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material:beech wood



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We also have bamboo and plastic cutting board for choice

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Q:How to do the new clam chopping board with a heavy flavor
First with salt water bubble, and then vinegar bubble.If there is a cauldron, then use salt water to boil, then simmer with vinegar will be much better.
Q:How to remove the odor on the chopping board?
1, cut the chopping board with a long time, there will be a smell, wash with Taomi Shui or tofu water soak for 10 minutes, plus alkali and salt wash, and then rinse with hot water, you can remove the odor.2, with the onion or ginger will wipe the whole chopping board, and then scrub with hot water, washed after the smell will disappear
Q:The maintenance method of the wooden board Jian?
Jian wood chopping board before use to make a series of maintenance workMaterial: a pack of salt, edible oil 200 ml.Practice: 1 Jian wood chopping board in a suitable container, filled with water, and will not block, a packet of salt in the water, stir to dissolve, the chopping board is placed in the water at least 72 hours bubble foot.2 soak the good chopping board out of the water and dry it with a towel. Pour 200 ml of cooking oil into the pot, heat to warm, and then pour the oil on the chopping board, with a cloth evenly spread the oil on the entire chopping board, place one day, after the oil absorption can be washed clean.With salt water Jian wood chopping board is said to make the wood cell loss, so that the wood more detailed closely. Use hot oil to cut the board in order to moisturize and keep the water from running away.Used on the wooden board maintenance jian:1 avoid exposure, should be kept in a cool place.2 Jian wood chopping block like wet evil dryness, after use clean, covered with a clean cloth cutting board. Skin care with the same truth: clean, replenishment, moisturizing.
Q:How to deal with the new wood chopping board?
1, the new board will repurchase, flat on the chopping board bracket. Double coated rapeseed oil, dried after repeated smear, until saturated vegetable oil penetrating. After a few days, the fuel consumption as board size, generally only spent more than 250 grams. The vegetable oil processing, regardless of the length of time, will not crack the chopping board.2, use boiling water to burn, the outer layer of wax wash, wash away, be sure to use a strong brine soak for a day, concentrated salt water is to boil, while the hot salt, add to no longer melt. The purpose of using concentrated brine for a day is to make the surface of the wood with salt, salt is hygroscopic, can prevent dry wood cracking. After soaking out, heat oil in wok, cool to 70 degrees, on the surface of the chopping board, standing for a moment, then painted, painted several times. The oil suction almost, oil paper to dry, the chopping board can be used. In addition, if the board should not long, but also painted a good oil flat storage.The chopping board mildew tips:The hot summer because of moist air, especially in the rainy south, chopping board easily moldy, so every time you use clean cloth to clean the board application, placed in dry ventilated place. If the board has mildew, will be placed on the chopping board Taomi Shui or put detergent scrub, then rinse with clear water, placed in ventilated place to dry, but do not easily wet boards placed in the sun, to prevent the deformation effect.
Q:What's the best way to hang a chopping block?
Use the glue to fix the hook on the tile
Q:After the use of iron wood cutting boards how to maintain?
A good maintenance maintenance of good iron iron wood chopping board for 30 years.Tmall wood master flagship store in Vietnam border city of Dongxing shipping real iron wood chopping board
Q:How to prevent cracking of Ironwood chopping block?
Don't be afraid of trouble if you want to use it for a long time:With salt water (not necessarily salt, salt too) completely soaked, slightly saline concentration, preferably 3 to 4 days, the middle can change a brine or add some salt. Soak the surface after cleaning can be used, pay attention to avoid exposure, with a few years will not crack.
Q:How does chopping block mould do? Can still use, can you remove mildew?
I recommend you try a high le bleach water, the landlord does not know can search the Internet high le CLOROX.It has the effect of sterilization, mildew removal and bleaching.After sterilization, enzyme to be repeated after washing. And then the sun for several hours under the sun.
Q:How to deal with the newly bought rosewood chopping board?
The new block before use with brine soaked for several days, the chopping board to keep moist not dry, indehiscent, durable.
Q:Not long to how to save iron block
It is best to wash with water and then driedPut it in a dry place;Wait until the next time to wash clean[key] to prevent crackingWill be the first to use peanut oil on the chopping board and then soak in water for some time and then come out cool dry![maintenance method]1, with a wooden board into the plastic market, put clean water in the plate (can not of the wooden board can, salt water (much more than half a catty, catty, as you drain and) and stir evenly, then add the wooden board, a continuous immersion april.2, a month later, remove the wood chopping board to dry the water, and then plant oil boil, with a cloth stained with heat evenly on both sides of the wooden chopping board.3, a few days later, when the wood chopping block dry, with a knife in the side of the chopping board cut out a shallow ditch, and then use the more thick wire along the road cut out of the shallow ditch to cut the wood chopping board tightly.

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