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chinese knot carpet          


cut pile



Face yarn


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Cotton cloth

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Q:How to save an old rug?
Is this a tufted carpet? It may be the glue disintegrating. Depending on the rug, usually there's not much you can do which would be cost effective. Sometimes you can re-latex the back, but this is quite a project... Tufted rugs are really meant to be disposable
Q:Should you put a rug under your dining room table?
Yes it is common and can look very nice. I wouldn't recommend it however, if you have small children that will be eating at that table on a regular basis.
Q:Spilled nailpolish on my carpet?
Omg. Drown The stain with acetone and blot it Don't rub!
Q:How can I prevent my rugs from staining my linoleum?
There are a few types out there ,but the one I m familar with is calles Rug Hold.. It s a thin rubberymat you put under your rugs to hold them down and wont react w/ your vinyl like the backing is know to your vinyl.. Ashphalt drives are a big problem (tracking in the oils) because the petroleum based products react w/ each other and causes the yellow stains you see.. Check any product like this and get the 1 for your needs.. They make them for wood and carpet etc The nice thing is they can be tossed in washer when they do lose tackeyness and be renewedGL
Q:need help with the rug!!!!?
looks like everything is black and white do you have another color? tan or brown? that would look good as accents including the rugs
Q:I need a heavy duty carpet cleaner?
'I Love My Carpet' cleans everything. and also CLOROX BLEACH PENS get the stains out of anything! I swear! For the paint you could try spraying hairspray on it and it might come out easier. You could put club soda, bleach, baking soda and water, or nail polish remover on stains and scrub it with a wet wash cloth, and it should clean your carpet. You could also try a steam cleaner.
Q:Am I having an allergic reaction to the rug doctor help!!?
Kookie: By rug doctor I am guessing that you mean she cleaned the carpets in your house with the rental carpet cleaning machine made by the rug doctor company. If she used their cleaning solution, it might be that you are reacting to the chemicals in the carpet cleaner. Lots of cleaners use formaldehyde. If that is the case, you can try a couple of things #1. Re clean the carpets using only vinegar and water #2 Treat the carpets with zeolite powder to absorb the chemicals If you are not familiar with zeolites, they are volcanic rocks that are used lots of ways. Because they are negatively charged, they trap and absorb most chemicals and organic odors (those are generally positively charged). You would want to use some crushed up zeolite so it can get on the carpet fibers and get the chemical absorbed. I'll give you some links to read about formaldehyde and zeolite. The vinegar would work as well, but your house is going to smell like a salad for a while. Good luck!
Q:Cleaning methods of several common carpet stains
1, coffee stains can be washed with soda water, and then dry with white cloth.2, wax stains on wax stains can first put a piece of white and clean cloth, spray water on the cloth, and then use the electric iron hot wax, wax position, wax will be dissolved in cloth.3, the original pen oil can be washed with alcohol, and then dry white and clean cloth.4, lipstick can be washed with alcohol, and then white and clean cloth dry.5, chewing gum stains can use dry ice cooling to harden the chewing gum, and lose the viscous force, it is very easy to make chewing gum was extracted, the remaining small stains, usable alcohol cleaning, reoccupy white and clean and dry cloth.6, red wine stains must be immediately soaked cloth with wine stains, followed by the point to the point of pouring salt, about two hours later, with a vacuum cleaner thoroughly clean, you can remove stains.7, smoke stains if the carpet hair was burned, with charred blade will cut part of the raw materials, other materials filled in the hole.
Q:how many square yards do i need of carpet
234.7 square yards of carpet. Here's how I got it: 12 ft x 12 ft = 144 sq ft. 10 ft x 14 ft = 140 sq ft. 21 ft x 20 ft = 420 sq ft 144 + 140 + 420 = 704 sq ft / 3 = 234.66 sq yards, which rounds up to 234.7.
Q:Patch carpet?
Here's my experience. As a landlord I've gone thru every type of carpeting and finally got so mad I ordered that short nap nylon/plastic stuff. I had it glued down. I figured no one could do anything to that carpeting. Well, the daughter dropped and left an iron and melted the carpet. I hired professionals to come take a piece out of the back of the closet to switch places. Does it show? Absolutely because of the lack of nap and they didn't take care to cut all the shreds from the outside edges. In other words-even if they had done a good job it would have shown. I have better business carpeting and they butt the ends up to each other and it's fairly hard to tell. So if you have nap, you'll be able to pull it off. It will wear soon enough. I would glue the edges and glue the piece so that it doesn't move. Be sure to match any design and direction and be careful to leave all the nap you can around the edges so you can brush it together. Since you're piece is so much bigger, it should be harder to tell. Lots of luck. And, oh yea, if you can take the piece from the closet, do that. It will have faded more than the new and put the new in the closet.

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