Christmas Hotsell Ultra Thin Flex Led Neon Light

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Product Description:

Christmas Hotsell New Ultra Thin Neon Flex LED Neon Light



Product Details:

100% brand new and high quality

Flexible and water resistant, can be bent, cut and outdoor installed.

Can offer 120 degrees of illumination

Life time: more than 50,000 hours

Great for garden, camping, bar/building decoration and so on

Working temperature: - 20°C to 45°C

Input voltage:12V,24V,110V.220V



Technical information

Item NoColorVoltageLED QuantityCutting LengthWattsPackage
MJ-NF-SCRred220V80/M 100/M 120/M/ 160M1M3.8W50M/Roll
MJ-NF-SCYyellow220V80/M 100/M 120/M/ 160M1M3.8W50M/Roll
MJ-NF-SCOorange220V80/M 100/M 120/M/ 160M1M3.8W50M/Roll
MJ-NF-SCBblue220V80/M 100/M 120/M/ 160M1M3.8W50M/Roll
MJ-NF-SCGgreen220V80/M 100/M 120/M/ 160M1M3.8W50M/Roll
MJ-NF-SCWwhite220V80/M 100/M 120/M/ 160M1M3.8W50M/Roll
MJ-NF-SCWWwarm white220V80/M 100/M 120/M/ 160M1M3.8W50M/Roll
MJ-NF-SCPpink220V80/M 100/M 120/M/ 160M1M3.8W50M/Roll
MJ-NF-SCVpurple220V80/M 100/M 120/M/ 160M1M3.8W50M/Roll



Cutting Unit Notioce: 

1M @ 220V

0.5M @ 110V;

0.25M @ 48V;

0.1M @ 24V ;

0.05M @12V 



1. indoor and outdoor advertising signs,

2. building outlines, urban lighting,

3. decorative lighting,

4. hotels,

5. department stores and public places of entertainment



Package Included:

Led neon flex x 50m
Power connection cords x 2pcs
End caps x 2pcs
Shrinkable tube x 2pcs




5~15days for sample and order.



Our team: 

Was founded in 2004, has an independent office buildings and professional & high 

standards of clean production workshop, with automatic high-end LED lighting products production line. 

Our service: 

1. All the enquiry or email will be replied within 10hrs by our staffs in fluent English

2. All the technical can be replied wihin 10 hrs by our own engineers group with high technical skill.

3. All the customers visiting will arrange for the pick up service.

4. All the customers matter is our matter urgently handling.




1. what accessories for this model?

 power cable, t-connector, l-connector, end cup, 2pin core, aluminum etc.

2. color?

any color

3. can i make mix order?

yes, mix order is acceptable

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Q:Lamps, fluorescent lamps, lighting appliances, energy-saving fluorescent lamps arranged in order
! The lamp shade is silver, it will be connected together and lamp pole medium thickness, pole is a thread shaped, retractable lamp height, as long as you gently pull the lamp will rise, gently pressed, and can reduce the lamp, I love the most convenient, the socket pattern --- two little girls in dedicated reading
Q:What is outdoor theme lighting?
some targeted theme lighting.
Q:What are the main points of power distribution and lighting energy-saving supervision?
According to the construction drawings, according to GB50411 - 2007 "building energy conservation project construction quality acceptance specification", the provisions of the fourth section supervision
Q:In the application of the following electrical appliances, what is said is incorrect
D lighting circuit, the lights and other electrical connection between are parallel, so the option D either.
Q:How much does LED lighting save more than regular lighting?
. If it is energy-saving effect of lamps and lanterns, the key is to see whether the design is reasonable.
Q:Colorful lighting, okay?
take on an altogether new aspect feeling, I see a lot of lights, the lights are not resplendent with variegated coloration in particular, crystal lamp, lamp, my house on which all the finishing touch but the price is not high..
Q:What are the main technical measures for the implementation of energy-saving lighting?
The measures of lighting energy-saving design usually have the following: first, the choice of lighting methods.
Q:Lighting line connections?
The characteristic is that the current flowing through one component flows through the other at the same time. For example: small lanterns in the festival. In the series circuit, the closing switch, the two bulbs simultaneously emit light, and the switch is switched off, and the two bulbs are extinguished, indicating that the switch in the series circuit can control all the appliances.
Q:Every home needs lighting bulbs, which are popular on the market now
by calculation, we should choose energy-saving lamps to reduce the cost of household lighting
Q:What is lighting energy-saving?
Lighting energy-saving mainly through the use of energy-efficient lighting products, improve quality, optimize lighting design and other means to achieve the benefit of the purpose, that is, energy conservation, but not sacrifice quality.

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