CIMC LINYU 10-15m3 fuel tanker truck

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Product Description:

Model: CLY5162GJY

Overall size (mm)

8150(L)* 2500(W)*2940 (H)

Tank body dimension(mm)


Wheel base (mm)


Min. ground  clearence(mm)


Min.  turning diameter(m)


Max. Speed (km/h)




Sino truck



Steering system

Power steering, integral power steer machine



Brake system

Dual circuit air-pressure braking system


Common tyre,  amount:6+1, type: 10.00-20






Max. Power (hp)


Engine type

L6,water-cooled,  supercharged inter-cooling electrical  direct injection diesel engine, common rail

Fuel type

Diesel oil

Tank body parameter

Tank actual volume(m3)

14, optional for 10-15m3

Tank actual dimension(mm)


Tank material

Carbon steel Q235


aluminum  alloy DN80

Discharge rubber hose

2 set, 5m length

Tank mouth

One, Carbon  steel, diameter: Φ500

Oil pump

circular-arc cogwheel  pump, 60-YHCB-30F

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Q:How to carry out oil gas recovery and transformation in oil tank truck
Our factory has an old acid tanker, Chongqing
Q:Do you have to pull the chain behind the tanker to prevent static electricity?
Behind the tanker, a chain of iron is pulled to prevent the oil from rubbing against the tank, causing static electricity to ignite the oil, and some are replaced by a rubber band, all of the same!
Q:5000 vertical tank belongs to special equipment?
5000 vertical tank if it is normal pressure does not belong to the pressure vessel, it is not a special equipment.
Q:How does the car start with gasoline in the tank? What about the oil tank in the car?
Hello,The gasoline in the tank is delivered to the injector by the oil pump for burning the engine.The tank has a plastic and an iron tank.
Q:What should be paid attention to when the tank truck is loaded with crude oil?
Wash the tank, clean the tank inside with cleaning agent, remove the residual oil.
Q:Under what circumstances does the tanker explode. What measures have been taken to avoid it?
When the oil tank reaches a certain concentration, it will cause deflagration when exposed to flame or static electricity. In general, there will be no fireworks on the car logo. As long as the operation specifications, the possibility of fire is unlikely. In order to avoid electrostatic ignition, the lower part of the tanker is dragging a chain to release static electricity.
Q:What brand of tanker is good?
A tank body is arranged on the tank body which is produced by the tank manufacturer of the tanker, and the manufacturer of the tank is responsible for assembling and completing the production of the whole vehicle. At present many announcements and complete to the number of Hubei Suizhou side of the tank car manufacturers, to 2 tons of blue fuel trucks, to Aluminum Alloy 40 tons of semi trailer, everything. The Xiagong Chu Sheng, chengli special steam, steam cars to the majority, the technology is mature, quality is also very good.
Q:The tanker without guards the maximum penalty, how much money
For this kind of illegal behavior, is the most commonly used treatment methods according to the "Regulations" the safety management of hazardous chemicals sixty-sixth paragraph "engaged in road, water transportation of dangerous chemicals of the driver, crew, handling management personnel, escort personnel did not pass the examination, qualification certificate" and "road danger cargo transportation management provisions" (hereinafter referred to as the "fifty-third provisions") of the first paragraph of the road transportation of hazardous chemicals for drivers and escorts, handling management has not obtained the qualification certificate ", sentenced to more than 20 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan fine.
Q:Please let several reasons why the tanker leaks oil
(oil tanker truck / edible oil transport vehicle) sealing material after long-term use of excessive wear, deterioration of aging, deformation and failure.5, computer tax control, refueling vehicles, lubricating oil to add too much, oil surface is too high or add wrong oil.
Q:What qualifications do you need to make an oil tank on a tanker?
If you hit the road, you'll have to sign up for the license. You need to sign up for a dangerous transportation company,The driver, of course, the first is to have a driver's license. Then go to the traffic police team, dangerous goods management department for dangerous goods transport qualification certificate ", there may be a need to study and test. Then the driver was in the 60 years of age.

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