Chinese Polyester Hand Tufted Hotel Carpet

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Polyester hand tufted carpet

Hand tufed and hand carved

Pile weight from 1500 to 2400g/sqm

Good craftsmanship

Vivid colors

QualityHand tufted carpet
Material100% polyester
Designs Various designs applicable
SizeAny size
ColorAny color
Pile heightAbout 1cm
Pile weight1500g, 1600g, 1700g, 1800g or 1900g /sqm
Rug backCanvas latex back

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Q:can i touch a prayer rug?
Salam. If you are in your monthly period,based on the hadith you will be haram (1)to recite/read the Qur'an Touching only the Qur'an such bring it and then give it to your mom is allowed (2)to estab lish the mandatory or voluntary prayer (3)to perform mandatory/voluntary fasting and (4)to make sex with husband So you can touch or wash your prayer rug although you are in your monthly period.. It is not haram to touch a prayer rug.
Q:A rug is to fit a room so that a border of consistent width is left on all four sides. If the room is 13 feet?
You could do this how the first poster did it, or this way: Define you variables: x is the width of the rug y is the length of the rug xy=160 x+12=y Substitute equation #2 into equation #1 x(x+12)=160 x²+12x-160=0 (x+20)(x-8)=0 x=8 (a negative answer wouldn't work because this is a word problem) xy=160 8y=160 y=20 25-20=5 13-8=5 Both leave 5ft, and since there are two 'widths' in the border, I divide by 2 2.5ft
Q:How often should you vacuum carpet?
Vacumm as often as you like. It is your home. When people don't track in debris or drop crumbs the carpet stays cleaner. So, if you want your home to look and feel clean; vacuum all you want. Some times you have people around who don't care what they drop as long as the have an unpaid maid to vacuum. I have found that you can use the brush attachment when you want to make certain carpets look like they have been cleaned (if you don't have obviously soiled areas). Just vacuum back and forth and it picks up debris and dirt. Look at the carpet to see how the carpet looks freshly cleaned.
Q:Can carpet be heated by warm ground?
Water heating refers to the heating of water to a certain temperature, transport to the floor of the water pipe heat dissipation network, heating through the floor and heating purposes to achieve a heating way.The low temperature ground heat medium forms a gradually decreasing temperature gradient from the sole of the foot to the head, thus giving the feet a warm and cool head. Ground radiation heating conforms to the fitness theory of "warming foot and cool top". It is the most comfortable heating mode and the symbol of modern quality of life.
Q:Problems with my shag rug...?
I suggest...brushing it/raking it. Sounds weird but back in the 70's when shag rug was in, raking was introduced to the carpets. If you rake it, it combs the direction of the carpet, but also pulls materials in from deep within the carpet. If this doesn't work...try a lint brush with teeth. Not a roller that picks up sticky stuff.
Q:Carpet Cleaner chemically lightened carpet!?
When a stain develops on carpet, many people grab the nearest all-purpose cleaner and try to tackle the stain head on. Unfortunately, a variety of all-purpose cleaners contain chemicals that will bleach and lighten the carpet. Once the chemicals have stripped the carpet fibers of their color, there really is not much you can do to reverse the action. Replacing the carpet is an option albeit an expensive one. For a cheaper option, dye the lightened carpet to match the surrounding fibers.
Q:whats better on a carpet ?
a regular carpet cleaner or the red juice that my baby nephew spilled on my new white carpet. but a regular carpet cleaner got it out well almost
Q:Carpet beetle larvae in my bed?
Q:What color carpet is good?
In the living room color, as with people wearing, the same is the color, but three principles. Carpet collocation, we also pay attention to hue, color, tone, color, brightness, color matching principle.
Q:oxiclean now spots all over carpet?

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