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material:beech wood



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We also have bamboo and plastic cutting board for choice

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Q:Ironwood rootstock, white fruit chopping board which is good
Heavy good. Can withstand greater impact.What's better now is a white plastic cutting board. Common thickness of 1-12 cm.The advantage is not moldy, easy to clean, strong impact resistance, not broken, long service life. After several years of use, the surface of the grinding wheel is new.But the price is expensive.As for the bamboo or wood chopping board, it is necessary to keep wet, but also easy to keep some food is not easy to clean, will cause bacterial reproduction.
Q:A sour smell poisonous Ironwood chopping board
I used to go to the supermarket to buy a heavy hand Ironwood chopping board, did not find out what is the sour smell, the smell is a little wood and some do not smell, smell the taste of wood is very friendly feel without what you are not familiar with, iron wood cutting boards soaked in water for a long time also moldy? Or two pieces of wood adhesive useful to latex, latex wood because there is a sour, damp put long will send a sour taste!
Q:Just bought the iron wood cutting boards should be how to deal with durable and not to crack?
The correct method: soak overnight water (not necessarily saline) surface dry, the degree must grasp, is only the surface, then hot lard body wipes, to ensure that the internal water does not evaporate, even if it is not for a few years (knife, wash will destroy the protective layer) especially, in the dry north, the best one year to do it again
Q:For the first time, how to distinguish the bamboo chopping board which is positive
There is no solution to this problem, because the bamboo chopping board has no positive and negative sides.
Q:The maintenance method of the wooden board Jian?
The new board bought first placed in salt water soak for twenty-four hours, the water is fully absorbed, can prevent the day after cracking, after half a month to put a night in the water, can effectively protect the block!
Q:How to deal with the new wood chopping board?
1, the new board will repurchase, flat on the chopping board bracket. Double coated rapeseed oil, dried after repeated smear, until saturated vegetable oil penetrating. After a few days, the fuel consumption as board size, generally only spent more than 250 grams. The vegetable oil processing, regardless of the length of time, will not crack the chopping board.2, use boiling water to burn, the outer layer of wax wash, wash away, be sure to use a strong brine soak for a day, concentrated salt water is to boil, while the hot salt, add to no longer melt. The purpose of using concentrated brine for a day is to make the surface of the wood with salt, salt is hygroscopic, can prevent dry wood cracking. After soaking out, heat oil in wok, cool to 70 degrees, on the surface of the chopping board, standing for a moment, then painted, painted several times. The oil suction almost, oil paper to dry, the chopping board can be used. In addition, if the board should not long, but also painted a good oil flat storage.The chopping board mildew tips:The hot summer because of moist air, especially in the rainy south, chopping board easily moldy, so every time you use clean cloth to clean the board application, placed in dry ventilated place. If the board has mildew, will be placed on the chopping board Taomi Shui or put detergent scrub, then rinse with clear water, placed in ventilated place to dry, but do not easily wet boards placed in the sun, to prevent the deformation effect.
Q:After the use of iron wood cutting boards how to maintain?
I also use iron wood chopping board, my experience for your reference, cut vegetable dish directly after the wash, placed scalded with boiling water after the dry; cut meat to add detergent, and then boiling water.Special remind you: cut the meat dishes that use detergent wash, not boiling water hot, dry it will appear greasy
Q:Why does the chopping board of my home always give out black spot without any reason?
It's a mold.1 boards after use, wash with detergent, then wash a hot boiling water, so you can play the role of sterilization daily.After washing with a clean cloth to wipe clean, so that the board as soon as possible dehumidification,Don't end up cutting board placed close to the wall or flat against the counter, and it should be placed in ventilated place to dry up.2 do not use cleaning chopping board, steel brush to scrub hard, in order to avoid the surface of the chopping board is more rough, and hidden bacteria.Can be washed with a kitchen knife or loofah.3 if the board has become moldy, can use stainless steel cleaning wire or sandpaper friction force moldy place, then rinse with hot boiling water, but this method can completely remove mildew.Also the chopping block can be soaked in Taomi Shui, add salt or alkali wash, wash on the board to pour some vinegar, sun dried, and then washed with water.FourThe chopping board or daily good maintenance, can often use hot or boiling water, put the sun sterilization, but can not withstand exposure, so as not to board too strong sunlight and cracking.Keep a week to sprinkle a salt on the chopping board.White vinegar can also be sprayed on the board, put half an hour after the wash, not only can sterilization, but also in addition to taste.FiveIf the board moldy serious, not by scrubbing is useless, can be moldy with a plane under this layer, or directly for the new board.Matters needing attentionThe chopping board is related to our daily life, heart care.
Q:Mahogany can do chopping board?
The theory can do but with mahogany chopping, mahogany and rosewood wood chopping put fine timber to petty use, which contains mild toxins, long-term use of a harm to human body.Daily use, to "five prevention", "no three":"Five" is to prevent direct sunlight, to avoid wood cracking or crisp; prevent over drying, avoid dry wood deformation; damp proof, lest meet wet wood, long decay; fire, furniture is wood products, flammable items, pay attention to the fire to burn; antimoth rat bite."Three" is not in the top of the cabinet table, chair, on the surface of heap weight, avoid furniture deformation; don't wipe or rinse with a damp cloth, but can not use alkaline water, alcohol, organic solvent cleaning, to avoid damage to wood fiber; move lift light light, don't pull hard pull, avoid damage
Q:Is camphor wood suitable for chopping boards?
Camphor wood is not toxic, it can be used as medicinal materials. Compendium of Materia Medica also recorded, camphor is non-toxic. It is suitable for camphor wood chopping board. We do not see its organic ingredients that do not fit, in fact, any wood contains organic ingredients. Camphor wood surface odor normal 2-3 days will evaporate. Camphor Qufengshi, meridians, pain, digestion effect. Therefore, the use of camphor wood chopping board is not bad benefits. There are a lot of people who use the chopping block in the southern countryside. And are very large, chopping board will not be moldy, not insects. However, due to the large camphor tree is rare, the whole block of camphor wood is very rare.

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