Choke Valve of Flanged Adjustable Barrel with API 6A Standard

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Choke Valve of Flanged Adjustable Barrel Description

The cylinder gate, gap between gate and seat, interlinked between inlet and outlet. Mainly used in chock manifold or other high pressure piping.

2. Main Features of Choke Valve of Flanged Adjustable Barrel

1) Wear-resistance, scour-resistance

2) Reliable performance

3) Application:Oil, Chemical industry, etc.

4) Medium: Oil,Gas,Water,etc.

3. Choke Valve of Flanged Adjustable Barrel Images

4. Choke Valve of Flanged Adjustable Barrel Specification

Working Pressure 2,000Psi 20,000Psi
Nominal Size 2-1/16″~4-1/16 "
Performance Grade PR12
Working Tem KU ( -60℃~121)
Specifications Grade PSL14
Working Medium: oil, gas, water, mud
Material Class AAHH
Actuator: handle, Hydraulic, pneumatic
End ConnectionConform to API

5. FAQ of Choke Valve of Flanged Adjustable Barrel

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Q:Heart Valves?
It depends on the type of the vavle. They usually get worn after 10-15 years.
Q:What's the different between (P.S.V. & Relief Valve)?
They or other relief valve sites for more information.
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Q:about a blow off valve?
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Q:replacing pressure reducing valve?
The cost you quoted seems a bit high to me. Mine didn't cost anywhere near that amount in East Texas. A pressure reducing valve acts like a check valve when there is no flow. That is it closes as the pressure rises when you are not using any water. In this condition, the hot water heater can raise the pressure even higher since there is no place for the expanding water to go. That is the reason for the expansion tank. Without the expansion tank the pressure relief valve on the hot water heater can relieve unnecessarily or weep a bit.
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Q:i want to know the detailed reason for pressure drops in expansion valve?
I would wager that those losses, or pressure drops, are due to entrance and exit losses through the valve. Calculate the losses yourself. The mechanism is simply friction and geometry. Perhaps the losses are not what some agency says they are. Physical tests can be used should such phenomena govern costly criteria and baselines.
Q:Leaky main water shut off valve?
There is a very simple fix to your problem. Get some teflon tape, turn off the valve, back off the packing nut all the way, twirl the tape into a thread (about 4 to 5), wrap it around the stem, reinstall the nut and snug it up. Done! While there is special graphite packing for this purpose, it is usually hard to find and works no better than the tape. You can apply a small amount of vasaline to the stem before you put on the tape to make the valve operate more easily. Only tighten the nut enough to keep it from dripping or it may become hard to open and close. You can easily add a second valve by removing the pipe above the old one and installing a piece of copper with a valve inline. Some will say you need to worry about electrolysis if you screw an adapter into the existing galvanized but I am sure you will replace the old pipe before that is an issue 20 years from now. Good Luck!

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