CIM-I Portland cement

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Specification of Cement





Chemical test


Loss on Ignition


2.0 ÷ 4.0


Insoluble Residue


0.3 ÷ 2.5




19.0 ÷ 22.0




4.0 ÷ 6.0




2.5 ÷ 3.5




61.0 ÷ 67.0




1.0÷ 4.0




1.6÷ 2.2


Free lime


0.3 ÷ 1.5


Toltal alkali, (Max)




(C3S + C2S), (Min)




C3A, (Max)


2.5 ÷ 3.5


C4AF, (Max)


7 ÷ 11


False Set, (Min)




Chloride, (Min)




Physiscal test

9 ÷ 11


Fineness Blaine, ( Min)




Soundness: Lecateller test, ( Max)




Air content or mortar


5 ÷ 10


Autoclave Expansion

0.03 ¸ 0.20


Setting time, (Vicat test)




110 ¸ 160

200 ÷ 300


Compressive Strength

3 days, (Min)

7 days, (Min)

28 days, (Min)





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Q:how do you make pvc cement not dry?
You would be better off to buy some new stuff, but there is a remote possibility you can make it glue again by mixing some acetone in to it, but, but , but the acetone is more expensive than buying new pvc cement. So the moral of this story is; buy new pvc cement and get used to the idea that the stuff will dry out with some regularity. Actually eventually it all dries out even if you are careful to close the can very tight. It is a universal truth in life. I wish I had $5.00 for every can of that stuff that has gotten hard on me.
Q:Should I buy the retro 4 cement?
The White Cements? If Yea, then YES! Very Nice Shoe, and The Quality Is Very Good, but it really depends on the price they are not worth spending 270+ $ For Them. If you can get them anywhere from under 230$ i would get them
Q:Mixing Cement (type 2 portland lime and sand)?
finally a mixture that wealthy will shrink and crack. it fairly is only too annoying and as a result too brittle for stucco - which correct could be approximately a similar density because of the fact the substrate (if brick) or rather mushy if on cord lath so as that it may amplify and settlement with temperature ameliorations and not crack. we've a house inbuilt 1890, and those days (18 months in the past) had approximately 4 hundred sq. ft of undesirable stucco got rid of and altered, approximately 100s.f. on mushy brick, the rest on new stainless-steel cord lath and beads. The brick application became 3:a million sand-to-portland cement, the 300s.f. final became 4:a million sand to Portland Cement. the two had admixtures extra in to the actual-coat (producer's colored mixture) for colour, solid adhesion and adaptability. the two have been actual 3-coat applications which blanketed soaking the bricks previous to installation so as that the stucco cured correct. so some distance, curiously great and shows no cracks, separation or splitting.
Q:I just got my braces on today and there and my orthodontist put a cement blob on my 2 molars?
They put the cement on the molars so that the teeth don't come down and bite on the brackets because they will fall off. The cement should only have to be there until the top teeth are aligned better and won't touch the bottom brackets when you close your mouth... Maybe for a couple of adjustments? Just depends on how long it takes for your teeth to move! Also, the more you chew and everything , that cement will start to wear down and won't be so huge and noticeable! Good Luck!
Q:in what ratio should i mix cement and water?
Coupla two, three, four parts to one.
Q:Can you get rid of graffiti in cement?
No...sorry, but I don't think so. But acually I have one could buy some spray paint thats the same color of the cement and spray paint over it...? I hope I helped!!! :)
Q:why must you use cement board under ceramic tile?
It is not necessary to use cement board under ceramic tile unless the area is gong to be exposed to water or moisture frequently. The cement board creates a water barrier to protect the wood framing of the house. Ceramic tile can be successfully laid over wood, plastic, fiberglass or any other surface that is flat and solid. That means no give or flexing when you walk on it or sitting things on it. A wooden floor normally will require extra bracing to make it solid and not flex from walking on it or furniture weight.
Q:can I put new cement on top of old?
I poured new concrete over my old porch and sidewalks old and its held up for 6 years now. I did ruff up the surface of the porch but not the sidewalks. They sell a primer now for doing that. As long as the new concrete isn't to thin, you should be fine. If you just need a thin surface, Home Depot sells self leveling concrete and floor leveler. It is made by Henry, is in a 40lb bag in the tile dept.
Q:How is cement manufacutured on large scale?
There are different types of cement but... Portland cement is made by heating limestone with small quantities of other materials (such as clay) to 1450°C in a kiln. The resulting hard substance, called 'clinker', is then ground with a small amount of gypsum into a powder to make 'Ordinary Portland Cement', the most commonly used type of cement (often referred to as OPC). Always the same process just in large volume.
Q:Years ago I had braces and I had removed them myself(which was stupid) in doing so it left the cement on my?
If you call a regular dentist's office to make an appointment, tell them about the cement. There are specific tools used to remove the orthodontic cement from the teeth, and not all offices have them. Some general dentists also do orthodontics, so they might have the tools, but they would still need to allow extra time because removing a significant amount of cement takes more time than a standard cleaning would. If you haven't been back to a dentist since you were young, it would also be best to see a general dentist (who also does orthodontics) because they will be able to check for decay and periodontal disease at the same appointment where they remove the cement.

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