CIM-I Portland cement

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Specification of Cement





Chemical test


Loss on Ignition


2.0 ÷ 4.0


Insoluble Residue


0.3 ÷ 2.5




19.0 ÷ 22.0




4.0 ÷ 6.0




2.5 ÷ 3.5




61.0 ÷ 67.0




1.0÷ 4.0




1.6÷ 2.2


Free lime


0.3 ÷ 1.5


Toltal alkali, (Max)




(C3S + C2S), (Min)




C3A, (Max)


2.5 ÷ 3.5


C4AF, (Max)


7 ÷ 11


False Set, (Min)




Chloride, (Min)




Physiscal test

9 ÷ 11


Fineness Blaine, ( Min)




Soundness: Lecateller test, ( Max)




Air content or mortar


5 ÷ 10


Autoclave Expansion

0.03 ¸ 0.20


Setting time, (Vicat test)




110 ¸ 160

200 ÷ 300


Compressive Strength

3 days, (Min)

7 days, (Min)

28 days, (Min)





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Q:If I was getting construction done in my backyard and the workmen put the trees in cement?
They will die but not right away. It might take a year or two, depending on their size and age. And they probably won't just fall over. The leaves would die, then the smaller twigs, then the larger twigs, then smaller branches, then larger, etc. It might take several years for the thing to 'fall over.' We have had a large stump in our side yard for about a decade. The tree died about 15 years ago, but the trunk is still there. 'Course, this was a BIG tree-- the trunk is about 3 feet in diameter.
Q:How Reliable is hydraulic Cement?
Due to the pumice used, Ancient Roman concrete was a hydraulic cement and those structures are still standing. Ancient Chinese concrete was also a hydraulic cement due to the sticky rice used and those structures are proving difficult to demolish with modern equipment plus the sticky rice makes them ductile so they flex with Earthquakes. Ancient Chinese ships often used cement to strengthen wood which may be why they are reported to have made wooden ships as large as 400 feet long when the longest relatively modern wooden ship in the west was about 200 feet and required iron bracing. The BP well that leaked in the Gulf was finally sealed with hydraulic cement. Make sure you know how to prepare and cure the cement properly.
Q:Is there a way to break down cement? How can I remove fragments of sement from these glass blocks I found?
It reads as if this question has been sufficiently answered but I did find this additional info on the web: Q. What chemicals are used to remove plaster, concrete and mortar from glass? A. Products with phosphoric acid are commonly used. The acid dissolves the cement in the debris and makes it much easier to remove. Beware of any side effects on surrounding stucco and IG seals. Metal scrapers and razor blades have been the standard for construction window cleaning and remain the proven method to safely remove construction debris from glass without scratching. High quality window brushes are used for their ability to spread adequate water without scratching the glass. They help prevent sand from getting trapped between the brush and the glass. Strip washers are also commonly used, but hold less water and carry a higher risk of trapping construction debris, which can scratch glass more easily. Steel wool is sometimes used to remove construction debris from glass, but carries a higher risk of scratching glass. If construction debris gets trapped between the steel wool and glass, scratching could result. Also, if steel wool is to be used, use only new steel wool. If rust is present in old steel wool, scratched glass will result.
Q:need help with cement floor repair.?
Is your concern to resurface the whole area. You need a few helping hands to do the repair. First, break up the old cement floor and compact the ground with sand and the broken pieces with a compactor.This is the base for the cement floor.Allow another 3 inches height for the new concrete floor. Water the whole area to fill all gaps ,refill with sand and compact again. Mark out with string for level gradually running outward from the door entrance. Do not adjust the level above the door jamb to prevent water ingress during rain. Lay a layer of wire mesh on it.Mix cement ,sand and stones/pebbles in proportion of 1:3 :6 with water to form a slurry mix and fill up the floor.Trowel the entire areas evenly with a gradient to allow water to flow toward drain or channels. Remember not to make the floor too smooth as it may turn slippery when wet. Cure the concrete by sprinkling water on it for the next few days or just keep in cool. The job is completed. 10 points please.
Q:How to check content cement & concrete? What do we increase strength of concrete ?
In the US, the predominate method for testing concrete strength is ASTM C31 and C94. C94 provides the general procedures necessary as C31 provides field methods. Generally speaking, concrete strength is directly related to water / cement ratios. The less water in the mix, the greater the strength. However, more water makes the concrete easier to place and finish. Superplasticizers are admixtures that improve concrete workability without adding water. There are also a variety of materials that can be added to concrete to increase strength in addition to a low water/cement ratio (0.35 or less). The number and explanation behind those materials and methods are beyond the scope of what can be covered here. But let it be understood the standard 3000psi concrete can be formulated to provide compressive strengths of 6000psi and more.
Q:Help with ceiling repair, gray cement board?
That sounds like plaster. Plaster is put on in several layers of different substances. Some can be gray. It can not be cement board, that is way too difficult to work with to put into a living room. It is only used in a bathtub/shower or laundry area. If it not cracked, I would not put in ceiling tiles because I think they look cheesy. You can sand it smooth and paint it or put on new texture. Why did you take the texture off? Was it only because it was chipping off. I have seen paint chip off of plaster after a lot of years. I have also seen some of the various layers of the plaster chip off or even disentegrate. That usually happens after damage over a long period of time. I had a layer of drywall installed over the ceiling on one house for cosmetic purposes. Actually, when I say over, it really was physically under the original ceiling, but we use the term over to denote the fact that there was somthing there already.
Q:Why will quarries (cement factory places) reduce carbon dioxide emissions?
Cement plants - not so much the quarries (although their motorized industrial vehicles will also have to start improving performance). The production of cement starts with limestone (CaCO3) plus some additional bits to provide Si, Fe and Al. The whole lot is put into a rotating kiln that roasts the mixture. CO2 off-gases, leaving high-temperature Ca-Si-Al-Fe-O compounds that form the clinker for portland cement. Because modern (and developing ) societies use huge amounts of cement for construction uses and buildings, roadways, bridges, airport runways ... - enormous amounts of limestone are roasted, releasing CO2. Look at the molecular/atomic weights, and you;ll see that 44% by mass of all the CaCO3 that is treated will report to the environment as CO2. Mark L.
Q:i wrote a poem titled 'wet cement' please rate from 1-10 :)?
i give you a 9. it would be better if it was a little longer.
Q:rubber cement on walls?
It may pull off the paint. 3M makes attachments (sold at Lowes, Home Depot) that can be pulled off without finish damage.
Q:Cement grinding aids are chemical or building materials ah what is based on ah?
It should be said that not building materials

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