Chinese Manufacturer Nylon Rope Fishing Twine

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100000 roll/month

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1.Agriculture: Bunding rope;
2.Fishery: Fishing rope;

3.Transportation: Brake rope;

4.Shipping: Warn synthetic rope;

5. Daily Life: Clothes line rope;

6.Sports: Leg rope.


Technical Data:


Chinese Manufacturer Nylon Rope Fishing Twine


1.Choose first-grade raw materials and strict purchasing rules and process .

2. Developed product equipments assure to produce all kinds of electric fence polytape,polywire, polyrope and various insulators .

3. Accurate lengths and weights.

4.A complete range of specifications.

5.Fine designed packaging.

6.Be able to keep a good stability quality .

7. Timely and quickly delivery / shipment .

8. Quality Credibility and good after- sales service well received by our respectable clients from all over the world.

9.UV stabilized polymer webbing for long using life;

10.five,six or nine stainless steel conductors for improve strengh;

11.3-strands ,6-strands ,8-strands or other strands as your requirement;

12.Shiny colors for high visibility , in orange,white or various colors for your favorite;

13.Highly cost- effective.


Friendly Tips:

1.A very convenient form of all-purpose, portable electric fencing that is quick and easy to set up.

2. Electric fence ropes should be assisted by Energizer and fencing accessories and so on.

3 .Must be with pulse type fence energizers.



1.Reply your inquiry in 24 working hours.

2.Customized design is available,OEM are welcomed.

3.Delivery the goods to our customers all over the world by sea,by air,etc.

4.Offer customers best quality of ropes.


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