China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12

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Product Description:

China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12 

Technical parameter


Control ProtocolDMX, Art-Net,Kling-Net
Art-Net Channels432/8
Light Source144 LEDs(tri-color) SMD 5050,50000 hours life expectancy
Pixel Pitch25mm
Viewing Angle120°
Illuminance3290 NITS(clear filter),2900 NITS(frosted filter)
ApprovalsCE, RoHS
Housing MaterialAluminum alloy
IP RatingIP20
Weight5.6 lb (2.5kg)
Dimensions11.8 x 11.8 x 4.6 in (300 x 300 x 117 mm)

Advantage of the product:

*Quickly configure these slim, one-meter strips and link up to 16
 in-lines with network cables or create vertical effects
with new hardware linking system


*Easily control each using Art-Net  (3.0 compliant) or Arkaos
Kling-Net or DMX


China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12

China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12


*Easily manage configuration and software updates with the network-based remote web server

*Works with Arkaos Media Master Express for a plug-n-play system that requires little training to operate. 


China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12

China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12


Pixel mapping displays are achieved in minutes using multiple


control options-industry standard Art-net abd Arkaos Kling-net.


China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12

China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12

China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12


The back of bar has slide,you could use lifting yoke to hang.


 China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12

 China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12


There are three filters for your reference:


Milky cover,frosted cover and clear cover.


 China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12


You could design any programs you want by the professional software.


China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12 


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Q:I use the power of 512 console, ~
DMX512 console control channel up to 512, and if your first light is 17 channels, then you start the first light is set to 001, and the starting address of the second light is set to 018,
Q:How much is the Pearl beam pr_2205?
This information, if necessary, I can help you solve the problem
Q:Can you tell me where the red and green laser beam lamps are on the tower? Twenty
That's not a laser, but a power searchlight with a green glass, so thick, a laser beam is bigger than a truck.
Q:What is the most advanced stage light beam in China, w?
Now a new 350W beam pattern lamp, brightness effect is not bad
Q:For 200W (BEAM200) bright light.
Manufacturers should have an electronic version of it, you can call manufacturers to consult ah
Q:I bought the 300W beam lamp, but there is no prism effect. Can you add prism 5?
In general, there are prisms, but also three prisms. Unless businesses are doing this in order to save costs. If you use the 200W or 230W beam light, the effect is much better than the 300W beam light, and the brightness is several times higher than the 300W. Torch lighting good, cost-effective and reputation are good, of course, the quality is the most critical.
Q:How far is the headlight distance of the J6 headlamp?
The headlight beam irradiation position requirementsMotor vehicles (excluding transport tractor) in the low beam position lamp, headlight screen at a distance of 10M, beam angle or the midpoint of the line section and height should be 0.6--0.8H (H for the headlight reference center height, the same below), the horizontal position to the left and right shall not exceed 100MM
Q:The beam light is very dim. What's the matter?
The lens is clean. The lamp has been in use for a month. Can't it decay so fast?Chasing the answerThe color channels do not move, to 0, so dark, this was a month, not decay, is no bubble, is not playing out the yellow light?
Q:How many LED PAR lights, pattern lights, beam lights and face lights should be needed on the 10 meter stage?
PAR lamp as the light surface, its light in the expression of softer, a supplementary form it actually belongs to the lantern, he will be added to the light, and add this form of surface will be more gentle than light, so the site is relatively high, the PAR light is very helpful the.The PAR lamp's proposal is, if necessary, to increase the number of signal lamp. The PAR lamp only as a supplementary form of light, if you want to use a group of 8 to 6 words, the price is more expensive, if allowed, would rather use the lantern, although in the light will not so soft, but the overall effect will still be better than PAR lamps. Of course, if the effect of the PAR lamp is good, it can still have a good effect. But not standard configuration.If you are a bright field, indoor lighting bright enough, and the hotel banquet hall is sufficient to satisfy the requirement of natural lighting; light is relatively good, the banquet hall is spacious, bright if rent, can be considered or less with the wedding lighting equipment, such a bright field light, offer slightly low.But if you are dark, or need to use some lighting equipment to create a dark wedding effect. Like the stage surface light PAR lamp, surface light, shine light, bright lighting, computer lamp, LED lamp, light staining three color news surface light lamp and LEDpar lamp are commonly used in wedding planning lighting equipment. LED, PAR lights are still necessary
Q:What's the effect of this beam of light below?
You can use the light domain network in 3D.

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