CK Series CNC Lathe Modle:CK6130, the best accuracy

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Every process will be based on verification of the installation process by professional卜trained staff and continual卜enhance the quality consciousness,so that every day we produce every lathe with high accuracy and high stability.

We use sophisticated detection equipment assist our machines to achieve the best accuracy,although we added more testing equipment investment than its competitors,as well as more complex and difficult to assemble.

For More efficient, we provide customers a number of configurations to choose according to their own material processing,purchasing budget。efficiency requirements,planning your own machine configuration. We are very happy to provide you with the most professional advice base on our of experience In manufacture.

The use of automated parts to reduce the Labor cost,The machine Reduction space usage From the clever Sheet metal design,Each oil hose from the protection of the metal sleeve, making they don't damage by external environment

machine include DATAN wisdom

Made in DATAN every machine Contains the DATAN crystall- ization technology,Every process of installation and test w- ent through the verification of millions of customers, We stri- ve to improve the performance of the machine,And the p- rocessing efficiency,Let the customer experience with the best price to experience the best products.


CK6130 CNC Lathe Data

 Max Rotary Diameter on Bed



 Rotary Diameter on Slide



 Max Length for workpiece



 Width of Guiderail



 Spindle Speed


300-3000 AC

 Spindle Taper



 Main Motor Power


3.0kW AC

 Z Travel



 X Travel



 Driving  Motor Torque X/Z


Servo 4/6

 Repeat Position Precision X/Z



 4 work position Carriage



 Tool Rack


On requirement

 Tool Size



 Tool Change time



 Tailstock Sleeve travel



 Tailstock Sleeve Diameter/Taper



Outer Size


Total Weight

1200(For Ref)

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Q:Classification of materials in machinery industry
Belonging to inorganic materials are refractory, ceramics, abrasives, carbon and graphite materials, asbestos and other organic materials; it is wood, leather, adhesive and synthetic polymer materials, synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, synthetic fiber etc.; the reinforced composite material composed of resin matrix with non metallic fiber.
Q:Labor costs, materials costs, machinery costs accounted for the total cost of the project
General civil construction: labor costs 18-21%, material costs 50-55%, machinery costs 8-11%, the rest is safety, civilization, management fees, profits, fees, taxes
Q:What about the marketing department of mechanical engineering students?
Mainly to do some market development work! And sales are different, marketing department general workload is very small, every day nothing, work is not tired!
Q:How to improve mechanical design ability!
1., we must first understand what the output is: rotation? Move? Constant velocity? Gearshift? Magnitude and direction of force? To specific numerical value 2., to meet the output, which structural modules are used to realize the coordination and cooperation between the 3. modules: what is the mode of control, what is the input signal?
Q:Can you use mechanical oil instead of engineering gear oil?
Mechanical oil is now called "full loss system oil", due to many types of machinery and equipment, the role is also different, so the variety of lubricating oil is also required. The most commonly used, representative lubricants are available:
Q:What about the title of Mechanical Engineer?
The second basic examinations are divided into 2 half day, each for 4 hours. Professional examination is divided into professional knowledge and professional case two parts, each part content is 2 half day, each half day is 3 hours. Article third in line with the "mechanical design registration Machinery Engineer System Provisional Regulations" eighth requirements, and has one of the following conditions, may apply for the basic examination:
Q:Big mechanical engineering machinery, or other, the bigger the better
I only know Komatsu, that big loader wheel is much higher than the people, Jackie Chan, a television inside that machine, construction machinery large eight hundred tons, and we usually see 20 tons
Q:What are the major of construction machinery application and maintenance?
Brand agents, in other words, like the car 4S shop, selling construction machinery equipment, construction machinery and equipment, but it is higher than the car 4S shop wages.
Q:What is mechanical engineering?
There are many types of heavy, heavy, bridges. Machining and so on, what you say is only a general term
Q:What are the characteristics of gear transmission compared with other mechanical drives?
Compared with other mechanical transmission gear, its characteristics are: small size, high transmission efficiency, constant transmission ratio, power is widely applicable.

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