Chinese Polyester Hand Tufted Hotel Carpet

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Polyester hand tufted carpet

Hand tufed and hand carved

Pile weight from 1500 to 2400g/sqm

Good craftsmanship

Vivid colors

QualityHand tufted carpet
Material100% polyester
Designs Various designs applicable
SizeAny size
ColorAny color
Pile heightAbout 1cm
Pile weight1500g, 1600g, 1700g, 1800g or 1900g /sqm
Rug backCanvas latex back

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Q:Will laying alot of rugs down soundproof the floor?
It may help to muffle the noise but will not soundproof the space. If you're looking to turn up the TV or stereo bear in mind that there is little you can do to prevent noise transfer without having a building that is constructed to address noise control. If your floors are concrete you are in luck because there is much less sound transfer with concrete that other type of floors. Wood substrates in converted or older buildings can create major noise issues for tenants. If you share walls with your neighbors putting in foam insulation pads (like those used to control cold air) at the electrical outlets and switches may help a tiny bit. Keeping stereo/TV speakers away from shared walls should also help. You may consider putting speakers on a stack of old towels to reduce sound transfer through the floor. Your best bet may be to talk to the resident(s) beneath you and ask that they call you if the noise is too much. Discussing it up front can create good will with your neighbors and help keep you aware of what is considered reasonable. See link below for more detailed info on sound control issues in apartments. Good luck.
Q:About Shag Carpeting?
If it were me, I'd take the opportunity to get rid of the shag carpet and replace it with something more practical. Otherwise ... blot the area dry as quickly and thoroughly as possible, insuring you also absorb the fluid from the padding. Once the bulk of the liquid has been removed, I'd spritz the area with water and allow it to sit for about five minutes, then repeat the blotting. Repeat until no color remains. Consider an inexpensive shampoo suitable for shag if needed.
Q:Best way to clean persian rug?
Hi, ... Hope this helps.
Q:How do you recommend cleaning carpets?
A professional advised me that most home cleaners do not remove the water out of the carpets well enough, therefore causing damage to the carpets. I have experienced this trying to do it myself. Depends on the carpet. They removed a lot of stains from my carpet, but some returned at a later time. If you are not in the position to replace, hiring a professional cleaner is your best bet.
Q:bleaching carpets???
try vingar baking soda mixed wait till the fizz is gone and then get a washcloth or paper towel fold it dip into the mix press firmly on to the stain i tried it and it worked but im not sure if we have the same carpets mine is also tan
Q:I have rug on my carpet, how do i make it not slip/move?
You already answered your own question. Nail it down or screw it down. If you own the house, replace the carper. if you rent, wold do the above. good luck
Q:Is saying six foot by six foot rug correct or six feet by six feet rug?
You're using it as an adjective, a six-foot rug. It'll be easier to give more examples than to describe the rule. A drive of ten miles is a ten-mile drive. A baby that weighs eight pounds is an eight-pound baby. A building with six stories is a six-story building. Etc.
Q:Is it normal a rug still smells like urine even after dry cleaning by a professional?
Yes. Totally normal. No commercial cleaning solutions remove the urine. No, there is no way to revive the colors, either.
Q:Design question about rugs?
It depends on what you are going to put on it. You could turn the other rug so they won't be so close together.
Q:Pull carpet out myself...?
First, make sure to wear a dust mask as removing old carpet will cause airborne debris. To remove your old carpet, start at the edge underneath the baseboard using pliers to pull up the carpet along that entire wall. Now, using a utility knife cut the carpet in strips, so when you pull up the carpet its easy to roll up and remove. Finally pull up the tack strip with a pry-bar.

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