China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12

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Product Description:

China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12 

Technical parameter


Control ProtocolDMX, Art-Net,Kling-Net
Art-Net Channels432/8
Light Source144 LEDs(tri-color) SMD 5050,50000 hours life expectancy
Pixel Pitch25mm
Viewing Angle120°
Illuminance3290 NITS(clear filter),2900 NITS(frosted filter)
ApprovalsCE, RoHS
Housing MaterialAluminum alloy
IP RatingIP20
Weight5.6 lb (2.5kg)
Dimensions11.8 x 11.8 x 4.6 in (300 x 300 x 117 mm)

Advantage of the product:

*Quickly configure these slim, one-meter strips and link up to 16
 in-lines with network cables or create vertical effects
with new hardware linking system


*Easily control each using Art-Net  (3.0 compliant) or Arkaos
Kling-Net or DMX


China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12

China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12


*Easily manage configuration and software updates with the network-based remote web server

*Works with Arkaos Media Master Express for a plug-n-play system that requires little training to operate. 


China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12

China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12


Pixel mapping displays are achieved in minutes using multiple


control options-industry standard Art-net abd Arkaos Kling-net.


China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12

China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12

China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12


The back of bar has slide,you could use lifting yoke to hang.


 China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12

 China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12


There are three filters for your reference:


Milky cover,frosted cover and clear cover.


 China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12


You could design any programs you want by the professional software.


China wholesale led display panel RGB led pixel 12x12 


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Q:What stage tools are required for theatrical performances?
This also depends on the region, like I do in Shanghai leasing, the basic price is the highest in the country, and other places a little cheaper, you say a place, I give you a general reference price
Q:What are the beam lamps?
You can search for the stage lighting official website
Q:The 200W beam lamp can shake the head and the lamp does not emit light
Lighting: lighting is usually used in the stage, square, has a great role in promoting the development of Shanghai and Europe was lighting on the computer head lamp, LED lamp lighting professional computer head is a set of electronic, mechanical, optical high-tech products. Qualified professional shake head computer lamp, must be stable and reliable, light efficiency, accurate positioning, good heat dissipation, light and material structure in line with ergonomic requirements.
Q:The wedding hall is also necessary to use low beam light roof (lighting)
Can put ah, no beam, how can there be the effect of Hi, you can not hang upside down, put a few on the stage, put a few in the air box, do some effect.But the light, or the pull, shows better results
Q:Why did the 300 Watt beam light start at once, but it went out again?
Check whether the line to the bulb has no connection, whether the bulb is in service or that the switch is powered by the light panel. Is the power supply voltage correct?.2: the bulb can arc, but light 2 minutes or so automatically extinguished: check the light plate or power supply for the light plate, power meets the requirements of the bulb, there are fans.3: the bulb can be arcing, but it goes out quickly: check the switch power supply to the light panel, or replace the light panel.Caution: check the circuit of the lamp before replacing the new parts. There will be no other problems, otherwise it will cause repeated damage to the parts.
Q:I'm learning lighting programming myself. A total of 22 beam lights,
They were all set up before, and now choose lamps, 1 to 16 to control the light beam, second pages, 1 to 4, also a total of 22. Now I don't know how to choose Palmer lamp. I didn't know anything about it before I did. I don't understand what you said, brotherChasing the answerDo you have an instruction sheet?Specific how to program, you need to follow the instructions process to operate. In two words or three is not possible to say clearly.
Q:How many beam lights can be strung on a signal line?
Strictly speaking, should be between the console and lamp lamps connected to the distance, generally should not be more than 16 sets, more than there will be interference phenomenon, it is far more dangerous, safety and a signal amplifier.
Q:Light 230W console how light Pearl
Match the light library and then direct H+A. If you need a console to light up the light bulb, find the light bulb's properties and set it to the value of the bright bubble
Q:230W beam light, pattern beam light, computer pattern lamp three difference?
Therefore, this kind of light heat is different from the traditional computer head lamps, the wick is relatively small, and no external isolation layer, so that if the heat, like the traditional lamp is, the bigger the better cooling mode, is not feasible, it will lead to continuous impact ionization ionization arc lamp, lamp life.If the heat is not enough, the bulb will blow up soon.So, this beam requires a constant temperature system.
Q:230 watt light failure, how to repair?
Otherwise, the application may be corrupted. In short, the computer failure, both have simple and complex fault fault, most of them have some fault traces, and even some obvious appearance, non power type surface integrated block is a serious heating phenomenon such as capacitor volume expansion, not fitted with fins. In fact, as long as we can "look, smell, listen, cut" and analyze carefully, most of the faults can be solved by simple methods.

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