Christmas String Led Light CE&ROHS Holiday Light Led Colorful

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private designed led strawberry light 
DC5V lighting 
Private strawberry shape 
3 years warranty 



    The series products are SMD5050 production with high brightness, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, small attenuation, waterproof, ultraviolet prevention advantages; The LED strawberry lamp string specification: 

1, a string of 50 diamonds (can according to the customer request and decision);

2, working voltage: DC5V; Working current: 2 A left and right sides;

3, LED lamp colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white; And has the intelligent control system, can produce change, jump to change, chase, meet different effects such as user requirements.



,easy installation, wiring is convenient 

2the LED strawberry lamp string simplified waterproof to give full play to advantage, any combination point light source, reflect the randomness;

3use high power LED chip Taiwan, lighting, excellent color consistency, color saturation, good, long service life and low attenuation characteristics, and to ensure the product quality. 

4, the product quality science waterproof compression performance (IP68), ensure products for outdoor use; 

5,of two-way access, LED lamp, separation equipment design and maintenance easy, thoroughly solve problems difficult engineering and maintenance, LED lamp bead and one year free value-added service guarantee;

6,can let users in the use of a safer environment, very suitable for outdoor glow and the home decoration lighting applications, increase vision distance;

7, intelligent control system, can produce change, jump, chase, the influence of the change, and realize the asynchronous and synchronous control, random order to meet different requirements of users.

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Q:Low voltage LED lamp string resistance is how to count, there is no formula?
Diode products cannot be calculated by resistors.
Q:Rated voltage of LED lamp string
When normal luminescence, each LED voltage drop is more than 2 volts, the current is about 15mA, to use 220V direct current should be connected in series with nearly one hundred led, or in the LED circuit series resistance, so that the series circuit current is about 15ma.
Q:What is the principle of the LED series?
Led 2 polar tube inside chip oscillator circuit, and the general appearance led 2 polar tube without distinction, only connected to the power supply of two kinds of color turns light, 1 seconds, I bought the 5MM red, blue autoflash. From the appearance of the series, but not necessarily in series
Q:What's the price of the LED light string?
Frame and bottom plateLED panel light frame and bottom plate according to different material, its heat dissipation performance is not the same priceThere are differences. The price of the 6063 aluminum profile is about 50-80 yuan (the specifications are different and the prices are different).
Q:What's the average luminous current of an ordinary LED lamp string?
If the lamp light current series is their rated current,
Q:Who knows how the controller of outdoor LED lights can be protected against water?
If you don't have a shell, it's an open controller, so you can make a waterproof plastic lid and make it waterproof at the front of the O loopYou can refer to the LED waterproof flashlight for inspiration!
Q:The color temperature of LED light string
Refers to a standard blackbody heating, the temperature rises to a certain degree when starting from the color red - Orange - red - white - blue, gradually changed, a light source and the blackbody with the same color, we will at the time of the absolute temperature blackbody called the color temperature of the light source.
Q:How much is the voltage across the 20 LED lamps in series?
Don't know what kind of LED, if it is ordinary bright LED words, according to different colors, the rated voltage between 3.6-3.8V (current allowable level <20mA), you can be calculated according to the amount of estimates, as long as the control current should not exceed 20MA no problem
Q:How does the LED light string flash?
What kind of light? What about the flash?If you are talking about the pulse drive mode of LED, then it is for heat dissipation and energy saving.
Q:Why are there three lines for the controller of the LED light string? What are they?
The four cycles are green, blue and white, and the answer is almost the same as that on the top. But the three colors are strung together

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