Class 10KV S11-M series transformer

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Rated capacity (KVA)Voltageconnection group tabLossunload current(%)resistant voltageweightMeasure(MM)Distance of Din rail
high-voltage(kv)extend connectionlow-voltage(kv)unloadloadempty weightoil weighttotal weightlength(L)width(W)height(H)cross(M)×length



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Q:What is the difference between the SGB10 transformer and the SC (B) 10 transformer?
The first is a three-phase isolation low-pressure foil around the second is a three-phase dry low-pressure foil around the 10 type is the same as the performance code level is the loss level is almost. The first of the matrix is dry or oil immersion is necessary to see the kind.
Q:Flyback transformer usage?
A 'flyback' transformer won't do anything but blow the breaker if you plug it into the wall. They're designed to run at 15,750 Hz. and yes, they do couple a 'sawtooth' waveform out to the horizontal deflection coils of the 'yoke' around the base of the CRT which deflect the electron beam to produce an image. If you want some -great- sparks, go out on the 'net and look ou plans for a 'Tesla Coil'. I've built a couple of those that would draw an arc several inches long. And since they're very low-current (on the secondary side) they're quite safe to play with. HTH, Doug
Q:transformers history?
The gods Primus and Unicron nearly destroy the universe fighting until Primus tricks Unicron by imprisoning them both in metal planetoids. Unicron becomes giant transforming world devourer and Primus becomes Cybertron, bringing to life the transformer race that will fight Unicron in his stead. The robots of Cybertron eventually begin civil war which go on for millions of years, the evil Decepticons vs the heroic Autobots. Unicron finds Cybertron, the Autobot leader destroys him with the Matrix, the transformers fulfill their destiny. Their war continues until Cybertron is nearly depleted so the planet is reformatted and the race adopt Maximal and Predacon castes. New wars begin until balance is struck and Cybertron becomes technorganic paradise
Q:Transformer alone as an audio amplifier ?
Technically No. The transformer will not amplify a signal, however it can be used to make sure you use any signal you actually do have to your best advantage. A transformer is generally used to achieve an impedance match between the signal source and load. For instance if you were to connect an 8 ohm speaker directly to a 1 kilohm signal source, most of the available signal would be dissipated in the source resistance and less than 1% of the signal would produce movement in the speaker. If however a 1k to 8 ohm transformer is used to match the source to the load,up to just under 50% of the signal will make it into useful energy in the speaker. This is a substantial gain in performance of the overall system but is not actually amplification.
Q:What is the difference between transformer and a coil?
A transformer is used to transfer power and either step up or step down the voltages. Hence for this purpose, the mutual inductance must be very high. The leakage inductance needs to be minimum. Thats why iron core is used. A Coil is a conductor generally wrapped in a helicoidal form by certain number of turns.
Q:The difference between the reflection impedance of the ideal transformer and the hollow core transformer is different.
The ideal transformer reflection impedance is the equivalent impedance of the load resistance equivalent to both ends of the primary coil, directly across the primary coil at both ends, in parallel with the primary circuit, and the nature of the reflection impedance and load impedance of the same nature.
Q:Transformers Animated Season 3?
unlikely they will not
Q:Are He-Man, Transformers and G.I. Joe still popular?
Yes. Transformers and G.I Joe is Still running through the Veins of this Generation, But He-Man is Kind of Not So Popular They Don't even Show He-man TV Show in channels, He-Mans drop was his costume that Gave him a Gay look. Transformers and G.I.Joe is still being watched, So there are more than 4k Fans
Q:Transformer ratio and transformer ratio
Transformer ratio K and transformer voltage on both sides U1 U2 winding turns N1 N2 current I1 Ⅰ2 have a relationship! In the ideal case, the ratio K = U1 / U2 = N1 / N2 = I2 / I1
Q:Transformer noise reduction
You can consider doing transformer oil, and add noise equipment.

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