As far as possible by the big do not rely on small. And the standard capacity of the transformer level 315,400,500,630KVA, 315KVA a little small, 500KVA big and no need. So choose 400kvA it

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